Wholistic Thinking

We present Wholistic thinking, a brain wiring field allowing one to psychically sense overarching patterns and mildly stretches one’s consciousness in time.
It will develop the brain connections necessary to notice interconnections, identify ignorance, that is the absence of knowledge itself as a way to find guidance. It will widen your frame of reference so as to make current contexts more obvious, train you to see more nuances when making decisions and push you toward an outward and creative thinking style so as to overcome tunnel vision, lack and/or self-centered mindset.

More to discover on your own.
Overall this provides a subtle yet powerful way forward whether in your personal life or intellectual pursuit.


So this will help us to take better decisions, surpassing limits and restrictions we have?
We would have a better understanding of things and reality, more awareness?


Yup, good summary


Does this help with self control?



Self-determination not impulse inhibition


So basically this helps you become more in touch with reality per se? More mindfulness I guess, if so it could be an absolute necessity for people with anxiety or anyone with dissociation due to PTSD/Stress/etc


Wait what the fuck, somone message me saying do I plan on getting philp new brain field, and I said ofcourse thinking he meant that it hasn’t released and it was the one philp planing on releasing next year . In the back of my mind I considered the possibility but was unsure. Lol

Amazing I haven’t even read the desc or seen the price but just know I have to get it lol.

Thank you dream and philp for making my dream a reality.


I expect it to help with most types of stress but not to heal the traumatic experience itself in terms of emotions and energy scar.


Going of the desc and the name, will this connect areas of the brain together to create a more whole thought process. i remember u mentioning somthing like that on a different thread. Infact i rememeber u using the word Wholistic and i searched it up.




I assume this is another one to squeeze into the work section of a brain stack? Or would you say it’s not so much benefited by a pump as some of the others?

Does it overwhelm the brain with energy like after two listens?

Yes, it’s a brain wiring method.

It will be easy to see if it is a chemical simulant that boost some metabolic functions and eventually speeds up the wiring. They almost always have the name of the chemical.
In which case they go first.

The ending is based on Plasma brain or a combination of older fields and they rarely change as they already cover almost all the possible side effects.

By exclusion those targeting special cognitive abilities are in the “working part”.

Individual tolerances are very subjective.
Some people have developed more endurance over time, others have a higher threshold for discomfort.

If you are not sure, stick to 2-3 times and see from there.


Im pretty sensitive i will gauge my listening to it

when i get too much energy in the brain and nervous system its slows me down.

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This just sounds beautiful.

Look forward to it :heart::confetti_ball::clap::clap:.

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Absolutely :100:

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How many more of Ur products will be relased @Dr_Manhattan ? Gotta save some money to get Them LOL



Right now, I don’t have much space in my stack for more and I don’t expect to make another so soon.

But who knows, it seems that for now, the more experience I get in designing them, the more aware and self-conscious I get…
the more concepts I come up with out of ability and need.

Of course, you have no obligation to get them all, it’s simply a cool option to have if and when you are ready to get them.


I just bought Wholistic Doc hehe. I really admire Ur works


Yes, while it is focused on increasing your awareness and tries to make the world, context more conscious/ “legible”

Combined with the psychic elements it does increase your intuition as the users will sense the overarching patterns surrounding them (there is much more to it though)