Visualization is Underrated & Dramatically Boost Field Results

I’ve noticed that visualization is something that the most of us don’t mention quite enough. Heck, I’m guilty of forgetting as well yet it’s one of the most important skills any one of us can master. It is the ability to successfully manifest the outcome we desire and mastering it can have a grand impact on the results we get from morphic fields.

Morphic Fields signify the process of getting to the desired outcome and visualization is aligning your beingness with the outcome.

One of the reasons we sometimes do not get results from fields is because we are aimless. Our intentions aren’t quite clear. We just put a field on and think ‘I hope this gives me good luck.’ The intention is the desire to attract good luck but that can often not be fully clear to the subconscious… especially, since hoping you get good luck signifies that you don’t have it. What would getting good luck feel like?

We also often have limiting beliefs about luck that ends up manifesting instead of good luck itself. Even if we visualize a perfect day where everything goes well, there may be an underlying feeling of ‘this is what i want since everything always goes wrong for me’ or something along those lines. The underlying feeling is what gets communicated. So, if you listen to a good luck fields, it will do the handiwork on attracting you good luck but your subconscious may not be quite aligned with this process.

If you instead approach a good luck field instead with the thought “I have good luck and things went my way all day today’ while embracing a satisfied and amazing feeling of having a day where the universe gifted you positive things, then the intended result is clear and the mind knows where to go. It doesn’t have to be specific such as thinking of the bus coming early, getting a promotion, ext… All you need to do is focus on the resulting feeling of you having had good luck. This feeling of the desired result is the destination. And morphic fields are the energy that drive you towards it.

Morphic fields have the specific programming necessary to direct your mind/body/spirit to achieve certain desires. In the case of good luck, a field has energetic programming that directs your environment to work in your favor, increasing probability of you getting desired outcomes, ext… There are more fine details to such fields but all in all, they signify the process behind manifesting good luck. Visualization is like a GPS that aligns and directs your consciousness towards the direction you seek while morphic fields are the driving force that gets you there.

It’s very easy to undermine visualization because we have all done it and failed at it plenty of times before. Majority of people tend to not be persistent enough with visualizing and aren’t able to focus too well on what their visualizing as their mind wanders instantly. There’s also a lack of energy added to their visualizations which makes them rather weak and in need of dozens of reiterations just to bring them to life.

So, what I feel is missing from most people’s visualizations is ‘focus,’ and ‘energy.’ Traditional Magick merely works on the principles of invoking certain energies (deities, spirits, celestial energies, ext…) and then focus on manifesting your intention for an extended period of time to manifest it. Sometimes, people would collectively get together and dance and sing for hours until they get into a trance and continually chant for the desired outcome. In both of these kinds of rituals, the focus grants clarity while the energy grants the power/push for ones intentions to manifest. But, there are much easier ways to go about this.

So how do we begin?

I will first go into a method you can practice every single day to improve your ability to visualize. And also mention a few easy methods that will supercharge your visualizations to grant them the energy necessary to manifest.


Although the word ‘visualization’ might indicate I am speaking of how well you can replicate images in your mind, this is not the case here. By visualization, I mean how well are you able to ‘feel’ something in your mind. You don’t need to mentally see or hear a fantasy in your mind to visualize. You but need to feel as if it is happening and then focus on that feeling. The feeling is the essence of the image; Of the desire and its result. This is what is called conceptual visualization and is partly how morphic fields are made.

What we are going to do here is improve our ability to visualize in this manner by practicing daily. First goal is learning to focus on specific feelings for at least 2 minutes without interruption. The feelings are: Love, Having Everything, Peace. Time yourself with the stopwatch on your phone. And just hold onto that feeling without allowing your min to wander off. Listening to ego dissolution and attention/focus beforehand can help if you are struggling. The goal is to be able to have 3 uninterrupted two minute sessions with each feeling. Once you can do that, you can graduate to the next step which we will be doing daily.

We have one main goal here. The main goal is to be able to capture the essence of a result we desire and focus on the feeling for 5 uninterrupted minutes. 5 minutes sounds like too little but if your visualization is charged with enough energy, it’s all you really need. This sounds very easy but just meditating for 5 minutes is extremely difficult for people without their minds drifting off. Focusing on a thought for 5 minutes without drifting off is even more challenging. So…

We will start by having goal marks. 1 minute is the first level. You get 1 minute of uninterrupted focus, you pass the first level. 2nd level is 3 minutes of uninterrupted focus. 3rd level is 5 minutes of uninterrupted focus. To truly pass the first level, you must have 3 sessions where you have 1 minute of uninterrupted focus. Same with the next two. This is a way to follow through with your progress and not get discouraged when you aren’t able to focus long enough. You will see yourself progress rather quickly if you keep at. What will we be visualizing?

