The Acu-Automaton (Acupuncture)


In the serene art of acupuncture, delicate needles gracefully traverse the skin, delicately threading through specific points on the body with a precision born of ancient wisdom. Beyond mere therapy, it’s a symphony of healing, tapping into the body’s innate harmony. While conventional wisdom may question its validity, nestled within its tapestry are threads of profound insight.

Acupressure, a gentle dance of pressure upon the body’s canvas, offers a tactile alternative, eschewing needles for the subtle weight of touch. Though skeptics may cast shadows upon its path, within its embrace lie tales of transformation whispered by those who’ve felt its tender caress.

Embracing the poetry of meridians and the body’s interconnectedness, this audio experience emerges as a beacon of knowledge and healing, offering a journey into the depths of one’s being. Like a wise sage, it scans the contours of existence, offering solace to those in need.

Primarily sought for its efficacy in managing pain, this journey extends beyond the borders of discomfort, venturing into realms where relief intertwines with possibility. With each encounter, its wisdom blossoms, a testament to the enduring resilience of the human spirit.

Designed in a Negentropic manner.
Use as needed.


So this combines acupuncture and acupressure ?

Ha. 47usd

A 1 hour acupuncture session costs 60usd

Acupressure (i perform this) would never be less than 50usd


Uh that’s very expensive season in where you are then. In here it’s only 30$ maybe because I’m in Asia

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The music!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

I was going to loop it to sleep but i couldnt help it.

This is taking me to far away relaxing lands …


Acupressure and neural therapy is a good combination to eliminate a lot of pain and inflammation.
I hope to buy the field soon.


I guess the word “amazing” is no longer relevant :) all other epithets are absolutely appropriate.

I used x2 mode as always.
The tingling sensations on the face.
The shins of the legs were on fire. I remember that OM said that maybe there were some kind of energy blocks…
my forearms are still burning.

I’m familiar with physical acupuncture.
This field is 1000 times better.


I feel strange sensations while listen it


it’s called the healing process :)


I agree, it is another field like “toolbox”, but it is also suitable for the long term, then it has this definition that every time I read it excites me

without forgetting the skills of this field


A first short review.

Have had some bilateral sciatic discomfort for the last week.

Sleeping in a too soft hotel bed and working 12 hour night shifts with a lot of sitting, made my back protest.

So took a morning walk today with this playing in my pocket.

I could feel the discomfort ease up and an overall relaxed feeling spreading through my body.
When I got home I discovered that the lower lumbal area felt hot.


Thank you @Captain_Nemo ! :smile:


Wow great!
I remember requesting this!



So this would be good paired with Microkinesi therapy.


Does the Acu-Automaton field covers the AURICULAR ACUPUNCTURE therapy @Captain_Nemo ?

If it doesn’t, is it something that could be looked in near Future :blush:


Looking things up:

“Acupuncture unblocks stuck energy, and has a diuretic effect, which allows to release toxins through your kidneys and urinary tract. As you shed the toxins and experience freely moving energy, you will naturally begin to crave what your body needs, rather than what stress and a toxing buildup have convinced it to crave.”

Nice :heart_eyes:


I looped this all night and i slept sooo good and woke up feeling like a feather and with lots of energy.

Ive been practicing acupressure for over 10 years and it not just heals fast and a lot at the same time the physical aspect of the body, but to me personally its the fastest therapy ( this an acupuncture of course) to balance the energy along the meridians.
Imagine this is on top a smart one that grows!!

But i was also realizing that this field wouldn’t just accelerate and enhance healing but also expand the energy sensitivity, therefore help you to absorb/incorporate deeper and faster the energy of other audios! (Pretty much the energy sensitivity audio from the course on steroids) :nerd_face:

So as far as myself, i am going to add it at the beginning of every stack as well!


Good for spiritual growth too…




This field is fantastic! I just lied down for 20 minutes or so and let the audio run and I have to say the effects were very palpable. I have had pretty consistent, severe headaches as well as some hip pain and I could definitely feel the audio working in those areas.

The overall feeling after playing the audio is a bit hard to describe, but feels quite phenomenal; similar, or even better, than what I had felt after a normal acupuncture session. The best part: the field will continue to grow and as it familiarizes itself with me and my problems it should only get better.

Another thing: while I guess this could be placebo (though I highly doubt it), I could honestly almost feel the slight pinprick (nothing really painful) I would get from an acupuncture session. If I was going purely based off of sensation, I would’ve thought I actually had acupuncture needles going in LOL!

I highly recommend this field (especially at such an incredible price!) for literally anyone; I’m sure it could find something to work on in pretty much everyone!


Saturdays are very very busy days, and i have to be up and down every where. Usually i feel exhausted at this time of the day if i havent played neg jing.

I havent had a chance to eat a proper meal today, barely drank water and worked a lot, its 5:40pm just got home and i still feel like with new energized batteries lol


I was so tempted to loop this one along Microkinesi last night, but i decided not just yet since i like to feel the energy of a new field alone first.

But i can only imagine the alchemy those 2 can bring :heart_eyes:


Amazing field!