Tejas Alchemy

A complex NFT that works towards saturating your body with high and potent amounts of premium quality prana and Ojas, filling then alchemizing the rest into the most treasured Tejas.

It trains your body and subconscious as well to achieve this process and to integrate it seamlessly, such may lead to you naturally gathering and balancing and rejuvenating your mind body and soul.

audio included

210 copies


Feeling strong pressure to buy it, hard to resist, lol.

Seems like a great thing to boost basically everything.

More about it:


There have been many requests for a Tejas field to be made, so thank you @Dreamweaver for making another masterpiece!


Also this is the third ever field with Ojas if I’m not mistaken?

  1. Ojas Refined and Defined
  2. Ojas Marrowed and Shaken not Stirred
  3. Tejas Alchemy

Edit: Marrowed, not Narrowed :joy:



I’m not really a researcher but i encountered this site and it was very helpful for me


The fact that it makes it a natural and subconscious process is mindblowing.

Captain continues to amaze, hats off to you.


Thanks to @Dreamweaver for this much-requested item.

There are two ways to examine the concepts of Ojas, Tejas, and Prana.

  • From the perspective of Tridoshas or Ayurveda relating to the physical body and its processes
  • From a spiritual/energetic perspective - of Yoga and Tantra

My interest lies in the second aspect.

When one’s Ojas is abundant and suitably refined, it is set ablaze by Prana, and the Heat and Light aspects of this lit Ojas are represented by Tejas. Tejah in Sanskrit means light, glow, heat, luminescence, etc. This Tejas represents spiritual heat (Yogagni) that purifies the nadis, and chakras and eventually awakens the Kundalini. Prana may be visualized as the conducive fuel that aids in the lighting up of Ojas.

Tejas is also mapped to certain emotional aspects such as courage, persistence, fearlessness, etc. The inner fire of spirituality is essentially Tejas in its refined aspect. Forced Kundalini awakenings usually are the result of an imbalance in Ojas, Tejas, and Prana. For example, increasing Tejas without the required level of Ojas is like trying to fill a plastic container with boiling water.

Just wanted to point out that Captain considered all these aspects when making this holistic field. I am already thinking of a stack haha…

  • Jing
  • Chi
  • Shen
  • Ojas
  • Tejas
  • Jindan
  • Kundalini Vibration
  • Ascension-naut!

Cool field, are Ojas, Tejas, and Prana completely different things than Jing, Chi, and Shen?


This sounds awesome I read a little about tejas a year ago and I feel like it will pair nicely with internal crucible. Super excited to see how this will feel




Thanks Dreamweaver.
Been waiting for this since Ayur creation. Gonna try soon.


yeah, but they’re all connected.

prana and chi could be considered similar since they’re both sort of life force thing, the vital energy.

Chi: Chi is a term used in Chinese philosophy, particularly in the traditions of Taoism and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It is often translated as “vital energy” or “life force.” Chi is believed to flow through the body along specific pathways called meridians, and maintaining a balanced and harmonious flow of chi is considered essential for health and well-being. Practices such as qigong and tai chi aim to cultivate and balance chi.

Prana: Prana is a Sanskrit term used in Hinduism, Yoga, and Ayurveda to refer to the vital life force energy. It is believed to permeate all levels of existence, including the physical body, breath, and consciousness. Prana flows through subtle energy channels called nadis and is responsible for maintaining life and vitality. Practices such as pranayama (breathing exercises) and yoga are designed to cultivate and balance prana.

While there may be some subtle differences in the conceptual frameworks and terminology, both chi and prana represent the underlying vital energy that is fundamental to life and well-being. Both concepts emphasize the importance of cultivating, balancing, and harmonizing this energy for optimal health, vitality, and spiritual development.

Ojas are basically:

Was curious more and looked into it and shared it here:


Here are a few key aspects of Tejas:

  1. Subtle Energy: Tejas represents a refined form of energy that goes beyond the physical and gross aspects. It is considered a subtle manifestation of vitality and consciousness.
  2. Transformation and Illumination: Tejas is associated with the transformative power of fire. It is believed to have the ability to purify and illuminate the mind, body, and soul. It can bring clarity, insight, and heightened awareness.
  3. Inner Radiance: Tejas is often equated with the inner radiance or luminosity that shines forth when one’s energy is harmonized and balanced. It is considered a sign of spiritual progress and evolution.
  4. Digestive Fire: In Ayurveda, Tejas is also related to the digestive fire, known as Agni. It is associated with the body’s ability to metabolize and transform food and experiences, both on a physical and subtle level.

