The Advantageous Brain Plan

This is a Mythic class item with all the security that it entails.

For Context

There are an estimated 37.2 trillion cells in the human body, that’s 13 digits !
The brain alone contains approximately 86 billion neuron cells and another 86 billion glial cells. The Number of synapses alone reaches as high as 100 trillion (14 digits) and every single cell in the human body contains a DNA molecule that would stretch 2 meters long if unfolded with approximately 20,000 genes. These genes act like a library of instruction to synthesise proteins with very diverse functions.

Here is a creation designed to regulate a wide set of genes in order to produce permanent structural changes in your cerebral cortex (and entire brain) for an increase in functioning beyond the normal range available.

Now, this is a significant feat of genetic work, where each of the tens of genes at play have been selected individually based on their specific contribution in our overall strategy. You can think of it like a computer system becoming more efficient and compacting more computing power in a smaller area.

You can expect a significant boost in your cognitive output (ie: intelligence), an increased in well being and more sensitivity to growth stimulation from other brain fields.

Like it says “not for the faint of brain”


Btw, that’s the surprise I mentioned in some places


Philp is this the one u was talking about?

for reading


That’s something else


So the whole field is epigenetic changes?


In a simplified way: expression of structural and functional genes to create permanent changes in membranes and synapses. A LOT of genes.


You can start slow and see how you react and how much you can take


Think you need this if you have manhattan method? Or is Manhattan method enough for school?

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You don’t “need” anything, now there is no overlap between the manhattan method which creates new neuron network throughout the brain and this ones which creates changes at the cell level. Making the individual cells much more powerful.


Since it’s the Mythic Item, will it work if we get it as a gift? Or no? :((


Could you elaborate some more on the well-being part? I might have occipital lobe damage, but I didn’t manage to fix it in-case that was it with brain-regen and plasma brain.

I have also tried fixing it with the blood vessels, nerves, fascia, muscles, posture in that area.

@Bultar this is meant for cognitive improvements not healing. While some very limited healing may happen, it was not designed with that goal in mind.


Yeah it seemed tailored to improvement more, just tried my luck :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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it is a booster :star_struck:

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I just Bought it and the archive is not available to download from Gumroad

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Can you please kindly give a theoretical example or situation that will happen once there is a permanent upgrade change in the structure of the celebral cortex? I know it will improve cognition but what output will it produce, given that there are other fields that boost the brain. There’s just many brain fields to keep up with. Thank you. @Dr_Manhattan

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Thank you for the birthday gift 🫡


In the entire brain, I just felt I was using the word “brain” too much.

I’ll edit the description to make it more clear


Could you please sell this masterpiece on your Sapien Shop too beside Gumroad, @Captain_Nemo


Why is that?