My secret island oasis (losing it all)

I’ve lost my pride and joy, my adventure island business, due to the impact of COVID. It was a new project in its early stages, which is usually financially fragile. I spent 5 years searching for this island and invested all my savings into building it. Since it focused on eco-tourism, it was devastated by the lockdowns.

Most of my guests and volunteers were from Europe and North America. They flew home as the airports were shutting down. Back in February 2020, no one knew how this international pandemic would turn out. Although the place was magical, with whales, parrots, and zero COVID, people were frantic and left.

After spending 9 months alone on the island with the birds and iguanas, I decided to return to civilization around my birthday.

It was hard to leave everything behind, knowing I would lose it all (housing materials, the leasing deal, tools, solar system, expensive lithium batteries, boat, internet dish, etc.).

It was hard to accept the loss.

While in society, I got into data mining online and was making money (to save up and go back), but before I could start saving, I crossed paths with a psychic who told me I should cancel this data business, and so I did. I also tried finding investors with a pitch deck. Some liked the idea, but most were fearful of tourism projects post-COVID.

I’ve been trying to manifest and meditate daily. I also started a few other side gigs, but nothing is fully working yet.

I have all Patreon fields for wealth and the essentials, 30+ (ego disc, Torsion, gratitude FB, SRL, Higher Self, etc.), I managed to purchase Cone of Power, WW-millions + also had a financial protector for a while until I couldn’t afford it. I’m looping fields day and night.

The climax of this story is: It got so bad financially that I’m about to get kicked out of my rental house tomorrow or the following day in a foreign country during winter, plus I have one week to update my visa or else I’ll have to pay a fine or be illegal. I can’t leave even if I wanted to. I’m deep in a hole.

When it rains, it pours.

I know I’m a fighter and will get back up. For sure, I will have to rely on angelic intercession tomorrow once the landlord arrives. Maybe there’s a field to keep the landlord busy and buy me more time? Or a field for him to be more patient with me?

Ending on a good note, in the midst of all, I ended up coming across Sapien forums and morphic fields. Thanks to @SammyG, @Captain_Nemo, and all active members.

Any positive thoughts or prayers would be appreciated. :desert_island: :desert_island:


God bless. Sending some positive vibes!


Sending some good vibes your way… Do not forget these magical fields…


And Unexpected Gifts is good for last minute stuff.


I don’t feel like suggesting any fields.
I truly wish that your situation gets better. Just prayed to Ganesha to remove all obstacles.
You are a strong man. I feel it in your words. Just hang on. This too shall pass away.


I have the same concerns.

Be strong. I sent you positive energy.


God bless you bro, we believe in you.

Soon you shall give us good news on your success, joy and happiness. Keep god in your heart ( i know its hard) and keep going.
Bless you! praying for u


In addition to the great suggestions above

Angelic intercession
Higher Self connection
Raise your vibrational state

All the best, You got this!


Calling for angelic intercession also
Check into Neville Goddard for some mindset reset tools
and here


Hi Centaur!
I understand what it’s like to lose everything. I’ve been in that kind of situation. Losing my house, getting separated and selling all my tools, everything I had built in my garage, stopping my projects for an energy saving burner and many others.

All this allowed me to start on a path to learn about myself and stop running away thanks to this twin flame journey which started some time after my move.

I’m not going to tell my life story , all this to say that you will go back up :muscle::arrow_double_up:!!!

I can suggest you the “imaginarium divine” field and the “best patch in life” mandala on patreon .

I sincerely wish you that it will get better quickly for you :pray:


Please update.
What happened to you next?
I hope you’re fine.


Sorry for stopping my posts here. I’ve been working on controlling my thoughts and reducing their importance, which is challenging since I’ve lived alone on this island for 9 months.


I was evicted from the rental house.

I did some couch surfing for a while, since I’ve hosted people for many years, including on the island.

While surfing on random people’s couches, I ended up helping a lady (the wife of a friend I’ve made). Her life changed dramatically after just a few meditation sessions with me. She even told me her mother appeared in her dreams for the first time ever. (I didn’t do anything special during the meditation sessions!)

I finally managed to leave the foreign country and had enough to pay for the visa overstay (8 months, lol).

Now, I’m in a slightly better situation in a nearby country.

I’ve started coding an app with the help of Spirituality Zone’s field ($2 Mil 2024) and WW millions (SM) motivation (I will update you guys about the app).

I’m meditating for over 2 hours a day to see if I can manipulate this matrix to get my island back. :desert_island: :drooling_face:

Thank you all for the positive vibes and thoughts you’ve sent.

One day, I’ll be able to invite all of you to a secret island.


I’m rooting for you to manifest that island of yours back


If I’ve ever seen an “against all odds” story it is yours. Congrats on everything and I wish you good luck from now on.

This gives me renewed hope. Even the worst circumstances can turn around.

Thank you for sharing. And take care ^^


Your story is extraordinary, a true lesson on never giving up.
Stay Strong and through Your Perseverance, things Will Improve, Hopefully For The Best Possible Future. :pray:


Thank you for the wishes!


Thanks @Drift, @SoulStar33 for your encouragements. This is why i love this community here. :green_heart: