Morphic fields exponentially grow?

Do morphic fields or frequencies grow overtime ?
Like i wanna increase my pp and i have natural male enhancement of sapien patreon. For example i listen it for 3-4 minths, will it grow and exponentially i will see more results growing each month like 6th month 1 inch grow, 7th month 2 inch grow and 10th month, 5 inch grow ? Like dat ?

I doubt.

Growing 14 inch per year plus base sound pretty entropychal, I mean, on the long run you will grow a third leg.

Yokes aside I think that within this field there would be a diminussing return approach, at the infinitesimal replay of the field the growth would also be infinitesimally small, idk if it makes sense.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


is it possible 2 have 14inch dong?

it would be hard 2 wear jeans or any shorts ffs.
i think dong wise this big is 2 big. only horse wud find u attractive. not good imo

didn’t understand. My English not v good. Simple basic word please?

I mean that fields are not made to be dangerous, so, nowere in this world such field will provide you with those extreme growth rates you’ve mentioned.

It will not be the best outcome for you, nor for your eventual partners

Why would you want that
That sounds so painful
If this is for impressing ladies
It wouldnt. Because it would hurt them
I mean logically, think about it, it would be
excruciating to the other on the receiving end.


No woman wants that.

Remove these ideas instilled by porn.