Curse / Spell Removal

Curses and spells over time can take on a life of their own. They become very reactive if it is tied to a being or any manner of entity used to generate the curse.

This is designed to work on one person at a time in a reactive /intelligent way.

Some just need a bit of pounding and others may just have a weak spot.

So for this purpose, intelligence is generated to work on removing spells/curses by working around the programming at hand. There are even deeper layers to this spell/curse removal field that make it one of our complex fields to date.

It should not affect any of our own fields etc., but its a good idea to take off any energetic/magical items you have on.

Its probably best to make a list of things you may want to keep and state this, (out loud) at the start of the audio.

This is also an ever evolving field, very complicated, it stays hidden when working also, so as to avoid any backlash.

So before you listen, keep these things in mind!

Its something you can keep that we work on, constantly updating so the price is actually worth a lot more, as its a one time fee for something ever evolving.

Rather than a fee for a one time service.

Keep the audio looped for as long as you need. It is possible that you can get detox and experience a lot of strange things, so its better to use this when you have some time, not meant to be used while driving or doing anything else. Finally, the audio has a darker ambience to it, which I think suits what it does, so don’t expect a sunshine and flowers sound…


Wdym by this part?

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Same question :thinking:

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some people
do spellwork or have stuff casted on them.


Oh so like this otherwise would clean all even work you have done on yourself? Wow thats powerful! Thanks for clarifying x

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So servitors we have from you and tags will be safe? I was half imagining the Fae working on removing a curse and this audio coming in and removing him like “No, this work is mine now”


Another one for the wish list!


I’m not sure if we need to remove tags or just non-Sapienmed items. Tags/Servitors = “our own fields” or “any energetic/magical items” ?

“It should not affect any of our own fields etc., but its a good idea to take off any energetic/magical items you have on.”


Sorry for bombarding you with questions as soon as you’ve made this. I’m very excited and grateful for you creating this.


Thanks Sapien, how good this audio would have been for me 5 years ago when they did black magic on me, it would have saved me all the pain and suffering that happens, anyway, although now I’m fine, as you say, it never hurts to have this audio in case You could have some energetic residue that could have remained and more in the cases in which people like me have suffered from this type of thing, so I think that later I will buy this audio, thanks for everything, sapien


Does this field work only at us listening to them or our blood relatives as well? @Dreamweaver .

Just came to know you have changed your username.


I guess one person.


Okey. Thank you


@Dreamweaver @SammyG

  1. Can we wear Sapien Medicine Servitors and Tags while listening to this, without negative consequences to those servitors and tags, or to us, or to our ability to receive energy from these items?

  2. How would this audio interact with Fae servitor, would it help him learn more and get better at hex/curse removal or would it push him out of the way?

  3. Can we send this energy to someone by listening to Be The Healer and Curse/Spell removal simultaneously while meditating on a loved one to send this to them?


That’s the first thing I was thinking about doing with this lol my father has had drama and bad luck all his life I think he messed with the wrong people when he was younger


I think when he says our own fields, he’s probably talking our own natural energy field. Not including the tags, servitors, sigil items, mandalas, etc. I could be wrong, but that’s what it sounds like to me.


I hear you. I’d like to be sure.


Yes, of course. This audio is a blessing. I will definitely get this when I am able to, even if it’s just for cleansing. Seems powerful.

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Is it a bad idea to listen to this if you’ve NOT been cursed?


I think that just by thinking and putting the intention in what we want to eliminate in this case black magic and witchcraft the audio will act on that specific intention, we are sovereign of ourselves and we decide what is erased in our energy field, so I don’t think other sapien fields will be deleted if we don’t put that intention