The DNA Repair System: New Release

The DNA Repair System

This intention behind this and the work is meant to provide a signal that switches on 5 major repair pathways involved in the repair of DNA damage; homologous recombination, nonhomologous end joining, nucleotide excision repair, base excision repair, and mismatch repair.
Meant to initiate a deeper all round repair for things at that level and also provides a deeper energetic renewing of life force.
Use 2 – 3 times at most per day.
Use your discretion and be careful as always.
It is presented as is, life long inherited genetic problems may seem a natural ‘part’ of your system so there wont be a reversion, as such a state never existed.
Which means that, this repair system, will repair generally to match the system you were born with.
inherited problems may be harder to change, as there is no pre-existing state, without the problems (if you were born like this)
Now, this is speculation due to how these repair systems work in the body, with their error checking etc.

It may very well heal genetic inheritance, but this is presented here to work on general buildup of errors that occur because of our habits and environment.
Because it is not guaranteed to work on inherited problems.
The mechanisms used here are similar for a wide variety of life.
So you can use this for pets, and even random interested alien visitors.



What do you mean by this?


For instance if someone has an accident that results in damaging bones and muscles… theres a possibility to repair that and take the bones and muscles to the previous state = before the accident = not damaged

But when its an inherited damage the body cannot, dont know how to repair that damage because it doesnt know any other stage since being born, there was no a previous perfect state.


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this could beat (just beat it )… the concept of :mountain_snow:environment vs DNA :dna: so you can develop/recover :handshake: your true/healthy :muscle: physical body :volcano:

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Judging by the amount of tingles I’m feeling in my brain in just one listen, I’m betting that I will experience another great cognitive improvement powered by Sapien Medicine :exploding_head:

The kind of improvement that is permanent :infinity:


OMG If this can revert my muscles and nerves damage in my back and leg, l’ll be sooooooooo happy!!


This is close to BoL ofcourse because healing dna. I feel this would even work together with it to heal dna to the next level. Felt healing sensations in my right eye even though I think I had gotten lazy/squint eye at early as when I was 1-2. Definitely loved the Alaap in patdeep. I am very eager to know name of the flautist if it’s possible @Captain_Nemo @SammyG and thank you so much for all your creations :rose:


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I felt this working IMMEDIATELY all around my face. I can’t imagine what I will feel in the next week or so.
Thank you , so much.


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You never know, no one knows if it’s ok or not :joy_cat::joy_cat: listening to it right now and it sounds like negentropic jing(also you are like a mother to me I’m young)


What a beautiful flute very relaxing
Thank you for sharing


Mean time lets see what a damaged DNA involves:

DNA Damage: Causes and Effects

The most significant consequence of oxidative stress in the body is thought to be damage to DNA. DNA may be modified in a variety of ways, which can ultimately lead to mutations and genomic instability. This could result in the development of a variety of cancers including colon, breast, and prostate. Here we discuss the various types of damage to DNA, including oxidative damage, hydrolytic damage, DNA strand breaks, and others.

Ultraviolet and other types of radiation can damage DNA in the form of DNA strand breaks. This involves a cut in one or both DNA strands; double-strand breaks are especially dangerous and can be mutagenic, since they can potentially affect the expression of multiple genes. UV-induced damagecan also result in the production of pyrimidine dimers, where covalent cross-links occur in cytosine and thymine residues.

DNA damage may also result from exposure to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). PAHs are potent, ubiquitous atmospheric pollutants commonly associated with oil, coal, cigarette smoke, and automobile exhaust fumes. A common marker for DNA damage due to PAHs is Benzo(a)pyrene diolepoxide (BPDE). BPDE is found to be very reactive, and known to bind covalently to proteins, lipids, and guanine residues of DNA to produce BPDE adducts. If left unrepaired, BPDE-DNA adducts may lead to permanent mutations resulting in cell transformation and ultimately tumor development. From


And for free? Whooo thanks @Captain_Nemo, such a wonderful gift


Harmful mutations can also occur. Imagine making a random change in a complicated machine such as a car engine. The chance that the random change would improve the functioning of the car is very small. The change is far more likely to result in a car that does not run well or perhaps does not run at all. By the same token, any random change in a gene’s DNA is more likely to result in the production of a protein that does not function normally or may not function at all, than in a mutation that improves the function. Such mutations are likely to be harmful. Harmful mutations may cause genetic disorders or cancer.

  • A genetic disorder is a disease, syndrome, or other abnormal condition caused by a mutation in one or more genes or by a chromosomal alteration. An example of a genetic disorder is cystic fibrosis. A mutation in a single gene causes the body to produce thick, sticky mucus that clogs the lungs and blocks ducts in digestive organs. Genetic disorders are usually caused by gene mutations that occur within germline cells and are heritable in nature.

  • Illnesses caused by mutations that occur within an individual, but are not passed on to their offspring, are mutations that occur in somatic cells. Cancer is a disease caused by an accumulation of mutations within somatic cells. It results in cells that grow out of control and form abnormal masses of cells called tumors. It is generally caused by mutations in genes that regulate the cell cycle, DNA repair, angiogenesis, and other genes that favor cell growth and survival. Because of the mutations, cells with the mutated DNA have evolved to divide without restrictions, hide from the immune system, and develop drug resistance.

DNA damage in non-replicating cells, if not repaired and accumulated can lead to aging. DNA damage in replicating cells, if not repaired can lead to either apoptosis or to cancer.

The schematic diagram indicates the roles of insufficient DNA repair in aging and cancer, and the role of apoptosis in cancer prevention. An excess of naturally occurring DNA damage, due to inherited deficiencies in particular DNA repair enzymes, can cause premature aging or increased risk for cancer (see DNA repair-deficiency disorder). On the other hand, the ability to trigger apoptosis in the presence of excess un-repaired DNA damage is critical for prevention of cancer.


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