It is best to begin with visualizing things that already have a high possibility of happening. By doing this, we are training the mind to trust your visualization and ingraining an innate belief in your ability to visualize. It’s sort of a trick really. So for example, visualize you having a refreshing shower at the end of the day. And remember, you would focus on the feeling of being refreshed from having taking a shower. The end result. As you stack up on these manifestations from visualizing, it will build innate confidence in your ability to visualize.

You should also visualize the result you seek from a field or a stack you are listening to. For example, if you are listening to automated leg workout, feel the feeling of having your legs fully worked out and the satisfaction from that. Feel that result and focus on it for as long as possible. You can do this while listening or right before listening.

As you continually visualize like this to mundane tasks, you may develop it into a habit. It’s a very healthy one that will then translate well into more complicated goals such as running 5 miles or charming up a stranger. Then as you see more success, graduate to even more complicated goals such as manifesting a promotion or a trip to Bali. You make this into a game and it becomes fun rather than a chore. But there is something missing here…


Energy while visualizing give them the push needed to manifest into reality. There are many different ways of going about this. And this can be tricky and might not always be possible while visualizing. But when done, will generate more results.

  • Pranayama while visualizing is a powerful way of manifesting. Following along to this video while visualizing your desire as having been attained is extremely effective. This exercise accumulates loads of prana within you and so your thoughts are supercharged from that moment on. The audio in the video also adds extra prana/energy to the practice and helps you remain in a very focused state. Might be best to visualize during the holds or right after the practice is finished.

  • Exercise while visualizing is another powerful way of manifesting. If you can focus on your goal while exerting physical effort, you are putting all your energy into that goal. It’s a powerful way to superfocus your mind into actualizing a goal. Considering exercise is pushing through physical strain and the feeling of that being very intense… focusing on the feeling of having attained what you desire is a potent combination. Although I know most people listen to music to keep them motivated, I would even suggest listening to the workout boost stack while exercising as that will energize you for your workout but also supplement your visualization to an even higher degree.

  • Morphic Fields! The workout boost stack we just mentioned is an excellent way of energizing your visualizations for example. No need to listen to all of them but just the ones that personally energize you best. We have several morphic fields that if you listen to while visualizing will produce faster results. First ego dissolution to clear the mind. Then listen to an energizing audio such chi, mana, plasma, ext… Then listen to an audio that has something to do with your goal. Like if you are looking to get a promotion and make more money at your job, then the bountiful harvest should do the trick. If you are looking to become more attractive, listen to confidence boost and attract love. You could even add something like the lovers tarot card audio from energetic alchemy. Possiblities are endless

  • Either masturbation or sexual activity while feeling you have attained your desire might be the most powerful form of manifestation. Sexual energy is creative energy in itself as it manifests life. And so in turn, it manifests reality as well. This is easier said than done as you have to remain focused on the goal and especially during orgasm. Your mind will wander and be too focused on the actual feeling of pleasure but this is where your focus practice will come in handy (no pun intended). You need to be completely focused in having attained what you wish for this to work and especially during orgasm.

To conclude, I delved into how to elevate your ability to visualize and manifest those visualizations by raising energy… and the more you do this habitually, the more you’ll begin to see that this is a way for you to direct your mind to do what you want it to do. Mastering visualization allows you to become the director of your mind and lead your subconscious in the direction you want. Now with morphic fields… you get all the right elements a director needs to make the perfect movie.

So with most fields, you only really need to be able to visualize uninterrupted for about 2-3 minutes. In some cases even just one. All you’re going to be doing is while listening to an audio or right beforehand, feel the result you seek as if you have attained it and focus on the feeling for 2-3 minutes. Then let the field do all the work. It is that simple. You’re consciously aligning your subconscious with the morphic field to go in the exact direction you just visualized. It is very simple but extremely effective.

