New Release: The Rite Of Passage

The Rite Of Passage

A rite of passage is a ceremony or ritual of the passage which occurs when an individual leaves one group to enter another. It involves a significant change of status in society.
This digeridoo and ocean waves crashing combination is meant to appeal to all those deeper connections, to all pasts and traditions within out great family tree, drawing from these collective rite of passages we present a deeper implication that appeals to the subconscious mind, a true master of understanding symbols and ritual meanings.
A rite of passage is a change, a transition from one stage in life to another.
Initiations and the act of the transition itself is also followed by the act of welcoming the ‘initiated’ into a whole new world.
This music and energetic presentation is meant to deeply inspire that change in a non gender specific way, to know on a deeper level, you have graduated and are now worthy of the future changes.



This is incredible.

What I feel or perceive is way more than what is in the description but ill keep my mouth shut for now and see what testimonies come about, specially my own experience. :innocent:




Great for masculinity and something I wanted to put in the Masculinity group project.

They say the reason why so many modern men are not living up to their potential is the lack of a rite of passage. If you’ve been affected by trauma or feel that you could do more in your life, this should facilitate that inner change.

I love how its also gender neutral so everyone can benefit.


This is also for going and staying into another country with completely different culture to be accepted and get new deserved better future ahead of you? Sort of?


The amount of heart expansion I’m feeling right now is incredible…

My third eye is here just intensely buzzing… it really feels like I’m seeing new worlds

There is a part of me that feels appreciated for what it has served … and is thanked for the journey … but what’s to come is to be presented in new layers …

My mind feels really big now though lol…

This is beyond words … for now…

Thank you; there is so much good to come out of this and specially right now…

Thank you truly :heart:


Reading this again I just imagined this right after crucible of the past … wow!

Captain preparing us in steps :D



Very interesting

It’ll be interesting to see where we get from here on


Or it’s also for people who have problems in their family lineage and want to escape from that their destiny because of some past incidents from ancestors?
I don’t know where I get these ideas but reading description I am getting these images, sorry

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Not sure exactly what this does but I got it anyway. Let’s see! Thanks, Dream!


So much!!!

You will love it!! :)


Still anxiously waiting on my download link. Teespring always does this. I have to email them and ask them for it.


Same here haha did you use after pay?

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Yes maybe that’s why?

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Yeah it’s to be expected with me at least every time I use after pay i gotta email them lol worth it though for the after pay benefits… But damn haha, i hope they fix that soon

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This took me on a five year journey. It made me see why I deserve what I’m currently experiencing and even forced me to relax into it.

It’s like an extremely poised coach telling me “remember when you went through/did/overcame (xxxx)” and then reminded me of all the outcomes of going through those things.

At the end, I ended in a blank mind and got one last nudge that would be similar to the coach saying “you deserve it all and much more NOW GO OUT THERE AND SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT!”

Used it in combination with Odin so I’ll experiment with Thoth and Virakocha to see if different perspectives pop up.


I’m going to experiment with this + Tower (reversed) + Rune Dagaz


I was talking to a friend of mine about this field and I’m pretty much intrigued to share this here, I want to share the same experience with the same energy it has, and so…

I wish everyone to get to experience this, it is truly out of this world, it is so incredible like no other, it came very unforeseen and turned out to be just exactly what we need…

Get. This. Field.

Thanks :D


Maaaaaaaaan, You motivated me to buy this field man.
At least let me pay my college tuition first mrs. lololol.

Will def buy soon


Nah I just hooked you up on both tower of power and passage of the rite :joy::joy::joy:

I shall continue my mission :D