Fields to clear away, reset, start over

an opinion

I’ve found the following fields to be invaluable for clearing away, resetting, or starting over.

As a whole (with sample uses):
Energy BodyAura Deep Clearing Cleaning
For aura, negating fields played within a few hours.

Blueprint of Life
Brings and centers “life of you” back. Can undo or reset genetic effects from NFTs for example.

Curse/Spell Removal
Removal of accumulated negativity. For example hatred directed at a family or family members across generations. Personally, power that words can have on people.

More directed:
De-Inhabitor combo
Banishing, exorcising, de-patterning of “negative entities, bad spirits, demonic removal”
Can clear the environment and in/around the body.

Angelic Intercession
For example justice, judgement; benevolent interaction for what you may need.

Point of No Return
Starting over, releasing

Soul Restoration series
Restoring who you are

Into the past:
Alchemical Revision audios, incl Blueprint of the Past

Ego Dissolution and Subconscious Limits Dissolver to begin with.

Grounding to conclude.

Much of this post is probably well known in the community. Wanted to place them together for the subject purpose, in self expression and for anyone who may be using the :mag: to search.

And of course, for anyone who would like to share their related views/experiences here.

Grateful to Dreamweaver and to everyone who has shared in these field experiences.


I’m looking to get Self Refresh. The description sounds like it whould definitely fit this criteria. Yes? Actually i will probably get PONR first then SR. Plus PU has fields that do stuff like this too.( so many ways to help ourselves in this community) Thanks to Dream,Sammy and PU!

Wait what? Blueprint of life resets effects from nfts? So if i used it before my stack I’d wouldnt get results from nfts, ehhhhh

not quite right

For example there are NFTs that can create chemical changes. A sample purpose may be to increase physical pain tolerance. Can meditate with to undo that.

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Yeah, looks like it refreshes and gets you moving in a positive flow as well. I hadn’t read the description before and haven’t tried it myself personally.

The Self Refresh

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Your Energetic Being?

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