Negentropic Marquardt Masterwork

Anyone still using?

Me :raising_hand_woman:t2:


Every day


a little update here…

I feel like PU’s The Expanse has been opening up my bandwidth for fields… So i’ve really been pushing it and stacking more things on top of one another. Experimenting with short potent sessions that all move in one symbiotic direction working to form a bigger wave of energy. Part of this has also included using Link and Bypass to add into these multi-audio sessions…

breaking it down…

Basically, every night for the past 6 weeks or so I’ve been running these fields simultaneously on different devices:

Marquardt Masterwork
Maxilla Masterwork
Ultimate Integration Tool

And then in a BYPASS folder, I run:
Body Symmetry
Experimental Scoliosis Treatment
Nose Straightener
Speed Up Physical Changes
The Bone Strengthener
The Spinal Tapper

These are intense sessions that usually last 45 minutes to an hour. Sometimes more. I prep for them by running Jing and Shen fields, getting a workout in (with motion mimic) to build muscle and support structure, and then a little bit of Manly Man (seems to have some structural benefits and change how you carry your body). After each session I run Negentropic Shen (good to do after using the Integration Tool) 3-4 times.

Anyway… I’ve been feeling VERY put together. Posture and core are strong. The way i walk is more confident. I don’t stand with locked knees as much. I used to have back pain on a semi-regular basis that seems to now just be fully gone. My structure also seems to be taking on muscle better.

And on the aesthetic front, i think i’m officially becoming more photogenic. Though it feels like I’m past the big time shifts I experienced when i first started using these fields, the high, extruded cheek bones have continued to even out and harmonize. Along with other pieces of my face… my nose is straightening little by little. Noticing more subtle symmetry finding its equilibrium. My jaw continues to feel more prominent. That entire jaw and mouth area just feel SOLID. Strong. I’m biting my cheeks less, opening my mouth less. Everything feels mechanically more powerful and well constructed.

These fields definitely affect the way i present in the world… there’s a forward moving confidence I sense being supported by my structure now. As a tall/thin/ectomorph person who’s struggled to hold my body well, this has been huge.

Continue to be pleased with these fields.


How much should I listen this audio for best and fast results?

Same it keeps happening. I want to know what exactly is it trying to achieve or why it’s happening. Since I’m a man so is it trying to give me a thicker neck?

Got the maxilla nearly a half year now.
Got good results with maxilla still using everyday,I look like a better version of me.
I feel like this one here is a must cop afterwards.
What do y’all think ?

i am male. I think my face looks a bit too masculine or angry looking. I would like more of a balance.
Ive been using various face related energetic work including this for a while now, and i overall see positive results, but i think i look more masculine than before. Not sure if it was because of fields or lifestyle changes. Will these field(s) accommodate my desires and if so, do i have to make a verbal intention/request of what i want or will it automatically know?

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I’ve read the pdf files at one point it talks about how masculinity somehow is perceived as attractive to others. But I understand ur point.
Maybe just listen more and it will morph into something u may would like more. I bought it yesterday anyways.

It will automatically target the areas, but u can try to give intentions too, doesn’t hurt to try

Can women use this ?

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For sure

I don’t want to purposefully discourage anyone from this field, however a few women (myself included ) have had changes with this field that we feel made us look “weird”.
We don’t know why.

Maxilla may be better, or face Sculpter, also jawline & maxilla by PU.


Maybe ur still on the way to achieve the ideal face, that’s why y’all think it’s looking weird.
It’s like when a man grows his hair out and is in the middle of the progress looking all weird, just to be a majestic man with long nice hair at the end.


I think I found out why it makes some of us woman feel like we’re looking weird; if it really follows the marquard mask there’s papers that say that it does produce masculinised female faces and that this is perceived as unattractive. Other parameters of the mask are also perceived as less attractive. It was a theory but in practice it seems like it doesn’t work too well for everyone. On the other hand the field is unbeatable in producing symmetry and used rather sparingly and combined with other fields it has its merits


I agree.

This field is not for women that prefer a feminine face.

I regret using it, and undoing all that now, with other fields, subliminals, affirmations, scripting.

I guess it is a learning to study the details of the projects and the greater awareness that some fields really may not be suitable for women and men.


Will this lower forehead?

I’m not getting any results from this.
I’m using this since 3 months.
Can anyone help?
My face is being more uglier than before.


I was thinking that too, its just that its trying to get into proportions, which might look strange to you, if u want to u can stop and listen to maxilla masterwork.

I think u should carry on listening


Is there a booster we should listen to before this? How long should we listen to this, does this change the skull structure as well?

We shouldn’t combine this with any other face audio like wrath slayer skull for example?

Thank you for your patience :pray: