A Minor Blueprint of Power

A very odd field indeed. Not quite sure of the full potential of this field. But similar experiences as stated by previous users.

Aside from that, whenever I loop this my body feels satiated. Then a bit after that my legs feels weak, very weak. Body then follows suit.

What I noticed today is my legs are really strong now. Stronger with a sense of a firm foundation and I haven’t even been working out, so that’s really cool.

Today I had a lot of attraction from girls, more than I usually deal with. Didn’t see a female coworker for about a week and she literally popped up and hugged me out of nowhere saying “ I know you missed me.” Which was unexpected because she doesn’t usually act in the manner.

Curious to see what else this field is capable of and how much stronger it’ll make my body in general. So far so good.


Nice review.

From how long u have been playing & how much time ?

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4 days up until now.

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does this help ground you after using too many fields and expand energy system ??

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according to the description it should and also in my experience it does :slight_smile:


Thats right. And much more ;)

Ok i wasnt going to give more details haha i wanted you to discover them

But i came back to edit to add just one thing that is very much related to the seemingly aid you want this for:

Too many fields.

You know, how we always say that we need to increase nutrients, food intake etc? So we see faster results specially physical ones?

Well this is like having a pipe from an organic super store directly hooked to your digestive system, tissues, cells etc :drooling_face::smirk:


I feel so energised wowww


Intermediate review/summary of reported comments of Minor Blueprint of Power:

  1. Immediate Energy Boost: Users experience a notable surge in energy, feeling energized and empowered.
  2. Physical Strength and Endurance: The field is associated with increased physical strength, endurance, and a sense of having a firm foundation.
  3. Confidence Boost: Users report a boost in confidence, both on a physical and spiritual level.
  4. Mental Empowerment: The field contributes to mental empowerment, improved focus, and increased capability.
  5. Enhanced Training Performance: Listening to the field before training, especially in activities like boxing, enhances mental and physical performance, stamina, and skill execution.
  6. Increased Presence and Attraction: Users notice an increase in attention from others, making their presence more noticeable and attractive.
  7. Empowering Dreams: Vivid dreams depict users displaying extraordinary power, contributing to a heightened sense of empowerment in waking life.
  8. Supercharged Development: Users describe the field as providing a supercharged development effect, accelerating progress and growth in various areas of life.
  9. Increased Manifestation Power: The field significantly increases users’ manifestation abilities, making intentions manifest more effortlessly.
  10. Enhanced Discipline and Focus: Users experience increased discipline and focus, making it easier to resist urges and control desires.
  11. Social Benefits: Improved charisma, social skills, and positive changes in social interactions, with increased interest from others in forming connections or friendships.
  12. Unique and Powerful Experience: The field is considered unique and different from other fields, providing a powerful and distinct experience.
  13. Comprehensive Well-being: Users recognize the field’s impact on physical, mental, and social aspects of their lives, contributing to overall well-being and personal growth.
  14. Increased Attractiveness: Users feel more attractive and report increased attention from others.
  15. Positive Changes in Workouts: The field positively influences workouts, reducing post-exercise fatigue and enhancing overall performance.
  16. Improved Metabolism: Some users notice an increase in hunger, suggesting a potential impact on metabolism.
  17. Improved Sleep Quality: Despite the energizing effects, the field does not disrupt sleep; users report deep and restful sleep.
  18. Aid in Recovery: Users report relief from fatigue and a positive impact on recovery from illnesses, including symptoms like chest tightness and fatigue.
  19. Acceleration in Spiritual Practices: For those engaged in spiritual practices, the field accelerates progress, making it easier to reach higher states of consciousness.
  20. Enhanced Ability to Handle Triggers: Users find the field helpful in handling triggers, embracing the transformation process, and expanding self-love.

These reported benefits provide a comprehensive overview of the diverse and multifaceted effects that users attribute to Minor Blueprint of Power. Experiences may vary from person to person.


Hey guys should I buy blue print of life first or blue print of power minor? Which one would restore more energy in my system and be the best first buy?

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Have you ever took in consideration Your Energetic Being? You may find it’s thread interesting

I heard its a combination of soul restoration and auric repair and a bunch of stellar audios, however, its 300 usd last time I saw it, which for me its above my pay check for now. Have you used it what is your experience with it?

I am quite new to this I have been using fields for two months, now and I have the soul restoration, auric repair, the quasi crystal, recently brough ojas marrowed.

I have been thinking of getting pre natal jing one, since I don’t have a proper jing audio. I might get the jing one first then the minor power. I am mostly focused, on a field that helps restore vital life energy, since I practice, semen retention etc. So I though jing would be a great, idea if not then minor power it is.
Some advice would be great thank u.

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Check Black martian Jing if money is tight.

It depends on what you search, I see you have bought quite some very good fields, I would stick with the Soul Restoration series for a few months, plus use the free version of Jing Chi and Shen in this order and you will feel properly energised with all the leakages closed by the Restoration Series.

Then it’s up to how you feel in during the process!

Yeah I don’t know I heard pre natal jing restores, everything you lost since birth. In your experience which one seems to vitalize, more jing pre natal, or black martian?

They both are but work differently.

For a quick increase of jing/lifeforce = Enigma, for deep, longterm regeneration = negentropic jing.

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Yeah that is what I kind of understood from reading through this forums, many people where saying how important soul restoration was because its the core, where you store all your energy, which I am having great effects, from it so far.


Someone up for making an ai based picture of this field? :smiley:

i had such stomach pain yesterday after eating too fast and too much that it was even difficult to breath. then i got nausea. the iron gullet did not help. but i remembered Luna playing this after she was not good because of too much food. i looped this accidentally the whole night. but the relief after getting to bed was almost instant!



Wish I could listen to this field again but I can’t retrieve the audio from my purchase anymore :sob:.