Brain fields cheat sheet

Explanations coming about the different brain fields, how they work and their purposes.

I will also answer questions here about the brain field themselves not about the online store or NFT blockchains.


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January 3 2023

I focus on cognitive enhancement, the brain being as complex as it is, there are many different ways to do that. Brain wiring (that is enhancing or even creating new circuitry in the brain), genetic regulation, genetic mutations, chemical stimulants and simulants as well as the manipulation of a never ending list of neurotransmitters, the list goes on and on.

There are permanent and temporary effects, there are agents that stays shortly in your system but will leave permanent benefits.

Like I alluded to before, it is possible to create entirely new sub-systems and component into the brain and therefore to achieve a level of cognitive, psychic or conscious perception, understanding and other abilities beyond the normal range. To create super-humans if you will.

I always make clear in the descriptions of brain fields which type they belong to with keywords such as “genetic” or “wiring” of abilities. Let’s see what we have so far out of the 5 fields already released.

Type 1: Wiring of abilities.

Manhattan method (Public audio)
Crystalline mind (Private NFT)
Wholistic thinking (Public audio)
Numeracy advantage (Private NFT)

Type 2: Genetic

Advantageous Brain Plan (Public audio)

Type 3: Enzymatic

Type 4: Others

Next, I will expand on the expectations to have when dealing with either Type 1 or Type 2. Followed by an explanation of the raison d’être of the releases.


I look forward to reading the important information, thanks Philip


2nd Part

So, the brain itself is a complex network system that expand and contracts based on genetic and stimulation or lack thereof.

The saying “Quantity breeds quality” is especially true for the brain as it develops skills at a physical level in amazing ways. Have you ever wondered why it is so hard for most people to remembers names, numbers and informations, but driving, learning or riding a bicycle are forever ?
It doesn’t require anything special, it’s a basic reality for humans. Children need to learn how to walk on two legs, it takes time and effort, they also have to exert a great deal of efforts to learn the alphabet, basic letters one by one.

After years of training, teenagers can read entire texts, books, hundreds of pages easily, perhaps even in foreign languages. Not just walk, run with a ball against opponents in competitions and adapts in the moment.

This explains why individuals who appear gifted in very cognitively demanding task such as chess, often don’t show any other signs of superior intelligence, in fact appear to many observant as disappointingly average. These are learnt skills, consistent practice and stimulation created the physical structure that pretty much automates the thinking. Once one learns how to write each letter, sentences with punctuations and grammar, it becomes so easy that most people don’t realise the effort that it took to get to that level. It appears like a natural aspect of life.

These can be thought of as cognitive gadgets, learned mental skills with physical circuitry specialised in doing these tasks. These circuits in turn can compounds with other learned circuits to create higher level of complex thinking, automating various processes where the last one left off.

Many of these circuits are a given, inherited. We are born with a wide sets of cognitive tools and the ability to learn a seemingly infinite amount of skills if it was not for the time and effort that it takes to stimulate the creation of these circuits. The majority of them are not conscious, they are not integrated into our awareness leading to different unconscious, subconscious behaviours and influences.

We have the means here, to create new circuits allowing for many new skills and traits: from becoming aware of our own inner processes, regulating them consciously or automating series of mental and physical/motor steps. We can design abilities from scratch too, leading to unheard of superhuman-like results. In a way this is learning very fast before doing instead of slowly learning by doing.

The trick is finding the right way to do so. Luckily for us Dream is a powerhouse of innovation and discovery while also being willing to produce and educate others.

This explanation obviously involves many shortcuts and simplifications, but I hope you find it informative in some ways.


It’s a bit long, I haven’t even started to cover the genetic part sigh

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Thank You for these explanations, not everyone’s a genius, you know. :sweat_smile:


Type 2: Genetic Enhancements

We now arrive to the genetic aspects of cognition….
[to be continued]


Part 4:

How does this relate to the recent creations ?
What are they good for ?

The Manhattan Method:
This was an inflection point, it started the new wave of brain-related releases.

