New Release - The Deep Facial Remodelling

The Deep Facial Remodeling is a detailed concept that targets the structure of the face at the deepest level of creation. For this, the conceptualization of this field employs an approach of many modalities; All targeted towards the full rebuilding, reconstructing, and the beautification of the Face. The approach tends to social aspects of facial construction. It is a known term and a phenomena of life; the “beauty privilege”. In certain conditions, a pleasant facial construction is a requested item on money creating opportunities. The recognition of this truth and the acceptance of it provides a layer of building a socially powerful face that is known for its Royalty and Luxury. In social hierarchical revelations, The Royal and Noble families carry a clean set of genes that is characterized by its striking features and youth of the building components of the face. The field rebuilds the face to match the Royal appeal; and adds an essence of Luxury to the beauty.

New technologies arise within this concept; The use of Exoskeleton is acknowledged in the world of robotics. The Exoskeleton is a mechanical device worn by a human being for certain purposes or applications . An exoskeleton is generally considered to be a hard mechanical frame with joints that allow movement of the human operator. In this concept, the use of skeletons of the Endo technique is applied. The face of the user wears an endo-skeleton with the fully finalized model of a remodeled skeleton. inspired by exoskeletons and targeted to the full skeletal system, including the face bones.

Craniofacial surgery and Deep Face lift treatments are major plastic surgery approaches that transform the facial appearance. The treatment is capable of sending the facial appearance 20 years back with applied surgical treatment. The real drawback to this treatment is that, the face often ends up on an unnatural tight appearance; taking away the original beauty of the person. the true drawback is that, if a person does not have enough facial beauty, it takes off all the sogginess of the face but leaves them with all the old and aging signs…

the process of reshaping the bones of the skull (craniofacial surgery) is a very precise model of psychic articulation; presenting itself within this very concept.

Novel beauty treatments are operating on the face through the merge of Extraterresial concepts and Earthly beauty treatments. The treatment is composed of two sections; a hyper-compression into the tissues and muscles of the extraterrestrial crystals of the Sky Stone and Blue Halite - the high oxygen content of these crystals make them ideal for the clinical beautification of the face. The face is then primed with beta-carotene for an added glow and treated with Laser therapy; the treatment is Endolift ® for facial tightening and a Liplase procedure is applied. Using the Fotona ® laser, the liplase procedure helps to treat barcode lines for the top lips and plumps the vermillion borders; compressing collagen, hyaluronic acid and ceramides into the mucosal tissue; the vermillion border is tightened to give the enhanced appearance of plump lips.

The concept is centered on activation of osteoblastogenesis with a positive role for bone formation in a mechanically stimulated environment. the healing is targeted through resolving issues such as bone fragility or osteoporosis. the face is transformed to reflect Royalty, Nobility, and elegance. The complete system compromises itself of cellular, biological, nervous system approaches in addition to Socio-Magickal approaches and a merging of Extraterresial and Earthly beauty treatments.

Specific angular use of Force to reconstruct the face has been employed according to the principles of Mechanobiology.


Socio-Magickal approach:

  • An endo-skeleton ‘wear’ methodology with the fully finalized model of a remodeled skeleton. inspired by exoskeletons and targeted to the full skeletal system, including the face bones.
  • Facial identification techniques (future) used for appearance registry in the subconscious of current viewers.
  • Elemental balance targeted to the facial construct; refilling the blood and capillary system with purified blood and mana.
  • Established social and power dominance through the face
  • The Essence of Luxury and Royalty targeted to the face


Smart Objective Analysis

Multiscale model of bone can alternative material parameter of any hierarchical level to determine its effect on bone properties, such as porosity, elastic modulus, and permeability

the idea of mechanical stimulation is the geometry, internal structure, and function of the affected areas. the behavior of the muscle / bones is defined by the location and magnitude of forces. the form predicts the function and therefore, malfunctions can be observed in forms that have deviated from their original placement. The field draws from this data via calculated geometric morphometrics and computational (morphic) biomechanical analysis.
bone strength is determined by its structure, and bone structure is regulated by external mechanical stimuli and intelligently adapt to mechanical environment (Bone-microstructure)

  • A conducted analysis that measures stress distribution, deformation, and potential areas of weakness and deploys its working accordingly.
  • Elicited signals of Neuromedin U on the occasion of reaching a certain bone mass levl to start a bone resorption process as a protective measure.
  • Measurement of the torsional behavior and compressive strength in the facial region along with elasticity to ensure the proper mechanical properties.
  • Mathematical Intelligence targeted to the facial construct that adjusts the face according to Royal structures.
  • Measurement of fluid pressure (FP), fluid velocity (FV), von Mises stress (VMS), and maximum principal strain (MPS) to create a plasma transmission system to connect interstitial fluid, cells, blood, and extracellular fluid to address fluid shear stress and bone mechanics.


Surgical approach:

The objective is to provide the results of the following treatments through the addressed methodologies and other popular methods available in the plastic surgery industry. Through bone remodeling, the concept focuses on the treatment of bone resorptive diseases.

Craniofacial reconstructive surgery and Extended Deep Plane Facelift. The Facelift is comprised of the following procedures:

  • Deep Neck Sculpting.
  • Endoscopic Brow Lift.
  • Eye Beautification. (Endoscopic reshaping and contouring of the forehead, brows and the upper eyelids, lower and upper Blepharoplasty)
  • Deep tissue sculpture. (Deep Fat reshaping, ant dag debulking, salivary glands reduction)
  • Targeting the 3 compartments of Fat (superficial musulo-aponeurotic system, superficial fat compartments, and deep fat compartment) and reversal of upper cheek sagging
  • Extension of the muscles of the neck and under the chin.
  • Oral-Motor Physiological Effects - peripheral speech motor system
  • Inducing symmetry and firmness between the tissues on both sides; the soft tissues maintain a degree of firmness and definition and well-defined contours are obtained in semblance of vitality and health.
  • Shifting the visual weight of the face to be of elemental harmony.





a midline mandible load at the coronal plane, a posterior load at the sagittal plane, and the force generated brings hold to the six attachments in the zygomatic area. the maxilla is connected by six main vertical trajectories to the orbitozygomatic frame; reattachment of these areas via applied force is the goal.

  • shifting the load points towards the fracture / area with less density; keeping in mind the arch bar sensitivity
  • enforcing the ideal length for each muscle at the sarcomeres level in the facial region to generate appropriate force and promote optimal muscle function
  • Identifying the six motions of the zygomatic zone at their bi-zones and preventing the defects associated with them. (at rotation and translation)
  • reversal of the defects in the zygomaticular complex resulting in facial asymmetry. reassembling the attachment forces to the sugama (masseter attachment, downward vector of force in the zygoma) and also on the facial attachments.
  • increasing the mechanosensitive growth factor MGF24E to stimulate MSAD phosphorylation and express osteogenic genes for higher bone mineral density.
  • Repairing mechanosensitivity at the level of multiple mechanosensitive structures such as cytoskeleton, dendritic processes, integrin-based focal adhesions, connexin-based intercellular junctions, primary cilium, ion channels, and ECM.
  • Increasing GLAST in osteoblasts as a result of mechanical loading (N-methyl-D-aspartate NMDA type)
  • Introducing change to bone geometry via the induced mechanotransduction and cellular information; this leads to increased trabecular volume, cortical thickness, and connectivity between the bone tissues.
  • Training the tissues of the middle-lower third of the face and neck using targeted exercise that target the soft tissue and the muscle areas of the face (faceflex)
  • Readjustment of cortical porosity towards decrement to prevent bone loss.


Application of Force:

Adjustments are made to the bone metabolism process, bone fluid movements, skeletal muscle traction and ground/impact reactions.

  • Forces to the cranium and facial skeleton can be applied from anteroposterior, superior, inferior, and lateral directions.
  • Midline mandible load at the coronal plane and posterior load at the sagittal plane are applied, aiming to reconnect the specific areas via applied force.
  • Increasing load sensitivity targeted to the bone structure and biomechanical load for rebuilding with adjacent contribution to the proper function of the masticatory apparatus
  • Application of force at angular distributions of the dental formations to create a stabilized shape and support


Nervous system approach:

  • Activating the proper nerve connections through establishing the bone-brain axis via the release of osteocalcin, OSTEOPONTIN, lipocalin2, and FGF-23) to establish communication between bone and brain. the changes enable a stern communication between the brain and bone.
  • Increasing the stimulation of acetylcholine to establish brain-bone communication.
  • Inhibiting B-2AR to increase osteoblast formation and function.
  • Increased production of osteocalcin - bone derived proteins and its chain reaction starting at the pre-pro-peptide level and Lipocallin2.
  • Activation of neurons in the paraventricular nucleus and the MC4R pathway.
    Parasympathetic innervation of the bone: AChR types like MLO-Y4 have been detected and their levels have been identified by ACh, muscarinic AchR type M1, M2, and M4, have been identified in osteoblasts.
  • Restraint of bone resorption via releasing nAchR agonists and promoting healing of the parasympathetic nervous system.
  • Increased production of Semaphorins, particularly sema3A released by sensory fibers to promote bone mass gain and deterring osteocyte elongation through interaction with Nrp1 receptor and Plxna 1, 2, 3 co-receptors.




Cellular approach:

the work in this field targets the refinement of the mechanical energies (potion) within the skeletal system located within the face. the cellular environment is enhanced using the following approaches:

  • the bone cells gain resilience and adaptation to the new improvements; the cells gain the data / information necessary to morph into the shape of complete bone formation and bone remodeling process.
  • The proliferative and differentiative capacity is increased via activation of the receptor of nuclear factor xB by the Rank Ligand.
  • Osteoclasts function is regulated through mechanical stimulation and the expression of RANKL by osteoprogenitor cells.
  • Repairing sensitivity in multiple mechanosensitive structures such as cytoskeleton, focal adhesions, ion channels, and ECM.
  • Inhibiting sclerostin and DKK1 while activating the Wnt ligands pathway for direct stimulation of osteoblastogenesis and migration.
  • Releasing appropriate integrins and focal adhesion points and repairing ECM to regulate bone mechanobiology.
  • Preventing osteocytes apoptosis and promoting ERK activation.
  • Modulating EVs cargo in the cytosol. with direct commitment to the target cell to create the biological response.


Biological approach:

  • Resolving endocrine and paracrine stimulations and deficiencies related to the bone remodeling process.
  • Recognizing CGRP and substance P for stimulating osteoblast proliferation and activity, influencing the bone process.
  • RNA Approach: miR-26a was for bone regeneration. - miR148b formation of bone tissues; upregulating BMP-2 gene and promoting osteogenesis. - Sema4d for bone - brain axis communication.
  • Blocking formation and exocytosis of lysosomes and decreasing the ability of osteoclasts through inhibiting ruffled borders and acidic resorption using coumarin-type aescultin natural therapy
  • Suppressing osteoclastogenesis via Inhibition of tumor progression locus 2 (Tpl2.)
  • Increased bone mass via deletion of sestrin 2 and reducing the number of multinucleated osteoclasts on bone surfaces. The impact is regulation of NFATC1 and the TRAF6/P62 interaction.
  • Macrophages therapy: bone marrow macrophages regulate hematopoiesis and bone formation, progenitors derived from bone marrow are also able to formulate new bones and tissues
  • Targeting MALPS for bone resorption as they are the major cell type controlling bone resorption. and down regulation of Tnfsf11 results in decreased resorption.
  • Enhancing osteogenic proteins via RNA delivery: PDGF-B gene resulted in human bone marrow stromal cells. VMP-2 and FGF-2 genes
  • Peptide therapy: the treatments of peptides attach themselves to the bone fracture / lesser bone density regions: NOV004, peptide treatment.
  • Inducing the necessary chemicals for skeletal regulations such as PIEZO1 and MicroRNA-103a- mediate skeletal mechanosensory regulation
  • Increasing collagen production of all types targeted to the skeletal / bone system. and their relative peptide procollagen type 1 N-terminal propeptide (P1NP) and procollagen type 1 C-terminal propeptide (P1CP).
  • Induced TSHY/FSH signaling to regulate bone formation and remodeling, decreasing osteoclastogenesis, and promoting osteoblastogenesis.
  • Induction of hormones such as arginine-vasopressin (AVP) and (ACTH) to stimulate osteoblast formation.
  • Inhibition of DKK1 and FGF-23 as it corresponds to bone resorption favoring. and blocking RANKL-RANK binding. Decreasing the concentration of M-CSF to block the binding of Rank expression
  • PFD5 peptide mimics certain proteins of the bone extracellular matrix, with calcium phosphates particles, it induces biomineralization of hydroxyapatite, an essential ingredient that gives bone their rigidity.
  • Enhancing osteoblast activity through the Agouti-related peptide favoring bone mass gain and elevated CART expression [cocaine - amphetamine regulated transcript]
  • NPY and y1 Receptors are found in the osteoblastic lineage. local NPY alerts the system to mechanical stimulation and works in central signaling to elicit anti-osteogenic effects on trabecular but not on cortical bone.
  • Modulating the BRB system via the production of IRISIN targeting the CNS system.
  • Activating the YAP/Taz protein system as mechanosensors and transducers, committing directly to the nucleus.

A Fusion of Artistry and Science for Royal Transformation.


In the eyes of which beholder? Is this geared to work from the construct of the users mind or from a predetermined concept? Sounds cool and all which demographic will my new face come from?


This wouldn’t affect any facial hair growth would it for men?

Or is this much for the structure of the face rather than the skin of it (which I hope)?

Like basically advanced concepts of symmetry applied to the user?

@Desiree Would appreciate insight!


All the beholders ;)

The face itself is transformed to be Royal and Elite.

Subconscious programming is also included; for all beholders as well.

Nope. the Creations we see here are never really pre-determined; All fields are smart and very skillfully adaptive.

This is not tied to any demographic considerations but it is linked to the concepts of royalty, beauty, elegance, and social dominance (power). You can think of this as …“What if my face descended from the Royal families?” The Refined beauty added to it will answer your visuals :)

A beautiful face is determined by its skin. Surely elements of skin is added. For men, the hyperbaric compression of oxygen can improve the follicular environment within induced areas. (beard, mustache, etc) the angular lip adjustments will enhance the beard/mustache look and make the lower third area appear more pronounced and…sexy.



A good stack!!


@Maoshan_Wanderer Can’t wait to see your own stack ;)


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Dream is hella funny. He chooses all kinda music. There is a field he created that has Nixon’s pre-Watergate speech as a joke hehe

I giggle every morning when I listen to that field.


Does deep fat reshaping also include regaining of lost fat?


When you know what you are doing you can have all the fun with it haha

Artworks; music; concepts; Artistic haven this is


Yes, the spaces from the lost fat will be reshaped and remodeled; the tissue and fascia will be adjusted, and the muscles and the bone structure will follow. the physiological effects of “losing” fat will all be remodeled, and the face will gain a structure that is coherent and harmonious with the amount of fat present in there. the tissue/fascia/muscle healing will restore that nature beautification of face you see with enhanced lipid appearance.


I have a huge forehead, could this make it more harmonious. Maybe lower or more ideal to my midface and lower third?




@Desiree You are a LIFESAVER. I’m gonna buy it. And appreciate all the hard work you put into this project!


there has been a huge emphasis on the harmony aspect btw. look through the artwork and the colors; you will see the harmony and beauty emphasis.

the requested model was made through visual harmony; visual weight; elemental balance; force balance; and the infusion of capillary routes with Mana and the balance of the five elements.

Also, The forces used to administer new bone and skull morphology is also considered to shift more towards areas that need more healing; leaving the forces used to be of optimal and precise balance.


Endolift in ,real life’ leads to facial fat loss, can this happen with this field as well?


Great explabation!!! This one doesn‘t contain any benefits concerning skin appearance, right?

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We call it a five head round these parts! It means you are smart af lol.