My brown to blue eyes SM journey

Hi all,

so i had listened to sapien med. lighten your eyes video. My eyes were changing to blue but he took down the video. I hope a new one comes soon …i finally got results. dark brown to light blue patterns. Please sapien put up a lighten eye color one again…we were getting results lol


I’m glad you got results but majority weren’t and dream saw how complicated the field was but didn’t want to deal with everything. I believe the audio is on patreon tho (I could be wrong)


After looking at this thread it seems like it’s not…


I immediately checked my list after seeing this post but unfortunately that one never got put on there


Could you share the link, please?

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Hi - What link? The video has been taken off the site by S.M.

That’s awesome!
Can you please share the following details.

  1. How many times a day did you listen
  2. For how long
  3. We’re the results permanent or did melanin start coming back in the eyes?
    Did you listen to anything else regarding the same topic?
  4. Can you please share a few before/after photos of your gains?

That’s awesome and very happy for your results.



  1. I listened to Sapien Medicine 'lighten your eyes" for 2 weeks on loop overnight.

In the past i listened to quadible integrity “green eyes v2”, and luminal play green eyes randomly throughout the day.

  • blue was not my goal color ( i’m happy with the blue, i will take it over brown lol).

and so far it only shows on top of eye … but this was only 2 weeks of listening to SM.

  1. Results seem permanent but only time will tell.

Have a look at pic in attachment.


Hey that’s awesome. Although I wa wondering if you could attach a front facing photo and also a before(your original eye color) photo. Thanks.

before & after pics


That’s amazinggg! I love it! :grinning:

Hopefully sapien will release a v 2 of this field so you can continue your amazing efforts!

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Hope so! lol.


What about the light sensitivity? Has it increased?

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Nope. It’s the same. After a few listens my eyes did burn a lot and felt super uncomfortable. I had to stop listening to it - once i took a break i saw blue color forming but no light sensitivity at all.

I recommend listening to it and staying patient ( i felt its affect after the first day in terms of uncomfort). I have been trying to change eye color by listening to other videos and the change is super slow (v. slow i get a few lines in my eyes every 2 months)…But SM video was insane. The top of my iris is painted blue and its a pretty blue color too.


Do keep listening and keep us updated.


This is amazing!!! Thank you so much sharing, I’m getting hopeful now since I really want to go from brown to blue eyes, so I hope Dream will update or bring back the audio🌸


I believe he is working on it


Did you confirm that from anyone?

hi matt!

Thank you for your testimony! it motivates me to persevere and resume!

I would like to have blue eyes, it’s my favorite color. more precisely turquoise.

It’s a shame that some sounds disappear from the Youtube SM channel :worried:

I captured the sound to listen to it offline. I recorded it in better quality so as not to lose the energy field.

it was not available on Pantreon.

someday if it is available in the SM store, I will buy it.

I will get back to it seriously and listen to it again and I will share with you my experience of :wink:.


I assure you will have blue eyes! :) believe & receive. In a limitless world filled with abundance nothing is impossible. Believe in it.


thank you Matt :wink::pray: !!! you motivated me :grin:, I’m listening to it right now. tonight I’m going to sleep with the sound :notes::sleeping: