Best audio to buy

I heard that the rite of passage is a smart field, so it knows what you want, and it basically gives your subconscious mind the full permission to make the changes while infusing you with all of the positive characteristics you mentioned above.
Obviously only scratching the surface of what it does


Since theres a sale going on until the 11th of April, let me bump this thread with my always suggestions plus the new additons in case you dont have them yet:

My Top ones:

Blue Print of Life
The Blueprint of Life: New Release

Conceptual Realizations
New Audio Field: Conceptual Realizations

Kinetic Quasi
Kinetic Quasi Crystal: New Release

The Rite of Passage
New Release: The Rite Of Passage

Point of No Return

Armor of Light
New Release: Armor of Light and Glory

Woven Worlds -Contentment-
New Release: Woven Worlds - Contentment

Woven worlds - Millions-
New Release: Woven Worlds - Millions

Corpus Spiritus Tarot Deck
Shorts: Corpus Spiritus Tarot Deck

The Black Mirrored
The Black Mirrored Stone Shield


Don’t wanna bring this thread back fro mother dead but just letting u guys know I ended up buying the cone yesterday and I’m excited to see what happens with it👍


Got the Heart one but I can’t wait for this one! The heart restoration is beyond words amazing!