Negentropic Marquardt Masterwork

First make sure that your receptivity is on point, same for an open mind etc so that you can absorb fields better and more efficiently through your aura. Then you create a well structured stack according these guidelines: How to Create Great Stacks @rijanpaudel @Mdtatum

A focused & good stack to begin with regarding face modulation could be:

1/ 1 x The Mana Circuits (Super Charged)
2/ 1 x Kinetic Quasi Crystal
3/ 1 x Aura and Energy Body Repair
4/ 2 x Subconscious Limits Removal Ver 3.0
5/ 1 x The Blueprint of Life
6/ 3 x Negentropic Marquardt Masterwork
7/ 3 x Negentropic Maxilla Masterwork
8/ 2 x Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction it takes some stress from the jaws afterwards
9/ 1 x The Acu-Automaton

Try to be consistent. Listen to this stack twice a day and see what happens. Allow change to take place. You can even say that consciously before starting the stack. It brings you in the right mind setting. Try to experiment by feel to see what works best for you. I hope this helped.


PU’s two big boosters — Speed Up Physical Changes, The Ultimate Integration Tool — made the biggest difference for me.

Also, longer sessions. As soon as you get past 30 min the field starts getting some momentum.


How many times do you play SUPC and the integration tool?

I’d play them simultaneous to a session. Sometimes with Link and Bypass but also often with multiple devices. Makes a difference if you want speedier change. The other booster to use is The Bone Strengthener — 3 times before.

Also to note for those thinking they look worse (not the ladies — i get your concerns there)… when your bones move… your muscles and cartilage have to adapt to the new placement. So give yourself some time. It’s subtle but let your face adapt with the field.


Do you know maybe a YouTube booster Provisionally ? Not everyone can afford those mentioned instantly?

SLRv3 for sure. I’d try it simultaneous.

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And how long for marquardt? Also good with headphones?

And no mirror and selfies also right? Not being too eager for results

it’s different for everyone. don’t limit yourself by wanting to know the timing etc.


you can but it’s up to you. it doesn’t influence the results.

just surrender to the fields & especially be joyful in life. that’s all that matters, all the rest is extra. :blush:


New Release - The Deep Facial Remodelling

Just released! For whom negentropic marquardt & negentropic maxilla masterwork are not enough
All three could work as the holy trinity for facial skin, bones & muscle remodellng, rejuvenation & more


what do you mean?

Link and Bypass was a field emitter product made by Dr Magus. I think he discontinued it, but I do find it quite useful at times.