Best audio to buy

Very nice and beautifully succinct, Luna. Gratz! :slight_smile: And we know you can be a Woman of Words, lol (WoW) :slight_smile:


Hahaha :orange_heart::orange_heart:

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Thank you that really helps me out. But with cone of power, do you think it’s good to maybe use it to manifest the how? Like let’s say with the money example, you have no idea how that money will come to me, could I use cone of power to get that “how” taken care of?


You can try but imo to manifest something you have no idea how (it is possible of course) but tho this audio is powerful, i still think you need to be in a good strong place mentally and emotionally.

To just say 'all the money i need PLUS more extra is coming in the next 2 weeks, its already in my reality, etc" … having no idea how? You think itd happen just with the audio? If you are mentally and emotionally strong, of course it will.

But lets face it. You are looking for this help because you dont have it in you right now otherwise youd be manifesting without extra help.

So more likely youd finish listening and maybe repeating some positive affirmations or whatever you want or maybe nothing, and walk away doubting. :woman_shrugging:

The audio will still help but might take longer, might have to keep doing it daily really focused. Etc.

Now… here is another thing im noticing, which i see around all the time (so just take that into consideration for future projects)

People ask what field to choose then as we suggest you guys are like “but i think, this one no?”

Like… the first thing we must strengthen in this whole spiritual growth, ascension and manifestation is…

The connection to our higherself. It knows everything, its looking the situation from high above, sees the big picture and all what is going on behind curtains, you here on this plane may not know what you need or want, but rest assured your higherself does, and when we keep the connection and communication tight to us, then you alone can and will get all the answers you need.

You dont know… i can tell by your second and third questions, or replies. You want the Cone.

Get - the - cone.

Even if you are not sure

Get it.

Cause that little voice in your head “but what if the cone? But the cone maybe? But…” ***THAT IS YOUR HIGHERSELF’S VOICE)

Dont ignore it. Listen to it, run with it bodly.

It knows everything. And youll see one day why that choice that kept dancing in your head was the best one.

Lmao… i just noticed you dont know between cone or tower.

I only saw cone around your subconscious so there is that. if that helps you decide.


Can you read my mind🤭
I’m really leaning towards cone of power, but the right of passage looks💯

Gonna have a little talk with my HS later


Im sorry. I hope that didnt feel intrusive.

Please dont think ill be going reading your thoughts haha. Tho it could happen naturally, i let the channel open only when i am helping someone that is confused as to what to decide, so the mind/subconscious (of the confused person) simply projects outwards the important info.

I pretty strongly block anything else.


Well you’ve gained my trust so it doesn’t feel intrusive so no worries lol

On another note, how do you do that?


Like do you communicate with my subconscious mind/HS, and if you do, how was it that my mind was openly giving out that info?

I’d recommend the meditation field from the energy course, because it let’s you go gently into theta brainwaves, from which point you have little to no resistance towards your manifestation, which will 100% accelerate it


I didnt communicate with your subconscious but as you said when we are talking to someone and feel comfortable and there is trust… theres a connection that builds a bridge between the minds, so yeah i could read it, but usually when i do that is intentionally (per request) but when i dont have the intention to read but you do have the intention or desire for me to understand what you are trying to say but cant… the mind proyects, our consciousness resides outside actually and keeps hooked to us through the subconscious mind… So i picked up the messages that were floating around your consciousness that your mind wanted to “say” or info YOU want me to understand.

People go around reading minds just for the fun of it.

I dont. Its intrusive and stressful lol i got enough with my own thoughts.

It takes a lot and effort and practice and studying to be able to close and open and blocks so you protect your mind while protecting the privacy of others. Specially the more vulnerable ones that have no idea their mind is an open book.


That’s interesting, thanks for explaining it

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Thats how psychic attacks happen.

Thats why we must protect the mind from intruders. Or people that intentionally attack us mentally.

Tho we do that unconsciously all the time back and forth.

As you expand or grow your abilities you need to also be responsible for what you are capable of, thus. Avoiding going around picking up from wide open unprotected minds.

Thats why this audio is so important

New Release - Soul Restoration (Brow/Forehead Storage Center)

;) to seal it so the soul stops being vulnerable to leakages through the third eye while recuperates "leaked/stolen fractions of your soul.


So It must be the same for good thoughts too then. You can send good thoughts to people the same way you can psychically attack them.
Is that what remote influencing is then?

I guess.

I just dont do that so i wouldn’t know.

If i want to send good vibes or love or light etc i do it from my heart center.

For instance. All these days ive been connecting to the war/conflict going on psychically and emotionally to send good vibration. But my mind is sending like manifesting the expansion of my good thoughts to clear and uplift the area, so that people feels it. But never to their mind.


You are an amazing being @anon51280824


Lol nothing else apart from what ive already said :slight_smile:

In few words,

That it not only helps you adjust to new big transtitions in life that you already are on but in the early stages or about to, but also to give your life, a push to create the reality you want.

moving energetically the elements that are part of your life while infusing you with courage, determination, exciment, joy etc

I actually LOVE staring at the field’s picture while i play the audio… such a great vibe and reassurance of going in the right direction just cross dancing to your new life


I heard that the rite of passage is a smart field, so it knows what you want, and it basically gives your subconscious mind the full permission to make the changes while infusing you with all of the positive characteristics you mentioned above.
Obviously only scratching the surface of what it does


Since theres a sale going on until the 11th of April, let me bump this thread with my always suggestions plus the new additons in case you dont have them yet:

My Top ones:

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Woven worlds - Millions-
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Corpus Spiritus Tarot Deck
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The Black Mirrored
The Black Mirrored Stone Shield


Don’t wanna bring this thread back fro mother dead but just letting u guys know I ended up buying the cone yesterday and I’m excited to see what happens with it👍


Got the Heart one but I can’t wait for this one! The heart restoration is beyond words amazing!