Shorts: Corpus Spiritus Tarot Deck


Corpus Spiritus Tarot Deck

Our Corpus Spiritus deck will be launched on Friday at 10am EST. You get an nft minted as certified ownership of the 1st edition with the physical deck as well. No more are planned, I ambitiously hope publisher company will want to distribute it, so no more are planned other than that. I enjoyed finishing this, it took 9 months to create even. For now I consider it the zenith of decks, a particularly real with enhanced accuracy tarot deck. For the more intuitive and psychically guided, a whole world awaits in each card. (120USD) Sponsored sale from spring for Friday be sure to use your code when buying MARCH10 10 percent off Disclaimer, You are under no obligation to buy this and are free to purchase any other deck you wish in the world market. Put your efforts towards something more productive than complaining. I enjoyed making this, so this post will be removed once the complaints and whatever else starts. I am simply informing those who may be interested and did not see the post on the forum etc


will there be a link here or should we look it up on teespring??



I could post the link here, but I think you should keep an eye out to the announcement thread.


i ment in this forum will look not on the site… thanks


What is the purpose of this field in our life?

  1. Having an in depth real close by communication with:
    -Your Higherself
    -The Collective Consciousness
    -the Spirit of the Universe
    -the collective and personal energy language

  2. Break down messages that your subconscious mind or ego have blocked to receive

  3. comprehensive conceptual communication at your disposal

  4. a personal counselor to reach out to before taking important decisions

And you can help others by being the bridge between the cards and them so they can get the same as you in #1, 2, 3 and 4 points.

And its not a field.

Its a Tarot Deck.


Fielded Tarot deck though I believe. Anyone got teasers on what this deck can do beyond an ordinary (already magical) tarot deck?


It appears that it is up to the attunement of the user. Dream says that Sammy tapped into something that he thought wouldn’t be obvious. Experiment. I already got an idea that just flew to me on the air yesterday, so I’m excited! :slight_smile:


Yes, I’m sure that for experienced readers the intuitive info will flow in faster, but I think just using the deck and being open is key.


There must be a ton of depth to this, to the possibilities here. Tarot is one of the fundamental cornerstones of magic. Along with Numerology and Astrology. If I remember it’s those three. At least in the divination sector of things.

Reminder to anyone who wants to go deep deep. Tsarion does a several hour long lecture on each individual tarot on his website unslaved.


True true. But i think its a personal experience to discover if there are more elements that can grow in us over time


I like your way of thinking but I think there is more to this one. But whatev. It’s an awesome creation. Thanks @Captain_Nemo Thanks @SammyG Thanks @Dreamweaver

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Yeah i know

But not everything should be said of what we think so others can discover too ;)

Itd spoil the natural personal unfold of surprises


I agree. But I have to ask the questions Luna. That’s what I do.

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And i give you the answers from my perspective since you reply to me.

I dont have to agree with you.

Besides you didnt ask anything, it was more like your idea of it

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:smiley: Yes

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Maybe I feel we can be natural readers of anyone over time without the use of tarot cards …


You mean after we spend enough time in the presence of these cards or something else?

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Evolving past a medium does occur, but what this might turn into is most likely the most beautiful compilation of mystery and magic with ease and joy. Spiritus Mystic!