New Release: The Rite Of Passage

Also someone tell me why im there dancing like an indigenous person :joy::joy::joy:

Someone come and stop that fieeeelddd :joy:

@Captain_Nemo most timely person award goes toooo

Edit: tested and tried! Pretty awesome dancing skills :D did that ritual include any dancing of some kind? Feels like I really wanna pair up with bushman medicine tonight!


I should have made more inspection :joy::joy:

He looks so happy! :D dancing happily all carefree :D :man_dancing:t3: :man_dancing:t3:


I don’t think gender neutrality is anything to worry about.

This digeridoo and ocean waves crashing combination is meant to appeal to all those deeper connections, to all pasts and traditions within out great family tree, drawing from these collective rite of passages we present a deeper implication that appeals to the subconscious mind, a true master of understanding symbols and ritual meanings.

It draws from the collective unconscious so whatever rites of passage are within your own genetic family tree (or possibly the larger, more universal “family” of us all being connected) are used, as I understand it. I imagine its a smart field as well that would know what rites to best give the user for their own growth. I’ve seen some pretty amazing things with these audios, I don’t think this is out of scope.


Only this field i don’t understand what it is all about…haha

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I don’t know if the field will help boys turn into men but from the description it should help you transition from one life stage to another, probably big changes in life.


Its a smart field
it will work differently for each person, gender and backgrounds


So true…and it’s showed a lot especially the last couple of years.
I think many women are lost too though. The divine masculine and feminine have both been through the wringer. The whole world is being swept away by the current of entropy. But we are so beyond blessed to have Captain helping us ride the wave of negentropy! :pray:t3:


But not all bad, I think these past 2 years have had an impact on many individuals.

The current situation I think has shine light on the importance of standing one’s ground in the face of overwhelming threats, slander, oppression etc and we’re seeing that slowly as the narrative(s) start to turn. Even kids are standing up, something many adults don’t do for others.

This is definitely a next purchase.

Whenever I think of this field I instantly think of my back muscles, and in a way it makes sense. Your back is the give power to the body just how this field would give you the support from generations.


Just purchased this one. Im quite curious where it will lead me.


Perfect, I will look forward to your results. As you are transitioning I hope this will give you what you need. One request, please don’t use Knight/Warrior mindset along with it, use this for one or two weeks before you introduce K/W mindset back to your stack.

Sorry for making you test subject :sweat_smile: but I am curious to put this field through some stress testing. :smiley:


I know its quite early to give a testimonial but i think i can see it taking effect.

I spent the morning doing stuff that i put off for days… like cleaning, chores

I drew again while listening to an audiobook. Again both something i did not have motivation for the past days…

If my theory is correct then this field could seriously help with addictions or getting free from bad habits.

And taking steps towards a ‘next level’ for example if you want to start being more healthy or productive etc.

Not in a pushy motivation way (at least for me) but more in relation with the “know deep down that you have graduated and are worthy of future changes”.

Maybe its a coincidence but yesterday (before i saw the field and immediately purchased it haha) i was doubting my future goals again and how im not sure if i am driven and strong enough to keep going til i reach them - but this field can support changes. Like reaching maturity, going towards a career change, being okay to try relationships again or whatever it is you put off because youre unsure or feel like you lack willpower or strength or any kind of doubt you have - in my case ‘becoming me’.


No problem, this way i can see the extent of effect this field will have on me and my life haha :grin:

I temporarily removed a few mindset fields & subliminals for the test period from my stacks - knight too dont worry (gonna keep unbreakable, capital covernance & conceptual realisations)

And i plan on experimenting with the confidence sigil - going outside with and without it + this field

I will reintroduce them at the beginning of february.


Thanks for your initial review :+1: after your final review I will probably purchase this and hope by then some guys will chime in too. :smiley:


@Maoshan_Wanderer do you think it makes sense using this with the Yagnas, particularly after Maha Ganapati Yagna?


Maha Ganapati Yagna is an ambient field for clearing obstacles while this one is a personal field preparing you for big changes affecting your psyche. Big changes need not be considered as obstacles but something to look forward to.

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Maha Ganapati isn’t only ambient- it even removes blockages in the energy system. I think @Maoshan_Wanderer even said this. But my logic was to use it to remove life obstacles before using Rite of Passage to now level up after obstacles were cleared


I’m not considering the Rite of Passages to have anything to do with obstacles. I’m simply thinking it would be wise to clear obstacles and even blockages in the psyche and energy system (which Maha Ganapati does) then level up. Idk I’m interested to see Mao’s opinion.


Ok, but from the description it seems very ambient.

Oh then may be a good idea.

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Next time you use it, if you’re energy sensitive, watch how it clears your energy system and causes Kundalini stimulation. I even use it sometimes for only that reason specifically.


You are right, since Ganapati sits at the root chakra, the field would definitely stimulate Kundalini.