Will you get results immediately? It’s possible. But I highly suggest working on mastering visualization if you really want to start getting results the majority of time. Truth is, when you truly master visualization, even when you ‘fail,’ you’ll experience your mind shifting and changes happening that lead to your goal. Sometimes, you won’t immediately get to your goal but you’ll notice how your mind/reality was moving towards it. So basically… overtime, it becomes sort of like a superpower you can depend on.

I laid out some basic groundwork you can get started on that simplifies the whole process. This really is one of the healthiest habits you can begin doing daily. I also apologize if this seems a bit jumbled. I wrote this on a long trip on the train so just wanted to get all my thoughts out there. I’m sure many of you have even more to add to this so I’d love to hear all your thoughts!


This looks important.

I’ve got it bookmarked for this evenings reading.

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Thank you for this!!! Love it :heart::heart::heart:


Wow definitely reading this in detail tonight and I’ve already learned so much! Thanks Sammy!


Thank you @SammyG


This will come handy for sure!


I want to highlight this as this is the most important and likely most misunderstood… Visualization isn’t even a good word in the sense that it may or may not be visual at all. It’s more like feeling-ization. Mentally feel into the desired result until you sense it like a presence in the room, as if it’s part of you or as if it’s an old memory you had.


I usually use the word ‘mental feelings’ but with the impression that it wouldn’t be really understood haha, that was the part that opened my mind to read more, too!! :))


Thank you so much Sammy, this post definitely deserves a bookmark.

I love how you encourage even 1 minute of focus for those who might have a hard time focusing deeply.


What a great article, @SammyG! Thank you. :purple_heart:

I really like that you added steps in how to build this visualization ‘muscle’. I know that I’ve struggled with it at times so this is super important.


Would loving the end result help too?


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The synchronicity of this post…Beautiful. Thank you!

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Would looking at a picture for certain goals help as well? @SammyG


Really great article! :smiley:

I’ve noticed that just holding an intent, even briefly, seems to produce better results! I was pretty surprised by that (although in hindsight it makes sense I suppose). And it just occurred to me that it would rewire the brain over time too :thinking:

YES! :smiley: Recently-ish I started incorporating more love in my daily life, including for mental feelings like @Desiree calls it (I like it :slight_smile:) and in my experience so far, adding love is super beneficial (sounds so cheesy but it’s true!). Mustering a feeling of love and gratitude seems to charge my manifestations, in part I think because it’s impossible not to believe in the outcome (no fear where there is love, so no doubts, weeeeeee!). And when I feel doubts creeping in, I just sprinkle leeeeeuuuve hahahah

I also noticed that getting into a place of love before starting something tends to produce better outcomes (even with meeting people) and the silver lining is that because I’m more loving while I do things, I’m less performance oriented, more present and every part is enjoyable and there’s more importance on the journey rather than the destination :slight_smile: Ok, I’ll shut up about the leuuve :stuck_out_tongue:

Now I need to work on that spiritual narcolepsy so I remember to do it more often hahahah


Nice topic, thanks.
I myself went through a Neville Goddard stage recently.
I’d like to make an addition;
While all the mentioned methods do work, they’ll exhaust your own energy unless you align yourself with the flow of the energy.

Allow me to remind the ultimate inexhaustible booster; Reverse the flow of light, and do not get results, but give results.

Of course, either way is fine, go about getting results if that’s what makes you happy. It’s just that sooner or later all come to the understanding is that one source of energy is dependent and the other is not so much.

TL;DR: Mastering the flow of thinking is the ultimate mental work. The giver has it, and the taker does not have it. Yet, both can manifest it.


Just saw this.

There is love, and there is also love. Either one helps. Mixing of the two stagnates.

First type of love comes from fullness, springs forth to create more fullness.
Eg: what a cute puppy, it seems hungry and lonely, I’ll feed it, pet it, give love, and go on with my day without expecting anything in return.

Second type of love comes from lack and operates with the function of possession.
Eg: I love a sweet cup of coffee in the morning. I love this and that, and I will have it and be happy.

Both use/control/direct energy.
One from within, one from outside.
The one from within seems contained, but it is inexhaustible by a connection to the inexhaustible.


Visualization is important,

I used to listen the height audio by itself without visualizing and I used to get results but they were pretty slow,

then I started visualizing for a couple minutes during my height playlist and the results came extremely quick, so I definitely recommend it to people who get results slow or want to make them come faster


So now that we have woven worlds … this job is on auto pilot for us … right @SammyG

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Did u just visualize the audio work at your knees or did you just visualize what it your self after you grew tall?