Release the bindings of dark coven

I been none stop been getting harressed, mentally, psychically, emotionally and even physically.

All my accounts have been getting stolen, going into my bank accounts, changing passwords for my gmail, paypal. Non stop screaming in my ears by demonic forces being sent to torment me.

They said if I post this they will kill me and my family, so be it. I cant live like this anymore. I have no privacy, I hear the demons they binded to me tell them everything im thinking along with showing them everything, this is fucking hell!

I have tried all Sapien fields, they even made me spent all my money on them from my check last friday and now I cant even pay rent or have 1 dollar for a meal. I would prefer they come and kill me then live like this any longer. I feel defeated, I cant do anything like this with the demons aggresively screaming in my ear, not even 1-2 minutes of silence. They stold all my NFT’s as well so I cant even sell that to try and pay off my rent…

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Let us know if you feel any change or improvement.


Hey, it seems like someone is attacking your personal life. I can’t say it’s a “demon” or perhaps a scammer I’m sorry you have to go through that… While the damage is done what you can do is protect yourself in the future… I recommend some basic things to ensure your personal life isn’t invaded by such people.

clear your PC of any infection it might have, it could be the reason as to how they are changing your information… (keylogging for example) I recommend using

  1. change all your passwords and use a password manager (you’ll only need to remember 1 password, make it hard and something you’ve never used before EVER) I recommend using
  2. Use 2-step authentication for all the sites you can (not SMS authentication as someone can easily do a SIM swipe)
  3. Stay protected online by using a few tools:

some extensions you can add to your browser (could be the method used to get into your account via infecting your system:

These are things you can take action, it gives you control and a sense of security.

I can’t really speak on the Energetic things that may be occurring but I hope you find a path forward for you and your family.

I see you have BoL (based on your old post) have you tried dropping everything and focusing on a few audios?

I understand you have no funds, but if you have any of these people listen to them… If you don’t let us know and perhaps we can find an alternative for each.

How did this happen? did you send it to them? they stole your recovery phrase? were you tricked into sending it to someone? or did they just disappear from your wallet? elaborate, please.


However hard the situation is, you gave us extremely vague info here.

Feel safe to open up and explain who they are, what do u feel they are doing exactly, in details if possible, explain ur binding thing etc.

The more you explain the more we can help, there are audios and members with NFT deities/servitors that could provide assistance.

I am not promising anything, but you are more likely to get help by helping forum understand your situation.

Alternatively, reach out in DM to members you feel like you should, if they choose to help/get involved good, if not…

I am just offering approaches to this, but it all starts with you not seeing yourself as their plaything, but powerful individual with free will of your own💪


They made me send them the audios and images through email. Their demons they have binded to me after selling there soul allows them to see and hear everything I am doing. They pretty much forced me to delete the app after emailing it to them and delete all emails of the purchase including deleting my paypal. All of androids backups only go back to the last 24 hours, I can’t find anyway to get a backup of the last 30+ days or anything older then 3 days to get back the secret pass or older app settings or emails. I purchased two dark knight NFT’s for over 2k in total and they have both.

okay, what NFT you sent to them… You do understand not all images and audios are NFT.

even if you sent them these “NFTs images and audio, it doesn’t matter.” you have ownership unless you sent them the token to the wallet they provided you.

who did you purchase this from? what email did you have conversations with? when did they reach out to you? Did they know you made the Dark night purchase? do they have a username you might remember?

This is when you use all the information you could remember and share so we can help assist you.

do you have a transaction history of you sending the NFT token to these people? do you know their wallet address?

now has gotten interesting…


hmm sounds like scammers… they be with you and be “romantic” but always seek something from you they leech onto every penny you have, target you and make shit horrible…

do as recommended and cut ties with these people and perform some basic update to your online lifestyle. Return back to the basics.


Yes but they can still “see” me changing everything. They use the power of demons to relay all the data. It sounds bizare but they have even showed me themselves through astral travel and even hologram videos…some of the coven powers are:

  1. Evil names: Any name that does not edify that someone bears will surely bring their attention and affliction to that person. Names like Esugbayi, Esubiyi, Awoniyi, Awo-, and all kinds of aliases and nicknames are not good.

  2. Sex: They sleep with their victims in the dream to take away their glory. They also cause their targets to sleep with their members physically to be able to remote-control their life.

  3. Food: They give their victims occult foods such as human parts, human blood, and other bewitched substances in the dream so that they can initiate (turn them to blind witches) and bring confusion into their lives.

  4. Anxiety, Anger, and Vengeance: They use these to cause their prey to do what they shouldn’t do and, in the end, end up where they are not supposed to.

  5. Rejection: They place a mark of rejection on their victims, stopping them from getting to where they should be.

  6. Judgments: They pass judgment on their victims to punish them for one thing.

so… you think you have no power whatsoever?

doesn’t matter what YOU do, nothing will change? is that what you are trying to say?


@Psionic Please read this post,
you have free will don’t forget about it


Im not sure how to remove the repeater they have on me. I can hear a demon saying everything I think and no clue how to cut its connection. I have smart cord cutter and tried everything but it seems impossible. They sold my soul as well in exchange I get binded to her with my demon attached to her telling her everything I am thinking. I can hear it repeat my thoughts out loud to her and no clue how to turn it off. Talk about a deal right? Eternal hell for hell on earth

You should try having an Akashic Record Clearing, i had the same problem with demon, because of the anxiety i have, i made a spiritual mistake (don’t wanna talk about it, i was in a psychiatric hospital at that time) and i have purchased this and now a property clearing from the same person to truly remove that energy from my life.

Here’s what they had to say about those entities and contract etc in my life

Here’s the links to their etsy shop

So you may look into it, i always have amazing communication with her, she takes about 10 days to finish the clearing but the effects is on the very first day of purchasing after she sends you a message :relaxed: Hope it helps you on your journey,

Bloomyy7 :sparkles::hibiscus:🪷:relaxed:


And yes i had the same soul problem but now everything is fine, will now look forward to this property clearing for better review of it but it for sur helped me a LOT

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AND what has helped me also is to listen to mantra after the cleansing, they should always work and if not they might have blocked it but an Akashic Record healing session will definitely put everything back in track

I personally experience a feeling of not having any effect of any field on me before the cleansing now i use mantra mostly and it helps me so much :pray:t5: I just look into YouTube, i am unfortunately not an expert on that i apologize in advance :sweat_smile::raised_hands:t5::relaxed:


I did a ritual last night for a targeted individual. I performed the headless rite and commanded all equipment performing surveillance on her phone be disconnected or destroyed.

I recommend you listen to the “Sin Eradicator” from Spirituality Zone on YouTube and play Sapien’s Mass Meditation for an hour a day. If you do these two things daily for 40 days, I promise the world will be unrecognizable when you are done.


Well its a demonic binding spell she put on me. Its super annoying. I have all Capts shielding and cord cutters and they help a but but doesnt cut the connection entirely and she just continues to rebind herself to me. Its an actual person binding all her demons on me and its hell for me. Drives me insane.

Lol am tagging him because he would want to see this.


This is like the ultimate secret combo here.


I had the same problem with demons and there’s the family of her that aslo participated, the only thing that truly help is mantras and the sacred blood of Jesus Christ deliverance prayer on YouTube now i am better since then :raised_hands:t5: Also removed the blood pact i had sn issue with

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