Mass Meditation Friday 6/2

Continuing our monthly first friday meditations tomorrow at 1:30 PM EST

Link will be posted tomorrow for those who are interested :slightly_smiling_face:


Last time was fun and super powerful.

Invite your friends! :raised_hands:


Yes! this is Tomorrow

Today man, and in 1h20


that’s what i meant today is tomorrow.

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I definitely have to rest before :grin:


is the link usually posted on the thread?

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Samuel Garcia is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Sapienmed Zoom Meeting
Time: Jun 2, 2023 01:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 852 0771 9394
Passcode: 029134


I´ve never used Zoom before, our mail adress won´t be visible to others, right?

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No it won’t



I just have this terrible way of asking without✋…

Hope it’s not a problem.

Idk why do I perceive myself as annoying, anyway…
More work to do on my insecurities [I am kind of judgemental on myself for my (self?) perceived “imperfections”, including being a poor speaker]…

Also, I got quite the strong Ego, I persist in seeing myself (or others) in a certain way and I’m stuck in certain old patterns…

Also, somewhere in my subconscious, it’s still all about me (self importance, self victimizing mindset, self absorbed, etc. - it’s all about me in my mind… )…

If anything, I definitely need to NOT miss these meditations (the meditation part), I think It would help me depattern those old and not so useful pattern of myself (still, Ponr did some wonders after months of using the stack, I feel better and Overall less judgemental towards self or towards the world… I am Overall more at peace with Life),…, it’s just that Acceptance is the overall theme, as fighting to better myself or (especially) to remove my “imperfections”, that is kind of a losing battle (removing the “imperfections” part) - so Acceptance seems to be the way (maybe including the fact that I am judging myself or that I care about others’ views of me) …

Or maybe Acceptance is The Beginning of Change, Idk… Maybe by accepting all my fears, imperfections, self judging, etc.,i can move forward.

I hope this poll is not a problem:

(anonymous voting)

Do you find me talking to be annoying?
Do you find me to be low vibe?

  • I find you annoying or low vibe
  • I don’t find you annoying or low vibe
  • Other answer

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As Always (I only joined a few zoom meetings), I can learn so much from Sammy and Everyone.

Thank You.

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Thank you @SammyG it was delightful


But you are perfect the way you are


Thank You.

You got me at ‘victimizing’. I try to not give advice when I’m not there yet (lots of unconscious bulls coming from me on the forum), I’m just glad that you can recognize it which I think already puts you on a good path. I notice it in myself at times, sufficiently often.

I don’t find you annoying, but helpful. You seem to be honest with your path and your struggles. It’s refreshing, and your honesty is in itself helpful. People can relate to it. We weren’t all born knowing how to be a guru in this life. I may sometimes think you should do X, but that’s just me judging you. At the end of the day, I could say the same thing about myself. I pray you’ll get there. And I Thank you for your involvement, great suggestions for similar health issues, and being ‘vulnerable’. It might be your strength. Keep going, keep being honest with yourself.


No worry man, you were being yourself and respectful of others.

I actually liked your excitement


Thank You.
Being honest is just assessing things correctly, so that I know where I am and what do I need to work on or it helps me get great insights and answers, all by being honest, otherwise, what’s the point (?)…

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Thanks. :grin::pray: