The Blueprint of Life

blueprint of life

The Blueprint of Life

Created by Sapien Medicine

This violin track, was originally going on a game, but I decided to use it here.
The intention behind this audio is to create the right mental and physical mindsets to facilitate change while you use it.

Let the violins carry you on a journey of change as a a very concentrated light of change that sinks down to an even genetic level to implement a higher form of harmony.

Imagine the pure concept of the flower of life in a negentropic manner changing the inner you, the core of your genes influenced by harmony and negentropic order.

Of course if you extend this thought process outwards you will see a host of potential effects not quite unlike a massive awakening into becoming a entirely new you.

But of course on occasion to create this new you, the old you must be purged or changed. It becomes harder to reach new states of being with accumulated junk. Sometimes a heavy detoxification of old habits etc can occur.

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Q: I don’t understand what this field does exactly. Can you clarify more?

A: Sure. First I believe it’s important to understand the Flower of Life field
and the concepts of negentropy and then re-read the description as it’s working at a genetic level

Q. How is this field different that the other field(s) that have concepts of negentropy and flower of life in them?

A. Think of it like this. A basic dessert/food has the same ingredients, flour, water, egg, and sugar. Yet, how those ingredients are mixed together and cooked can create infinite variations to make different cookies, cakes, pies, breads, pasta, etc…

Q. Was the recommended listening usage.
A. 2-3 times a day is recommended with individual reactions being the most important

Q. Can my sick/dying/pregnant/baby person in my life listen to this?
A. Absolutely! Anyone at any age and in any condition can listen to it.


So does this boost changes nade by subliminals or even fields,physical and mental


Way it is written looks to be geared towards changing mindset and habits


My initial testimonial:

Whew! That’s something else… blissful with feelings of wholeness and fullness!

Love this music!!! Omg!!:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


That part was the explanation for the violin music… and how it’s geared to put one in the proper mindset of what the field does.

The actual field is far far far deeper and more profound than that…


Wow, my playlist is so Negentropic. :star:


Thanks, Captain. I have not heard it much either, but here are the initial experiences I shared with Captain.

I don’t yet fully grasp the potential of this audio, but I am told this is very significant. I will update this thread once I collect my thoughts and experiences.

The impression I get with these tools is that as Humanity progresses and benefits from these amazing tools, many ascended and enlightened beings are very joyous and hence appear in a celebratory spirit. :pray:


:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: i wanna meet


Thank you for creating this


Sounds awesome!


So this audio changes your mindset? And makes you become a new you personality-wise?




Be interested to hear your impressions!


The music is beautiful @Captain_Nemo

Feeling sensations all over my body on the first play. This seems like a field that has so many possibilities… can’t wait to see what unfolds upon further listening and meditation to it.


Will let you know soon as I’m done with Plasma Combo # 2 that I’m using right now.


Before buying it i need to know if this changes your personality and mindset to make you become a new you. A better you


It probably would but this field goes far beyond just personality and mindset…
just making that clear for everyone…


What else does it do ahhaha i am really curious


you will be reborn :slight_smile: