- What fat?

Q: What are you going to do with those fat cells ?

A: In phase 1:

We activate the CASP9

Shut down the heat shock protein defenses : quercetin, KNK423, 17AAG,

Then we blast the UV-C light,

shock them with electrical current,

melt them with radio frequencies,

frack them with the ultrasound

and oxidize what’s left.

Phase 2:

We protect the liver and kidney,

enhance the drainage of fat with bits of the circulatory engineer

drop kick everything left through the back door.

Best done in the comfort of your home for obvious reasons.


Was literally just reading a novel where the protagonist (in a cultivation world) is fat and tries all means to lose fat including by being in a volcanic environment etc. lol. Amazing and interesting idea, hoping this one really helps everyone who seeks it to burn fat at a measurable/visible rate, more than the previous fat related creations


Very interesting
Thanks :+1:


Super interesting. How many times per day for optimal effects?

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@Dr_Manhattan this seems very different from all the prior weight loss fields. Would you mind expanding a bit more on how all these effects in the description contribute to weight loss?

I even used the military talk and metaphors.

It’s gonna destroy fat cells.


Jesus Christ you’ve gone too far my boy :skull:


This isn’t primarily weight loss per my understanding, but fat elimination field, to address fat cells that are subcutaneous, leading to actual fat loss, not just changing your metabolism, if it hits visceral fat especially near pancreas it’s an absolute next to next level field :slightly_smiling_face:
So that effect is nigh permanent and you get sculpted body that’s under your subcutaneous fat, not a skinny fat appeatance.


You finally made it, didn’t you? :wave: :+1: :100:

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It’s how it works, most people have overrecruited fat cells after long lasting periods of being overweight.


Thanks for staying within the metaphor :smirk:


If the field lives up to its promise then I might just get it today. I have a little bit of excess fat around my back that I want to lose. Let’s see how it goes


Let’s figure it out together


Actually it’s an actual notion in cell biology isn’t it?

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Yes, it is

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@Dr_Manhattan since this field directly kills the fat cells , would I have to change anything about my metabolism/eating in order to lose weight or will the field just destroy the fat tissue even under normal eating patterns?

Asking because this field seems to literally bypass metabolic pathways and just goes straight to murdering the fat


Cavitation does exactly that, so if this field uses same patterns/principles, it should. You might not eventually end up with perfect body composition, but effect will be noticeable.
Trust me I churned through 40L of ultrasound gel with primitive “gen 1-1.5” devices :slight_smile: but then got tired and this method is anyway good only for lower body when done with actual ultrasound.


Under normal eating patterns, yes.


Technically you will still get an effect if you overeat, just be aware that your body will be filling existing cells first and fast, so weight will go up. Eventually fact of increased fat cell removal should overcome this process and make it really harder to gain too much fat (not necessarily weight though). Here you can enhance the process with CLA, Berberine, Yerba Mate, ALA, practically these are best and cheapest to stack supplements that will mess with fat cell maturation so new cells will be slower to be replaced. But gauge how fast fat cell rotate, maybe cut it by some factor, after all more audios are available like Muscles Hungry for Fat that is extremely potent in this department.


Would there be any interactions between this field and muscle roar?

Muscle roar turns fat cells into satellite cells.

This field gets rid of fat cells.