Nft recommendations

Yesterday, I made an topic about the listed goals below. I searched for youTube fields only (still will) but I still want to know if an nft exist that covers all or most of these topics.

-being more productive (I want to finish my books lol)
-better shape
-being in alignment (inner peace)
-face (looks+problem fixing)
-attract wonderful people (friends, partner or just people)
-healthy body (even though I am young I already have some problems, but It could be worse)

I could imagine that: “pure influence, max heal potion and the manifested” these would help archiving some/all of my goals

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Formula of Well-Being

May help cover a few areas in one


Hm, you want a recommendation of an NFT that has all this together?
It wouldn’t be a coherent design if an NFT was made to cover all these unrelated topics together, although, if one adapts a model that focuses on bringing out a better you, for example - you will find all these goals achievable. A goal-oriented NFT with some synchioricty will lead you there, but that’s not the goal of those who create NFTs as specialized products; a niche of some sort, a system, a model that integrates various coherent concepts to distill them into one.

Most importantly, not everything is solved with NFTs - there are NFTs that gather a huge model under their conceptual representation but lack focus, and thus the product shows its benefits on the longer, longer term.

It’s not feasible.

The more focused, the better.

A perfect balance would be some fields to target the specific goals and some very specialized NFTs to cover the rest, do not forget that the fields library is huge and has exceeded more than +700 fields now. There must be a few things with tremendous shifting power right there!

I’ve found the Stop procrastination field to be the best. I have them all. This one just kicks you up, and going.

The Re-Actioner
Knight/Warrior Mindset Audio (NFT)
Zealot of Positive Change

Audio fields are tremendous for that. I don’t think you need an NFT for this.
There are however a few, you can find them across the forum.
And, if willed, there will be a gumroad release for something comprehensive soon.

This is something that comes with accumulative use of products, NFTs, fields, and finding your own inner journey. There is not one field for this, but there are many fields that build the basis of you as a contributive person to yourself

The new formula audios as recommended by Rocket will help shape the basis and you can take it from there

Lucrative Attraction NFT :star2: specializes in this

Ahh I mean come on ;)

New Release - The Deep Facial Remodelling

:gear: Wellness Technology 360 (Private)

My personal recommendation :)

There is a list of specific upcoming gumroad releases that should target some of the problems here; again, if willed :)

As a rule of thumb, all the beings / servitors will guarantee better manifestation for you, the most known and the forgortto about lol, even the very early on servitors

What brings your manifestation to reality is the level at which your own “beingness” is correspondent to the Universe

You will find that all the manifestation NFTs do not just shoot energies and wait for things to happen - they put you in a whole different state and provide you with the means of betterment to it

This is a list of all the manifestation NFTs available:

Servitors / Beings — Access to the worlds:

Yggdrasil - The Tree of worlds Servitor (Testimony)

Yggdrasil and the Norns (Private Project)

Creating a different reality:

The Superior Mind NFT :mage:t4: (Private)
The Manifested (formerly called Lawyer of Attraction) - Testimonials
:heartpulse: Manifestation Technology (Private)
Lucrative Attraction NFT :star2:(Private)
Magician of the Beautiful - Neville Goddard
Miracles of Revision - Private Group NFT
Potential of revision (Private) (Miracles is better)
The Black Orchid NFT (Developing the being and bridging the manifestation)
Philosopher’s Stone NFT (Alchemizing the desire into existence)
Practically - any NFT from here: List of All Individual Beings NFTs
and from here: Step Up the Game – NFT Servitors! [needs to be updated with the more recent, but you get the idea)

Of course, the one and only The 13th Skull NFT: Testimonials

and that’d be it :)
just work on evolving the baseline with as many frameworks as possible
everything will flow from there



you would love Speed Reading for this :)


The prince or the majesty. You could complement it with prestige and grandeur.

You mean the free field, right?

I am thinking to combine it with resilience field

Yeah, your are completely right. I normally listen to the workout series after doing sport. When I train my upper body, I listen to the upper body workout field.

Maybe, the explorer?

This was way too smooth :joy::joy::joy:
So you would recommend this more than the face sculptor?

I wanted to buy it because it would be a perfect manifestation field (imo) but I am not able to pay over 1000$ for this nft

Thank you very much for your detailed answer, I appreciate it, a lot.
Be blessed

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Would you say that pure influence could have a similar effect? Or the attract your soul tribe field

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I’d say surely together they all contribute to this - but no, Lucrative attraction specializes In what it says; it uses many theories, approaches, combining the universe and the 3D world, mathematical intelligence, alchemical beingness, there are many approaches incorporated in there - it is unique in what it provides

attraction specific fields would be Attract Your Soul tribe / Wealth field


Man, I feel like the last few weeks I’ve been especially living mentally/energetically a few days in the future.
The last 2-3 days I was thinking about manifestation, and all the manifestation / “create your reality” nfts. I even wondered for a moment about Lucrative Attraction. Yesterday I did some focused manifestation work for a few hours - with some very clear changes.

And then here, the first and only public thread I’ve looked at today is Lucrative Attraction’s project leader sharing a little about it and writing all sorts of info about manifestation.


Would you considering the soldifier nft in this category?