Wholistic Thinking

A holon is something that is simultaneously a whole in and of itself, as well as a part of a larger whole.

Holons are self-reliant units that possess a degree of independence and can handle contingencies without asking higher authorities for instructions.

A holon is a subsystem within a larger system: it is simultaneously an evolving, self-organizing, dissipative structure maintained by the throughput of matter–energy and information–entropy, connected to other holons; it is a whole in itself but also, at the same time, it is nested within another holon and is thus a part of something much larger than itself.

(By Wikipedia)

Thank you for this gift @Dr_Manhattan @Captain_Nemo


Yes of course

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Can those who already have Manhattan do without it or is it worth buying this too?

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You can do without any one of them, but they are not overlapping.


Any reviews on this one yet? Love brain fields, but i like to save as well , if not strictly needed!

Interested but I think the description isn’t very informative.

Can we get any more info on this?


Just bought Wholistic Thinking
Not sure about the effect yet

What I can tell is I really like the music,
this is probably my favorite music among all the fields I experienced before.

Just my personal opinion, this music is so different from other music.

I learned from many testimonials that meditation is probably the key of using fields, but it’s really difficult for me to meditate over 5 minutes.

I’m really interested in increasing my intuition and making better decisions.
so I immediately tried to meditate with Wholistic Thinking after I bought it

to my surprise, I meditated for probably over 20 minutes… I could probably meditate longer but I had to take a call
It was more than I was going to listen since it might be better to listen just 2~3 times for first time/new to the field

I felt so calm, or probably a sensation of experiencing peace.


Appreciate the review.

And congratulations on being the first to review this field since its release in December 2022.

Keep using it


Updated description

I now consider the Wholistic description up to standard.
Thank you all for your patience and understanding.



Makes me think of the classic think outside the box 9 dot problem, along with Vervaeke’s “Relevance Realization” concept… Love the extra context, on my list perhaps for this discount weekend…

Adding some reading for Vervaeke’s Relevance Realization work: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Timothy_Lillicrap/publication/220387969_Relevance_Realization_and_the_Emerging_Framework_in_Cognitive_Science/links/0a85e533b0c271e233000000/Relevance-Realization-and-the-Emerging-Framework-in-Cognitive-Science.pdf

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is it normal to have a pain in the left side of the brain after listening to it 3 times?

I decided to pick this one up a few days ago to listen alongside Manhattan Method.

So far I do think it’s working but it’s subtle. For instance when I make an assumption about something now, I tend to acknowledge that assumption could be false instead of treating it as a fact. I guess it’s making me less biased and more open to other possibilities?

Anyway, I have a good feeling about this one. It seems very underrated too. I’ve noticed people tend to flock to the fields that sound more exciting like M8K and Cyber Brain but from what I see Wholistic Thinking has a lot to offer as well.


I think people use reviews to gauge what field to buy, they have to make tough choices in what to purchase.

I have talked to some who have bought it, they seem to like it but they can’t put their finger on what it does and have a hard time describing it. So not many reviews.

I had also decided to somewhat undersell it (original description) and wait for reviews. Both combined made it less popular.
But I still think it will find its public over time.

In the future I will be mindful of how it feels to the users. How subtle it should be or not be.

In any cases, I got it and I’m covered lol


Finally broke down and got this amazing field!


After 3 listens…my head feels lighter and it was a very powerful experience. The music is amazing too! Very beautiful!


Does anyone else here feel they’re getting results from this one yet?

I’ve been having a lot of realisations recently and I think it’s due to this field.


I do, it’s one of the brain fields I use the most

That’s what it does


Not going to lie, it’s incredible. I feel this is accelerating me big time.

Like I’m condensing years worth of trial and error into a few months.


That’s why I keep saying how much I love it.