Brain Guild Requests

A place to request Brain-related creations.
Explanations are welcomed :slight_smile:


I am so unprofessional, so unknowing, but I’ll ask anyway:
brain field(s) to unlock the subconscious (easier/faster) and to master it (not just unlock it);
anything which would help speed up some/most/all (maybe) processes of healing (aren’t they runned by the brain, at least partially?) that our bodies can handle;
brain fields for better perceptions, to amplify and even upgrade our senses and maybe help us develop new type of perceptions.

That’s it, for now.

Disclaimer: I don’t know the terms, so for me to request anything in a professional manner, I would have to study all these complicated terms … anyway, I tried. :sweat_smile:
Also, I am aware that these things mentioned by me have been already implemented (probably?), I just don’t know, since there are so many NFTs and Fields (and they have complicated words and notions) (I know, I know, “read a book”/“read more” are good recommendations).

Thank You.

Disclaimer: When it comes to (my) brain, I am streets smart, I know how to use it (hopefully/somehow) (for me/myself - for personal use), don’t really know the processes, the areas of my brain, etc.


Automatic Brain NFT - Let The Brain Decide For You, how to handle things, what is a priority for your mind and body, what processes are important, etc. {I know it technically does, but I mean, let it be even more automatic} {NEW Smart Brain}
Better Feedback between Conscious and Subconscious - so that the Brain can automate processes Better and keeping in mind All your needs, propritizing in a Smarter way.
Better Feedback between your Brain and Higher Self, better Feedback Overall, so that the Brain can automate everything better.


You’ve done lucid dreaming, so surely the next step on from that would be astral projection? I remember when Dream released Astral Primer as part of a planned series of astral audios but I don’t think it was ever completed and I’m not aware of any other astral related fields, at least not public audios.

If you decide to make something like this, could you add the ability to astral project on command even when you’re wide awake? That would be pretty cool.


Damn i had something i thought was somewhat good but it slipped my mind hope it comes back.


Speed reading is what I want for a long time. Many years ago, in school, there were books about speed reading that described reading speed can be boosted to 5,000-10,000 words per minute! and I ?.. Just 300-400 words. :nauseated_face:


@Dyslexic_Professor already got it placed at the top of the list. It’s ready, it will be released not too far in the future :slight_smile:

Same for most of the requests from the older brain request thread



A field to help developing Outstanding musical ability. With enhanced brain-hands and brain-ear connection to achieve “super virtuoso” (like Yuja Wang, Marc Andre Hamelin, Evgeny Kissin) skills in terms of speed, fingers dexterity, and absolute ease, including improved learning and improved memory of complex and difficult music from any period or style(classical, romantic, jazz, etc) Also improved score (sheet music) reading and sight reading. Brain improved ability for improvisation.
I would pay anything for a field focused on that!!


I always wanted something to help rewire the brain quickly, a field with complete relaxation where rewiring can be done consciously and happens faster (should not take weeks or months but days is fine)

For example you play the field and consciously remove your old beliefs and replace them with new ones.

Another is complete removal of inflammation and scar tissue of the brain, read about brains becoming black over time with so much of negativity and stressors, need complete reversal with negentropic plasma, brain cellular age reset to 20s.

These two would be good enough for life for me.


I want 50k wpm, photo-reading. Speed-reading is a complement to that, afaik. Is photo-reading in some other field already?


This please. There have been a few private projects on this that have lost their steam.


I don’t know how many people came to me for that music field in private and public. It’s one thing that would make a lot of people happy.

Like I announced elsewhere, it’s going to be made


A field to become polyglot, would be a game changer, like a field which would make you get off your ass and start learning languages and immediately absorb books and books of concept


I would love this. Everyone would love this. Languages are so important because they open the world for you and you can check things yourself (news and claims) and not be on media’s mercy.


Ikr, it would open alot of doors for you, imagine getting better job opportunities and help you move to different countries and get better job opportunities.


How long will it take to release ? :slightly_smiling_face:

Less than since I announced it lol

But it will be one of the first to be released. Lots of designs ready


A brain field which shoots someone straight into sleep paralysis

Would be a solid approach to Astral projection for example…

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Is it for speed reading?
Would you show us some description?

Of course I will,
Guys, please don’t post unofficial brain release threads or links before I do. If you find it on your own, good for you.

But I will come with the description and potential warnings. I will announce them.

In a general way, I recommend not to buy before knowing what it is (it will sound like common sense to some of you).

What if it’s a brain field only for specific genders ?
What if it must be used in a certain way ?
What if you mistook it for something else or it modifies more than your brain ?

We’re not all in the same time zones or available at every moment of the day. I’ll announce them as soon as I log in.