Need Help Please❤

Hi everyone. I am new to Sapiens wonderful work. I have no clue where to start my journey to becoming healthy again. I have been unwell for 15 years. Tried everything, from Homeopathic Remedies, Reiki, Bio Energy, Acupuncture, Craniosacral Therepy and the list goes on. To make a long story short I was very badly mistreated by hospitals and I had numerous misdiagnosis for a few things and my body just wanted to shut down on me. I feel as if I am stuck in constant fight or flight mode and my body and immune system is attacking all of my body. I have a few autoimmune diseases, I am head to toe in inflammation of every part of my body, if I exert myself I am stuck to the bed for a week. No foods or medication agrees with me, I have so many intolerances and allergies since this all kicked off. I have an enlarged spleen, fatty liver, gastritis, hiatus hernia, tuberculosis, hasimotos, my lymphatic system is not working properly, my metabolism has shut down and will not allow me to lose weight. I have numerous energy blockages in my body which no one seems to be able to break down. Constant swelling in my abdomen, terrible pain and pressure all over my head, face and body. Gout. My Prolactin levels are 815 and testosterone is low and I am a man. Awful joint pain. Awful problems sleeping. And loads more which I dont want to bore ye with. I’ve tried so hard to get myself better for my little girl but nothing seems to work for me.

Would some kind hearted soul please help me to figure out maybe a playlist to do of Sapiens Fields that would help me to get back to full health again please? If it has to be one of the expensive ones on gumroad that will be ok too, I just really need to get better for my daughter before it’s too late.
If anyone could point me in the right direction I would be forever grateful.

I hope everyone is having a great day and I’m sending blessings and virtual hugs to everyone.


Have you tried this?

For hernia I think this can help

For inflammation and allergy

For liver part

For the lymphatic system

For the pain you can use pain control sigil


welcome to the forum @LeoEngulfedInFlames , I’m so sorry to read about all this… Yes, there are definitely the tools out there for you to heal the root causes of these multiple issues, no matter how much there are.
In addition to Imogen’s suggestion regarding your autoimmune disease, I would add the followings :

The DNA repair system, priority.
anti-cancer 2.0
There is on gumroad an audio named " advanced Healing ". In the folder, a second audio,voltage repair. This will repair the voltage of your cells, pushing them to repair and fight off chronic issues.
the plasma light and bioreactive beach field. ( will place order=negentropy, in your body).

cosmo-volt. Start slowly with this one too.
politics of the body album

Smart stem cells and scar tissue removal on youtube, or the much upgraded version smart stem cells.
The Lymphatic Effusion+. To rejuvenate the system that evacuates toxins.
orgone accumulator field.
plasmatron field, that combines plasma light and orgone accumulator.
antioxydant field.
glutaphione field.
detox fields.

This one might be too intense considering the severity of your condition,
plasma protocol on gumroad. Start very slowly with this one. It’s a mix of fields to rejuvenate the body, using antioxydants,plasma light, hyperbaric compressor and telomere lenghtening.

The Blueprint of life

As always, start slowly and listen to your body

Best of luck in your healing journey, no doubt you will make it !:slight_smile:


Try the PTSD on patreon once a week. Also internal alchemical crucible played after amygdala healing +fear release is really good, just go slow on the fear release. for joints the arthritis field and joint regeneration plus the bone massage from the album spa days is great. Also don’t forget testosterone boost and estrogen reduction


maybe start with radiate positivity and magical life of abundance also the mental health album with subconcious limits dissolver. having a positive mindset i think will help a lot, helps you to believe you will be healed


In addition to what was recommended above. If you have the opportunity to buy a paid field, I also recommend the Microkinesitherapist field. It will help in the treatment of your internal organs, as well as reduce anxiety, working with the hypothalamus.


Thank you so much for your suggestions Imogen. Can I ask what the pain sigil does? Is it a energetically infused picture for pain? Sorry about my ignorance, I am new to Energy work.


Thank you Eli. How many fields would be best to start off with? Should it just be 3 or 4 max or could I push for a few more? With all of my issues I would be afraid of overloading my body.

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The pain sigil is work like when you take pain killer :slightly_smiling_face: I always using it when I have migraine or headache. Or body pain in general. Usually I have back pain and I just use that sigil. You can repeat the use for as long as you don’t feel pain but you have to reactive it every 15-20 the way you activate it is simply touch the sigil. And say “pain control activate” And you all set for 15-20 the sigil will pour the energy to stop the pain. Any pain. You also can direct that energy to specific area. Legs or hands or just focus on anything or just simply let the energy pour it all over your body


Thank you CatDogAvery for your reply. I will check out everyone of the fields people are suggesting and try and narrow it down to a few at the start. It could be a very good idea to get my mind feeling more positive before hand so the fields may work better for me. Trying to pick which ones to start with now is going to be the hardest part😂


Thank you MaTata the Microkinesitherapist sounds very interesting. I will look up more about it now and hope to have it in a couple of weeks. Thank you.

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That’s amazing. Will I just download the picture from the one you sent on to me and then just touch it and activate it and that’s it? Do I need to keep looking at the picture?

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You can download the one I sent or you can find the full one without cropped in sapien Instagram. You don’t have to look at the screen. Just make sure the picture is always near you while the duration of the sigil is activated

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Thanks Imogen :blush: Looking forward to trying it out.

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I would say, you can listen to more, the important part is that you listen to each field for small periods of time. a few minutes. and see how it affects your body

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you can start with the simple following stack :
DNA Repair
Plasma light
Stem cells
Lymphatic Effusion+
anti cancer 2.0


Nice stack man! personally I’d put plasma light before DNA repair to plasmafy the DNA healing… and then maybe some torsion before plasma to enhance plasma lights absorption and effectiveness :)


great idea ! yea torsion + plasma first mb :p


Does anyone know when Sapien will be putting DNA on Patreon so I can download it to make a playlist in that order?

There’s usually a once a month upload of fields onto Patreon… There hasn’t been one this month yet so with the next round of uploads it should be included :)