It was meant to be a private NFT project, but couldn’t afford them anymore, so I cancelled everything else and asked myself: If I can only get one more brain field for the rest of the year, what would it be ?

I’d like to nail the basics and apply them as much as possible, in daily life, science and wisdom. So, I decided to focus on the most rudimentary aspects of advanced cognition. A general purpose intelligence fields that would crank the lowest common denominators of information processing used in as many fields and areas of life as possible to the max. Something to experience the world in an organised way and improve the usual limitations like memory and focus. Something that would put me at the top of any academic discipline with little effort left to charge and then find a way to integrate them slightly to the spiritual sphere to get some realisations. This involves largely representation systems to make sense of the world.

Many people have told me they could only afford 1 brain field and asked which one they should buy. I told every single one of them to go with the Manhattan Method because that’s the line of thinking I used to make it for myself.


The Crystalline Mind:

Well I think I gave a solid explanation in the thread.

There is a trend discernible throughout the human cognitive evolution, a direction. I tried to extrapolate on where it would land and focused on making inner processes and thinking more conscious and aware.

So we played this recursive thinking game with self-referential thoughts adding awareness to some intellectual processes that lacked it in order to integrate more of you into a coherent whole, combined with top down inhibitive connections. More awareness and more self-control.

It also serves to analyse the outside indirectly through your own responses, but remains as intended mostly self-centered. This last part is important to understand before we move on to the next field:

Wholistic Thinking

(to be continued)


I would continue using Manhattan in the days leading up to exams to promote the permanent brain wiring and then nights prior to exams loop ‘permanent brain enhancement’ overnight for the temporary IQ boost on the day. *Could be worth testing on a day you don’t have exams first to make sure you don’t experience overwhelm.


If you still have blueprint of learning, I would prioritise that audio during all active study and have the mandala on you for the exam itself

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On the other end, lots of researching going on, I’d like the future releases to get better and better.

2023 is the year


Wholistic thinking

This one is actually one of my favourite.
It has quite a reach from original abilities, advanced mindset wiring and psychic skills.
It subtly expands our perception of time, our ability to recognise the overarching patterns surrounding us. We find ways to hardwire an outward thinking mindset, leading to enhanced cooperation, problem-solving skills. Realisations about ignorance leading to a recognition of the literal absence of knowledge within us. Contextual thinking (I don’t mean conceptual) and quite a few subfields leading to a more efficient method of decision making.

All in all, it grows our perspectives on life in many ways, our ability to make decisions, solve problems and overall helps being more creative.

The Advantageous Brain Plan

This one is a genetic enhancement field leading to a much more efficient brain, greater synaptic communication and metabolic functions. You can expect a faster, clearer mind, better memory and a general boost in a wide number of cognitive functions. The individual brain cells (nodes in the network) become stronger and more versatile.
It is potent, you can refer to testimonies as they come along.


Type 3: Enzymatic Enhancements

[to be continued]


Is that just the enpp6 is their any other fields that provide Enzymatic Enhancements?


For now the category is empty, but yes ENPP6 is an enzyme




Testing a special creation this week, depending on the results it may be released somewhere next week.


Ok, true to @anon36260187 's prediction, I ended up getting both of the new Brain fields (Wholistic Thinking, Advantageous Brain Plan) :grin:

I added thrice each of these along with the Manhattan method to the beginning of my playlist along with Ego Dissolution and Crystalline Mind (I used another creator’s file as I do not have Dream’s Crystal Mind NFT) - phew, made the rest of my stack insanely powerful and with least amount of energetic stress… Hard to explain, but it felt like my listening sessions were upgraded to a whole new level.

Tried an experiment on @Lucas and had him run this stack and the kid reported that he saw much faster results with Auto-Mewing (all my experiments are on poor @Lucas lol)…

Thought of writing it here, in case it helps for those not getting results or getting slow results. I was not really trying to use these as boosters - I was just trying out the new goodies and happened to notice that these three audios together are creating some sorta magic where fields seem to be integrated super effectively…

Again, YMMV …


Someone else has been saying he helped with other fields too lol.

nice results man!