Stack for overall mind/body/spirit regeneration

So my background is I have battled amphetamine addiction for several years, now I want to put my whole being to the optimal health and performance.
on a side note Im almost year clean for now, and since being clean I have gained over 30kg in weight, and addiction has damaged my general thinking quality, as well as motivation and general health.
Also I feel hungry almost all the time, am still addicted to nicotine and caffeine, but Im still proud as hell for overcoming the most dangerous addiction.
I figured that a lot of issues that are still with me even after being clean, are results of damage to the body/brain/aura.
And Im not even talking purely physical/intelligence realted isues, depression, low motivation and several other problems are also here.
So what do You think about this stack:

Auric and Energy Body Repair x2
Advanced Healing
Brain Regeneration
Cognitive Enchancement

I generally try to avoid adding too many fields to the stack, I still need to function and live everyday live, so time might be an issue If I would want to listen 20fields on a consistent, everyday basis.
But still, every insight and every advice is highly appreciated.
Thank You


perhaps add:

Blueprint of life
Soul restoration (core)
negentropic Jing? Shen? Chi? (I’ll stick to jing if you’re dealing with physical fatigue)
The Archetype of parental love or VoDL
The Internal Alchemical Crucible
Ojas refine and defined
hopefully, this isn’t too much.

out of all of these, i would say blueprint of life, soul restoration core, ojas and parental love or internal alchemical cruible.


Thank You!
Well Im kinda out of money and since the PLN/USD exchange rate (I live in Poland) You could say that I pay almost 4x the price for every field in comparision to someone living in US or even Germany.
So the Blueprint of life and Soul restoration series are kinda out of reach at the moment, but thanks.
Same with vibration series. Nice suggestions but cant really aford atm.
But I was thinking about adding one out of the rest
Archetype of Perntal Love
Internal Alchemical Crucible
and Ojas
I have worked quite alot with my internal/emotional side in order to defeat addiction, so I guess I will add Ojas.
Perhaps Between Auric and Energy Body Repair and Advnaced Healing, so the body have more energy to heal?
Much Appreciated, Thank You!


As well you “should” (hate that word) be. Good for you!

I’m a big fan of Plasma Beach, which would fit within your budget, gives you some negentropy and address your energy levels (and general healing over all).

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Thank you very much friend!

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i had the same issue i still healing i use the plasma protocol especially 1&2 helped me to great extent. P1 works on nerves system etc… then P2 works on brain & other organs… then i’ve listened so many times to imaginarium divine which enhanced my conscioussness and thinking to advanced levels. i feel im start getting that rapid brain thinking that i used to have.


yes def, started to listen to this audio this past month daily overnight.


i start want to discuss the new consciousness (the greater concept of all things) to a friend of mine, as i always discuss things from neutral way, but it always endup into dead end. lol luckily i still this forum, which i love to great extent. :slight_smile: :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart:


So in other words, would You guys @Zen @Psimindset reccomend me listening to Imaginarium Divine overnight.
Also Im happy for You @Psimindset The fact that You managed to get Your brain working as fast as before fills me with hope!

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Hunger Inhibitor
it could help at least to overcome the temptation of eating and you could eat only when you’ re really hungry.

Hunger Inhibitor - uses the actions of leptin not leptin itself, to let the brain feel less hungry. works on (hunger-blocking effect on the hypothalamus )


yes i think imaginarium divine will at least balance your brain.

have you tried the five elements balancing??


Thank You, will surely read the book. And You are right that willpower is not the most efficient way to overcome addictions. What helped me was support from my loved ones and a lot of internal work focused on healing traumas/emotional wounds and accepting that I Don ‘‘need’’ to be perfect and give my 200% all the time. I had severe skin disease in age of 12 to 16/17 years old from staphylococcus aureus and naturally high test I have. It was to the point when I could not even lay in bed and not start bleeding all over my bed. I would look in the mirror and cry because I look like literal pizza lol. So social stigma and isolaltion at that age surely did leave a scare on my emotional health. then I managed to cure this after 6months of highly health-taxing curation i was ‘‘free’’ to enjoy society, partying etc which further lead me to getting addicted to a lot of substances, I was desperate for colleagues aproval I guess.
Well, the weight gain is porbably because of quitting amphetamine which makes You less hungry and much more motivated, I binged aphetamine for 4 years and weed for 6, both are closed chapters of my life now.
I mainly use caffeine because I work on shifts, and sleeping well is sometimes a problem.
And nicotine porbably serves my as kind of stress relief/ quick break from everyday life.
The funny thing is when I had a skin disease, proior to my addiction I was meditating alot, developed ability to lucid dreams and was overly much motivated/driven individual (a blessing in disguise?) though it was more of an anger/revenage driven kind of motivation
I will start again from today and get consistent again, Thank You.
And Yes, Amphetamine highly damages nervous sistem both in direct and indirect way
The indirect way is not sleeping for sometimes even a week in my case, not a hour of sleep in 7 days, all of that while working.
The direct way is it basically floods Your brain with neurotransmiterrs, namely dopamine, serotonine, and noradrenaline.
Probably will add Alzheimer and Autism audios too.
Well, my main focus is Regeneration right now, as I consider caffeine and nicotine addictions not as severe and hard to overcome as weed and amphetamine, For the moment I try to get as energetic and intelligent as I was before
Thank You again :) !