How it seems to be done here:

  1. Saturating the Body with Prana and Ojas: Prana refers to the vital life force energy, while Ojas represents a refined essence associated with vitality, immunity, and overall well-being. The process involves consciously directing and gathering abundant amounts of prana and Ojas into the body. This infusion of potent energy nourishes and revitalizes the system.
  2. Alchemizing the Rest into Tejas: After saturating the body with prana and Ojas, the next step is to alchemize or transform the remaining energies into Tejas. This implies refining and transmuting the lower or denser aspects of energy into a more elevated and refined state. The alchemical process metaphorically represents the purification and elevation of one’s energy and consciousness.
  3. Training the Body and Subconscious: Engaging in this process trains both the physical body and the subconscious mind. Through consistent practice and intention, the body becomes more receptive and efficient in assimilating and working with prana, Ojas, and Tejas. The subconscious mind is also involved in integrating and assimilating the effects of this process, leading to greater harmony and alignment.
  4. Natural Gathering, Balancing, and Rejuvenation: The integrated practice of cultivating Tejas may naturally lead to gathering and balancing the energies within the mind, body, and soul. This includes harmonizing the various aspects of one’s being, enhancing overall well-being, and rejuvenating the system at a holistic level.

High levels of Tejas, the refined energy and inner radiance, are believed to offer several benefits across different aspects of one’s being. Here are some potential benefits associated with cultivating and having high levels of Tejas:

  1. Mental Clarity and Focus: Tejas is associated with heightened mental clarity, focus, and cognitive abilities. It can enhance concentration, memory, and overall mental functioning, allowing for greater effectiveness in tasks requiring intellectual acuity.
  2. Spiritual Insight and Intuition: Cultivating Tejas is believed to deepen spiritual insight and intuition. It can support a clearer perception of one’s inner truth, higher wisdom, and spiritual dimensions. Tejas helps illuminate the path of self-discovery and spiritual growth.
  3. Emotional Balance: Increased Tejas can contribute to emotional balance and stability. It supports the cultivation of equanimity, resilience, and inner strength, enabling a greater ability to navigate life’s challenges with grace and composure.
  4. Vitality and Physical Energy: Tejas is associated with enhanced vitality and physical energy. It can contribute to a sense of aliveness, stamina, and overall well-being. High levels of Tejas support the optimal functioning of the body and promote a vibrant state of health.
  5. Radiant Presence: Tejas imbues an individual with a radiant presence and charisma. It can enhance personal magnetism and the ability to positively impact others. High levels of Tejas can radiate a glow and aura that attracts and inspires those around.
  6. Enhanced Creativity and Expressiveness: Tejas is often linked to creative inspiration and expressiveness. It can fuel artistic endeavors, innovation, and the ability to bring ideas into tangible forms. High levels of Tejas support the free flow of creative energy and self-expression.
  7. Spiritual Transformation: Cultivating Tejas is considered an important aspect of spiritual transformation and awakening. It supports the refinement of consciousness, leading to a deepening connection with one’s true nature and the divine. It can facilitate the journey towards self-realization and spiritual liberation.


Awesome addition to the alchemies stack for sure!!!


Outstanding explanation!

Thanks SnipingTour.


xd, 90% credit goes to chatgpt though!


I got an interest in tejas (besides it being transmuted energy) because some saints that stopped aging suggested to cultivate it.

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no problems i got 2 emails one for audio and the other for the NFT.


i played this field for 1 hour and after that i had very joyfull feeling , stillness and silence , like every thing have stopped around me and inside me,
very pure energy as descriped .

I like the music of this field, relaxing piano with nature and birds sounds


This field is Amazing, but I feel completely wiped, anyone got any tips about recovery what energy would be beneficial and what fields (thinking Pranic Vacuum or Tower of Power)


Less can be more.