The Manifested (formerly called Lawyer of Attraction) - Testimonials

The aim of this field is to bring us in TOTAL ALIGNMENT with our goals, with zero resistance at all from ourselves and the rest of the universe so that we can live the lives we want.

With this field, manifesting our desires become as effortless as taking a stroll in the park.

[start of field descriptions]

Field #1: Smart Mental (Conscious and Subconscious) Limits Remover and Replacer:
This field works in the background 24/7 (unless you command it not to via intention), scans our conscious and subconscious minds to detect the core beliefs that are preventing us from manifesting our desires. Once detected, it removes it and replace it with a core belief that helps us manifest our desires as quickly as possible without violating the order of the Universe. A brute force of negative mental annihilation but ever so elegantly done.

eg: If we have a core belief of “I suck” lingering in our subconscious and/or conscious minds, the Smart mental (conscious and subconscious) limits removal and replacer will detect this, delete it from our entire being and replace it “I rock”.

#2: Mind’s Eye Bull’s Eye
This helps enhance our 5 outer senses so that when our Mind’s Eye see our desires or desired scene, it feels, looks, touch, smells, and taste (when appropriate) as if we’ve experiencing it in real time… in super HD, so that the other subfields in this NFT can bring in to the physical plane.
To accomplish this, we apply the Enhanced Visual Processing field to all parts of the brain and sense organs (ie eyes, nose, skin, taste buds, and ears).

The other aspect of this field helps us focus solely on our desires to be manifested while ignore events happening in our 3-Dimensional World that are not aligned to our goals, ie the world of effects.

So let’s say we want to manifest a goal of good grades in an exam. And for some reason despite our best efforts in studying, we did not feel that the exam went well enough to get the grade we want.
Instead of brooding and worrying over it (which then manifest a bad grade), this fields helps us ignore our present circumstances so that we can assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled, which in this case is our desired exam grade.

It also helps us stay focused during meditation / visualisation.
Another teaching of Abraham is that if we can concentrate on a topic for 17 seconds without interruption of another thought, then it is as if we just put in 2,000 hours of physical hours towards manifesting the thought. Every subsequent increase of 17 seconds multiples 2,000 hours by 10.

ie: 17 seconds → 2,000 hours
34 seconds → 20,000 hours
51 seconds → 200,000 hours

For more information about this, please see:

As our mind’s eye focused purely on our desires, it repels other distracting thoughts so that we can hold the thoughts of our choosing for as long as we want.

#3: Faith of the Messiah
In scripture, the Messiah did incredible things such as reviving Lazarus by command, or feeding a group of 5000 people with five loaves and two fish. This was done by having complete faith in a higher power.
In the same way, this field helps us have complete faith in ourselves, the Universe, and that our desires are coming to us with each passing second.

#4: Automated Manifestation Rituals
On mental command, this smart field scans the Akashic records to find all manifesting rituals that when perform, would help us manifest our goals as quickly and safely as possible.
(Meaning to say it wouldn’t automate a ritual where we have to sacrifice a chicken or other living things, or any ritual that would result in us being harmed in any way, shape or form)

Some examples of manifesting rituals include:

  • candle rituals
  • cone of power
  • 5 x 55
  • meditation
  • SATs
  • revision
  • sex magick

Of course, you can communicate with this field via your intention to perform rituals of your choosing and it will still scan the Akashic records for others that are compatible, and perform it. or you can ask it to only perform the ritual of your choosing, if you prefer it that way.

#5: Woven Worlds - Conjunction of the Universe (includes planets, solar systems, moon cycles, feng shui, shooting stars, time of the day, higher self/galactic self, supraself etc)
This is the Conjunction of the Spheres album on the Energetic Alchemy youtube channel on steroids.

What if the entire Universe including planets, solar systems, moon cycles, feng shui, shooting stars, blackholes, time of the day (eg: 11:11), timelines, our energetic systems, our brain and heart, along with the different aspects of ourselves was aligned in our favor?

This smart field will automatically align all of this so that we can… yes you guessed it… can manifest our desires as quickly as possible without violating the order of the Universe.

Meaning, if the optimal alignment for us to manifest our desires was 22:22, mercury in retrograde, Leo in the House of Saturn, the head of our bed facing the southwest, this field calibrates all of this for us and modulates it until we achieve our desires.

It also aligns every aspect of our being completely to the goals that we want to manifest, so as to minimise resistance.

Refer to this picture for the different aspects of us:

With every aspect of the Universe aligned to our desires, it ensures that we experience them as quickly as possibly since it is now coming to us in a straight line (shortest path between two points)

#6: Vortex Traffic Controller
Like how traffic controllers ensure that vehicles stay in their lane, this field helps us stay in the Vortex .
The vortex is a portal of energy that holds everything we could ever want or imagine, and simply by thinking of a goal, or a wish, we create the equivalent manifestation of that goal in the vortex. (According to Abraham)
What prevents from manifesting by pushing us out of the vortex is negative thoughts, emotions, beliefs.

This field keeps us in the vortex by guiding us to feel the necessary emotions required to manifest our desires, such as happiness, gratitude, joy etc.

Apart from that, it also allows us to have total control over our emotions in terms of intensity and type (without taking drugs). With total control of our emotions, we can allow ourselves to feel EXTREMELY good, confident, peaceful etc towards our desires.

When we think of feel anything negative that prevent from manifesting our goals, this field will transmute all negativity.
So let’s say we see someone on the street with a very nice rolex watch that we have always wanted, sometimes we may become jealous of that person. Being jealous in and of itself pulls us out of alignment, for a person who is going to manifest a rolex watch would think “Nice watch he has. It’s just like mine!”.

