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This curated index serves as a convenient resource, providing a comprehensive list of creations, categorized for easy navigation and exploration.

All of the following fields have been created by Dreamweaver himself.

Intelligence enhancement:

Manhattan method (Public audio)
Wholistic thinking (Public audio)
Advantageous Brain Plan (Public audio)
The Test of Tetrachromacy (Public audio)
Manhattan 8K RES (Public audio)
The Lucid Dreamer (Public audio)
The Cyber Brain (Public audio)
The Brain Key (Public audio)
Speed reading (Public Audio)
Musically yours (Public Audio)
Brain Game by Manhattan (Public audio)
The Conceptual Conglomerate (Public audio)
Drops of Memory (Public audio)
A key to babel (Public audio)
Snapping Synapses (Public audio)
Manhattan’s Mathematical Madness (Public audio)
White Matter (Public audio)
Kinesthetic Intelligence (Public audio)

Behavior and personality wiring:

The Social Bonder (Public Audio)
Diet on the Brain (Public audio)
Stress and Anxiety by Manhattan (Public audio)
ProActive Brain (Public Audio)

Body Transformation:

The Manly Man (Public audio)
Muscle Roar (Public audio)
The Womanly Woman (Public audio)
Quintessence of Hyper Masculinity (Public audio)
Quintessence of Hyper Femininity (Public audio)
Face Grooming


Manhattan Max Relief
Inner Smile Health
Your new and Improved Skin
What Fat ?

We’re starting over fresh since now it’s not only brain fields.




:point_down: Also you guys can request fields for either intelligence or body transformation :point_down:

I’d like for the community to contribute a bit more on the scheduling of future releases, to prioritise correctly. I’m not yet sure how it’s gonna work.


Are you able to say anything about what the next manliness release does? I’m getting the manly man soon but I don’t know if I should wait for this upcoming one

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+1. Same dilemma. @Dr_Manhattan


I wouldn’t mind if you did a field for obesity, you could even name it ‘The Nutty Professor’ (the Hollywood movie) if you think that’s a good title for you…

Yeah you could say there is a lot of fields that we currently have for fat loss but they’re not suitable for everyone because people are overweight for all kinds of different reasons, not just by a lack of exercise or eating too much. I’ll have to search high and low for it for you but I do remember reading some data a while back ago saying that around 62% of peoples body mass and body fat percentage is determined by genetics, while the rest is by hormones, diet and exercise etc… An there’s literally more than 400 different fat genes with a handful been major issues in the population today according to Harvard Medical School.

I think it’s quite unfair and ignorant for society to say that diet and exercise alone is the solution for all overweight people. It’s as ignorant as telling an Ectomorph to go an copy The Rocks diet and exercise/training regime and then you’ll look like him, which we all know is not true because genes play a factor in a lot of things. Not to sound like a ‘snowflake’ by the way…

I don’t know where these fat genes come from but maybe environmental factors from past famines that our ancestors might of went through when food was scarce. This probably might of lead our genes to mutate in to future generations so that whenever we eat anything, the body just rapidly stores it like a survival mechanism kind of thing. They could be other factors involved I’m not sure but that’s definitely one of them.

All I’m saying is the best method in to solving this would be a field that temporarily disables these genes or some kind of genetic engineering. You could even combine it with other fat loss fields that we currently have and you could also rectify any hormonal or metabolic disorder issues along with it too.


@Infinitecreators @INFI

I would get the Manly Man if I were you


@Dr_Manhattan Thank you for you effort.

I would like to see a purely genetic approach to enhance the manliness of the user on all levels.

I’m not sure you understand,

We used genetics and magic to boost the hormones which triggers the genetic expression of masculine traits.

I know genetics is kind of a marketing catchphrase these days, but the proteins and changes have to use the expression of your protein library which is what the genes are.

Do you want blue eyes or something like that ?



I wanted to make the ultimate the weight loss field, to destroy fat cells as fast and hard as possible then 90% of the field would be safety measures and evacuation of the fat/waste through the… ahem…back door.

I spent quite some time on it, but I’m not sure about the concept. It’s not very graceful and might be abused.

We can do something like you want


Yes, please make this.


Sounds good!


Well, it sounds cool, but it has to go through the kidneys and veins etc and it needs to be safe for everyone.

We’ll see

So much stuff to make


Thanks for taking the time to make sure that it is safe for all.


Is something for male genital health in the works or requested? Like for fixing conditions like varicoceles, all around testicular/penile health etc?

Or is this something that’s already addressed in other fields? (Like Smart stemcells, Plasma Flaunt etc)


I guess a height field would fall under the category of body transformation. I find experimental fields are too “experimental”, there needs to be a definite way to unlock our potential to grow taller past puberty. Appreciate it.


thank you for allowing requests here
mine would be a reversal for pectus excavatum https://www.chop.edu/conditions-diseases/pectus-excavatum or other weird chest issues. it sucks there is no known cause
the only fix for it is some weird braces or surgery which should be done during the teenage years

request to @Dr_Manhattan

Many people want to lose weight, but I’m opposite. I’m skinny like a twig, need to put on some weight. If you can make something for healthy eating habit and maintaining healthy weight, that would be great.
I first thought of requesting the field that would support weight gain, however, knowing majority trying to lose weight, fewer people would be interested in weight gain field.
So “maintaining healthy eating habit and healthy weight for each individual, proper muscle and body fat amount” would be perfect fit to anyone, right?

Another request
maintaining strong bone / bone density, increasing bone density for those who have problems
This is very important as we age

Thank you for all you do, I am much looking forward to seeing your new released items.


One for sensitivity please