Thank you
I tired five elements balancing, and felt it mainly in my Thyroid/Throad Chakra
Cool feeling
and hunger inhibitor is another great reccomendation
Maybe I should consider creating two stacks, one before sleeping and one after waking up
For this moment it would be:

Auric and Energy Body Repair
Five Elements
Advanced Healing
Brain Regeneration
Autism treatment
Hunger Inhibitor
Imaginarium Divine
Cognitive Enchancement

Thats quite a lot of fields and Im worried It may slow the results and/or overwhelm my body
I see fields somewhat similar to Vectors in mathematical sense
More vectors in not the same general direction could probably slow down the movement
Thank You!


There is the Auric Clearing field on dream seeds, I suggest you use that first thing for a few weeks if you haven’t yet as suggested in the point of no return article..

You can take out brain regeneration from this stack and play it on loop overnight instead on the lowest volume next to you, that adds a lot of brain regeneration but shortens the stack.

Imaginarium divine is great, i LOVE that field, but if you want to keep it short, take it out, it is a 1 hour long field. You can print and carry the higher self connection mandala from insta for now and add the audio once you’ve achieved your goal of healing.

You can have 2 playlists.

  1. morning one - below is a suggestion based on the ideas above, you can add / remove of course
    Aura clearing
    Auric and Energy Body Repair
    Five Elements
    Advanced Healing
    Archetypes of parental love
    Ojas (you can put it more in the beginning too, i like it in the end)

  2. A brain regeneration stack
    You can base this on Philip’s recommendations (3-4 topics about it at least) with focus on the basics.
    I remember a thread about someone asking for recommendations for a child - they had some issues because the mother was using drugs during the pregnancy (i think… i cant find it). There someone wrote that BDNF as well as TDCS&NGF fields helped them in this area (after drug abuse).
    so it would be something like:

superhuman genius
tdcs & ngf a couple of times
nerve growth if you need it
(insert other brain fields that you want here)
(autism if you want)
brain regeneration, though if you listen overnight you dont need to add it here

this brain stack is short and very very basic.

Any stack is made stronger by plasma. You don’t have to add it in the stack, you can listen once aday to plasma 1x and then some grounding. That in itself will help a lot with healing.

edit - ah, do you already have cognitive enhancement?


Yes I already have Cognitice Enchancement
Hmm putting on Brain Regeneration overnight is an great idea
Think I would try to somehow fuse the Two into One, so its easier to be consistent that way
I listen to Aura clearing 1/2 times a week
Auric and Energy Body Repair
Five Elements
Advanced Healing
Superhuman Genius
Cognitive Enchancement

and Brain Regeneration Overnight

next field I will add will probably be Soul Core Energy Restoration, but that would be in a month or two
Thats already lot of fields
Also I wonder if TDCS and NGF field is truly necesarry, since there is already growth included in Cognitive enchancement video
Dont want to overload my brain either
What do You think? Thank You!


Yes, think cognitive enhancement includes tdcs & ngf so you can just use that one. you can include something like nitric oxide boost before cognitive enhancement to make it more optimal.

I think it looks good :)
I think if you listen consistently for a month, you’ll see how it goes and probably will have ideas on what to add or how to change it.


Okay everyone I promised one person that I will keep the thread updated.
So the stacks Im using looks like that:

After waking up (not always morning since Im working shifts):

Nullify Negative Planetary Effects
Amplify Positive Planetary Effects
Probability Alteration and luck x2
Androstenol/Extreme Muscle Growth
Superhuman Genius

After Work:
Jing x2
Ojas x2
Auric and Energy Body Repair x2
Advanced Healing x2
Brain Regeneration x2
Cognitive Enchancement x2

And I have to say Im feeling better and better.
Im doing well at my work, My thoughts are getting clearer and Im more focused.
My energy levels also seems to incerase. They are still far from the base level, but I began doing push ups daily again, and In two days Im going to pick up bike again and use it everyday to get to work and then to get at home (7kilometers one way)
Not anything great yet, yet the improvement is noticeable and small,consistent steps are key to succes I believe.
Thanks everyone again, will update the tread in 2 weeks or so, with more results hopefully