Cosmic Intercession

Based on the original intercession but actualized and extends to a far grander scale, smart field that sets up beacons when in fear based situations with actualized reality woven help


Omg… :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I didn’t understand the description :sweat_smile::pray:.
Can anyone enlighten me please?


me too :worried:


Powerful than the OG intercession :yum:

Calls and draw exactly the help when you most need it :wink:

With the new Engine of power to make things happen :gear:

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Is there a description about the original intercession? Please share the link

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You can probably find the link on the forum,

I still have some old notes
(enough of them to understand the principle and the base)


Special Help
As our world continues to change so rapidly, there may come a time when we need help from unseen beings. This point requires help in the physical world as well as in those entities beyond this physical world.
We all need a little help from time to time, but most people either have real trouble asking or really don’t know how, or even who to ask!
This thing reaches into a world other than the user and asks you. Indeed, even in areas of your life that seem just fine, there is often a lot of help, from spiritual guides, guardian agents, and even other people physically around you!
The fields of this item help develop a strong sense of desire for help for the bearer, will parse information about the situation so that the right individuals will seek help on a psychic level and do so continually, finding more and more help and support in everyday life and in extreme situations.
The simple fact is that help is available to everyone, but the rules for good beings to follow require a special request for help. By wearing this item, you make that request, and help will flow into your life from more areas than you could ever imagine.
It is almost impossible to put into words how much this help can mean to most people!
This point does not cause direct contact between you and the helpers; rather, it allows them to completely get away with acting within your own mental and moral framework, so don’t worry about your conscious preconceived notions preventing you from getting the help you can get! This is a serious obstacle for many people because the learning we all received from childhood can get in the way of what one even asks for in life!
Abundance and goodness await us all. Beings are literally standing by, waiting and hoping that you will ask for their help…
No matter who you are, you can.


Was anyone able to buy this one?

All payment options appear disabled for me.


They are still switching over to the new credit card processor. I think the details are in the The Sapien Shop [Reworked & Open] thread.


Can’t wait to get this one.

Intercession is probably my No. 1 Fav category of all the fields


Ditto, patiently waiting on processor for the US. Sounds like just a few more days wait.


the greater the desire, the less chance to get

meh naw…thats not how it works


It’s so beautiful too.


For this one it sounds like the greater the need the greater the help. So, pretty bad ass i.m.o.

Same : ( I’ll keep checking


same here…waiting!

can you imagine to have a protection everytime you feel fear? this is rich, eh?

in my reallity it means everytime i feel dem deamons (goosebumps and all) then the NFT will activate and puff…

what do you think @Maoshan_Wanderer ?


The site is still not accepting quite a lot address… We’ll just have to wait.

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We going to get a new transaction service provider up soon? By we of course I really mean Dream and Sammy. Does anyone know? I’m going to have to stop hitting the “complete order” button 50 times a day. It feels not healthy.

I reallllly want this field though.


Why doesn’t this show up on the website? I only now saw it here. Maybe I just missed it. Regardless, Can’t buy anything on there :(


Yes. See The Unexpected thread for all the unfolding.

Hang tight.