#7: Brainwave Controller
This field allows us to get into the brainwaves of our choice. (controlled by users intention). So if you want to be in the delta state, simply ask the field mentally “Field, please get me in delta state as quickly and safely as possible”, and relax.

#8: Smart Intention Repeater
As the name suggest, this smart field helps us install empowering statements directly to our subconscious mind, without resistance so that the subconscious can execute it.

As a smart field, it automatically refines our statement so that the subconscious can most accept our statement.
Eg: We want to install in our subconscious:
All we got to do is communicate with this field with a command “Field, install the sentence to my subconscious” and it will work in the background.

This also works in tandem with the Smart Mental (Conscious and Subconscious) Limits Remover and Replacer field to remove all beliefs that contradict the belief that we want to install.

#9: Autonomic System Regulator
This smart field works to regulate our sympathetic and parasympathetic tone.
If we think of our desires but are overwhelmed by them, either because it seems like it is impossible to obtain them, we may activate our sympathetic nervous system which is in charge of our Flight/Fight/Freeze response. This pumps up our adrenaline and cortisol which ends up lowering our vibration and kicking us out of the Vortex (see #8 Vortex Traffic Controller). The only time our sympathetic nervous system should be dominant is if we are in an danger so that we can run or fight for our lives.

So what this field does is allow our parasympathetic nervous system to be rightfully activated when we think of our desires. The parasympathetic nervous system is the antagonist to our sympathetic nervous system. It is in charge of relax, rest and digest. which is associated with the positive emotions that we want to feel as our default state.

#10: The Giver of Thanks & The Lover of Self:
This field captures the essence of two days of the calendar, Thanksgiving and Self-Love Day that are vitally important and synergistic to help us manifest our desires.

In the mood of Thanksgiving, we easily express gratitude for everything that we are experiencing in life, even if it seems that things are not going our way. This includes gratitude that we now are in the timeline that will allow us to experience it as quickly as possible (as owners of this amazing NFT), the bridge of incidents that we will be crossing in order to reach them, and EVERYTHING that we need to be grateful for in order to manifest our desires.

Self-love is about loving ourselves enough to work with this NFT, to be grateful, and to take inspired action so that we manifest our desires.

#11: The Manifestor’s Allies & Arsenal:
This field holds the energetic signatures and wish-fulfilling prowess of everything items/artifacts/living entities (excluding those that will harm us in any way, shape or form, or requires us to exchange something we don’t want to in return for our desires to be obtained) that has ever existed. They can be called upon, communicated to achieve our desires.

For example, a mental connection can be formed (via intention) with the Cintamani Stone and/or the Kalpavriksha to request for their wishes to be fulfilled.

It’s as simple as “Stone, please help me get a date with the cute girl in my psychology class called Charlotte Robbins, thanks”. The field will then go to work, co-operating with the other fields in this NFT to help you have a fun friday night with Charlotte in this instance :slight_smile: .

[end of field descriptions]

audio + mandala

Thanks to everyone in the group for their suggestions, sharing my vision for what this field could be, and for trusting me to lead the project.

And of course, many many thanks to @Dreamweaver for this beast of a field!
He was also nice enough to set the price at $300, when in actual fact he could have set it at $375 with the extra abilities of this NFT. You are the best!!!

He left the following words of wisdom with us:


I sure wish this one could have been a community release. But congratulations to you. Great work thinking of this one!


Very grateful for this gem.

The manifestations have been happening with ease, ever since having it.


Did a damn great job!


Great concept and execution. Congratulations everyone :slight_smile:


Living in the reality of your desire instead of still just wanting to have it. Living as if it is already a part of your life.


Without being the Cap’n, I’m going to guess that he was referring to the notion of “living in the end result,” which is a common idea among LOA teachers. There are many methods we can use to “live in the end result.” It’s essentially being in the attitude/vibration/mindset of already having whatever you desire.

The original title for this field (as shown in the title of this thread) was a clever play on words, but has a vibration of

  • not yet having the desire and
  • needing to advocate or fight (what lawyers do) for the desire they don’t yet have.

It seems Cap’n wisely recognized the (unhelpful) attitude of the proposed title and switched it to this title, which puts the vibration into–well–thr manifested. It is done. The end result.

Hope that helps.


Wow that was a clean deduction color me impressed👏🏾


Can’t wait to fully implement Goddard’s work with this.

Here’s to you all, let’s keep living the life of our wildest dreams.

Imagine : )



Brilliant deduction!!! :exploding_head:

Thanks guys!


Yeah this is one NFT I could never ever give away, I manifested so many things with it including my job, etc healthy relationship, etc


I wouldn’t give this up for any NFT in this marketplace, this one is very near and dear to me
Not even for a million dollars (when I can manifest billion with this :) )


It definitely tugs on the heartstrings

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This NFT is a literal cheat code to life…just WOW


Please elaborate, don’t leave us hanging :slightly_smiling_face:

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All manifestations I have put have been manifested (some are still in the process)

Although I have to say it works in a very weird way

But I love it nonetheless


What do you mean @Shivy-SzN?

How and/or where can I purchase The Manifested? @SirChiropractixalot or anyone who can assist.

How did you purchase? How do I purchase @Shivy-SzN

Hi, LawyerManifestor.

This project was created by our Captain for a private group. If any copies are available, they will be for sale or trade here: NFT Buy/Trade Thread
Welcome flowery glitter