May the Heart Shine Through Ya

Ayy, whatever your beautiful heart has to say.

It has a safe place where it can express itself here.


Okay, the funniest thing.

Listened to some magnetic heart coherence, to a nice level of coherence.

And dayyynmm, the whole emotional perspective about everything changes soo much.

Like wooahh

There i realized some nore focus should be put into the matters of the heart. I think its quite important stuff.

You know, get your heart beating right and you shalll see thrnworld from a New emotional perspective.

Like for example which people are the right ones for you, and which ones not.

How you should react to things and how you should not.

How you should live life and how you should not.

All of that and more the heart tells.


people start to look at you differently.

there is a practice that develops awareness in the simplest and most accessible way. In as little as three months, primary self-memory is developed, which will be present while you are awake. The second positive effect is achieved by significantly increasing the activity of the heart chakra. Which in turn increases the vibrations of the overall energy

I think if you combine that with audio - heart coherence - the effect can be amazing

the whole sense of the practice is reduced to the fact that all the time when you are awake you should remember about the center of your chest, to know that there is a source of white bright light which shines in all directions, and because of that your body also shines with this light. For the mind the picture is as follows: in the center of the chest there is a source of light, someone may imagine a white ball, and someone may imagine a flame, but the main thing is that light goes from there to the sides, and the body is like a light aura of this source

At first it is difficult to understand, and you have to do as you can, fight against forgetfulness and imagine as you can, and so on.

After 1-2 weeks, it will start to work perfectly sometimes, then everything will become clear - quantity will try to turn into quality. You can walk down the street, and remembering again to shine from your chest - suddenly you realize that your light is thick and white, and it’s easy to imagine with your eyes open and the resources of your mind are not spent on it

therefore, it is possible to take 2 weeks to try to shine and your forgetfulness, and then to start practicing fully for three months. In three months everything will become automatic, and you will always shine and feel Anahata/heart Dantian. The light will be self-supported, i.e. it will easily turn on itself and attract your attention, so it will be difficult to forget about it.

A side effect after three months of practice will be a change of your behavior (this is understandable, because the distribution of energy in the chakras will be different, but the reaction of people to you will change as well)

Some of them will even talk about their feelings, some will see you as beautiful, some will see you as radiant, some will feel light and love, peace, etc. So tell very few people about your practice, and let them be an indicator that your light has become real after a few months of luminescence.

I just summarized one of the drafts of the last project

this practice is used by people who are not familiar with the tools of the Captain, just add the above-mentioned field to this scheme, and see what happens :yum:


Ayy beatiful stuff

Lol gotta get hands on that one one day :grin::v: