HOLIDAY Sale is ON! Giving the Gift of SapienMed 🎁

VOC for me🪄Just one rep and already feeling blissed out and noticing a change in family members :star_struck:


Just posting this again as a quick way to access the ones that don’t show as new on Gumroad (Thanks @Lunamoon22!)


WOW! Nice results! :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:

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Thank you Rose! :heart:

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YW 1

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I wont get any this time cause i got 2 last sale.

But im here to poke again everyone with my suggestions for the “must have” fields :grimacing:

Malleable Ego (the ultimate step to use the ego to your advantage and build the life you want or didnt know you could)

The Malleable Ego

Blue Print of Life (to reverse any and all damage acquired after being born, physical, mental, emotional; extrapolating the healing and expansion to the must highest blueprint of you, it enhances and support ant other field you play it along with)

Kinetic Quasi Crystal (to enhance big time any other field played after, to help reduce number of loops and even daily plays, to push the fields energies to reach anywhere in your body and stay continue working as if you were still playing the fields daily)

Wholistic Thinking or Manhattan Method (to push further, wider and deeper the understanding of things, to me personally feels like joining the brain functions with the 3rd eye functions and advantages, minus the meddling effect of the ego and or subconscious blockages that blurry the perception)

Wholistic Thinking

The Manhattan Method

Conceptual Realization or Conceptual
(thinking, communicating and understanding everything in a conceptual way is the most important way to express what we really mean, while at the same time understanding the simple and pure core of everything, besides an easy and fast path to communicate with Servitors, Deities , higher Beings, Other worlds etc)

Conceptual Realizations

The Conceptual Conglomerate

The Welcomed (to open any kind of door to be received and for you to accept and embrace anything you want to work with, great to add before stubborn fields or NFTs, to expand the connection AND attention from higher beings, for easier Remote Viewing experiences)

The Welcomed

Dragon Bones (i think we all know the main shields or protections we can use day to day for “earthly protection”, but where we are the most vulnerable is up there with our Astral Body, and Aura, when we sleep and when we have no idea how far and how easy we could be consistently targeted to energies that suck up our vibration. Seriously. This is a must have)

Dragon Bone Armor

Plasma Flaunt (for a deep, strong, steady full body healing)

The Plasma Flaunt

Smart Stem Cells (specially for Plasma Brain of Youth)
How Smart are Stem Cells?

Your Energetic Being (to sustain any type of energetic work, to deeply prime the body and keep it receptive, to charge and recharge every single aspect of it, while bringing deep changes in a harmonious way)

Your Energetic Being (Patreon Shop & Gumroad)

Quintessence of Hyper Feminity or Masculinity (to become our most pure self in the Gender we were born, strong settled in our inner power, embracing the differences and roles)

Quintessence of Hyper Masculinity

Quintessence of Hyper Femininity

Manhattan Max Relief (simply Ibuprofen without side effects :sweat_smile:)

Manhattan Max Relief

Self Refresh or PONR (to prime the body, mind, spirit, emotional core on normal days, plus a lift from the bottom of the darkest pit whenever you find yourself in there, but without any ounce of energy or will to start again or keep going)

The Self Refresh

Point of No Return

Acu Automation (to help distribute the energies of the fields deeper, but most important the strong, harsh ones, or long playlists or loopijg fields more than normal, helping you avoid feeling overwhelmed, also grounding excess or energy, while grounding your being to feel fresh and renewed)

The Acu-Automaton (Acupuncture)

Karma Crucible (just trust me. Lol get it)
The Karma Crucible NFT

Angelic Intercession + (whether you believe in them or not, they feel like a huge cozy fluffly comfy that are there to help you, asisst you, support you, advice you, open doors for you, intercede for you and help you grow)
Angelic Intercession +

Cosmic Intercession (i dont have this one, but i have the Intercession 2 Tag but above the obvios reason intercession when you request what i find it fascinating the most is that THEY come to you without you asking, sometimes without even thinking on this or that higher being, Diety, yes, you read right, every now and then you get amazing beautiful unexpected “visitors” to like introduce themselves and let you know they see you and they are there if you need help. Im not even kidding. Its like your tag becomes a beacon of light sending signals of your existence. So I can only imagine with this one the super next and next and next level of visitors and amazing connections. This i will def get eventually)
Cosmic Intercession

The Sun MC (a very underrated almost ignored field, for those that dont know having a well located and supported by other cosmic things in your Natal Chart MC is incredibly important if you want to succeed in any career, if you want to achieve big things and gain rapid financial status… the whole world has specific areas where you would blossom and grow the best, easiest and fastest, depending on your Natal Chart, but we cant always just leave everything behind and move to a place sometimes far away or places you would never want to live just so you can have a steady nice progress, it sucks right? Well, this field here is like wherever you are, wherever you want to live, becomes the place and area where you could succeed as if your perfect Sun MC was exactly in that location, imagine that.)

The Sun MC

The following 2 :point_down: (literally to build and or strengthen your mental and emotional core strong like Iron, undestructive and grounded, secure and confident NO MATTER WHAT but not just a strong core, but one that transform you into a person you, and therefore anybody else would admire and look up to)

Knight Warrior Mindset
Knight/Warrior Mindset Audio

The Unbreakable
The Unbreakable

The Meditation Master (I you havent been able to take advantage of the benefits of meditating no matter how hard you try, seems like an impossible habit, or if you do meditate but wants to reach higher and deeper, this one helps you and eases you into it, but not just for the time you play it only, it creates more of those brainwaves over time so it gets easier and faster for you to get to the level you want)
The Meditation Master NFT

If have those or you just one to gift yourself one but dont know which one? These extra are good to add to your tool box

Copper Redifined (specially for women)
New release: Copper Redefined

Black Martian Jing (specially for Men)
The Enigma of the Black Martian Jing

Indra’s Net
Indra’s Jewelled Net

Solfeggio 9 in 1 with 0

Solfeggio 9 in 1 with 0

Tapasya of Savitur
The Tapasya of Savitur

Tejas Alchemy
Tejas Alchemy

Mandelbrot Symphony (my love, just read my testimonies in that series lol and youll know why, this is the closest to my heart)
Mandelbrot Symphony

Probably forgot others but at least this can help to decide to jump in and take advantage of the sales and give yourself the best Christmas gifts for life and step in powerful :muscle:into 2024, crushing goals.

Oh i just remembered one that it is a MUST too specially since majority of us nowadays are playing audios all day long, have lots of tags etc

That is all. !

Annnd i just remember another gem that def its a must have, price is already super low, with discount its like just change.!

The ProActive Brain

The Get up and go crush ANY goal, i personally love the Flight to Fight audio, i also have the Mandala for that one and Zealot of Positive Change, and Unbreakable, all those could be grouped in this same category of just do it! Of course each one has a different approach for the other elements they have.

But in my experience they all share the same approach for the doooo it part: a mix that is born somewhere between the heart chakra and the plexus chakra, a type of self love, im unstoppable, i deserve it, i can do it type of push.

Additional to that, only for the flight to fight one is that the push is so fast it kinda blocks the mind from letting negative thoughts to crawl in that would freeze and stop you. I guess its obvious, its either run panicked or fight not giving time to think.

But Proactive Brain, feels like it really constructs you back from scratch, the whole core of your being, with a mentality of someone that simply does not have space for the smallest thought of stopping your pursuits, and you would think that then might take a while? No, absolutely no, obvs Mr Manhattan and Dream know what the heck they did in this audio but its like gifting you a new brain connected to a new heart, linked to a core that feels like made of steel sprinkled with a rush a good rush to just build the world within and outside how best it should be, and you feel it right away. A 100% Procrastination and Self Sabotage killer.


Brilliant, Luna! :slight_smile:

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You are welcomed maam :rose::heart:

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Thank you!!! I just got The Malleable Ego and The Social Bonder. :)

I’m considering getting some of the following before the sale ends. So let me keep some public notes here :P

  • Self Respect
  • The Welcomed
  • Torus Weaved Respect
  • The Pro Active Brain
  • Conceptual Realizations

And on the more physical/energetic side of things;

  • Super Human Mutant RNA +
  • A Minor Blueprint of Power
  • The Manly Man (but I also want to stick to Plasma Flaunt and not mix it… so maybe not…)



many of these are already on the list


thank you :innocent::innocent:

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I just got Soul/Core Energy Restoration! Time to heal and seal those containers :) I’m also aiming for the negentropic treasures but maybe next time. Thanks for the discount and happy holidays :christmas_tree:


A truly beautiful gem, @Pedro!


Today, Merry Christmas everyone


That’s a great list. Instead of Conceptual Realizations, I would recommend you pool some extra cash and instead get the Conceptual Conglomerate. It has CR in it, but an absolute TON of other brain enhancing benefits. I’ve gotten and used both - but CC is absolutely next level!


I need help! I used the code and it took off less then 21%. It was $105 discount on a bill of $659.86. How is that?

VAT maybe?

I seem to remember that all items must be in the cart before you apply the discount. Maybe you added something after you inputted the code.

No, I checked …got my vpn on USA :woman_shrugging:t2:

Never mind :woman_facepalming:t2: thanks :pray:t3: :gift_heart:

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