The Tapasya of Savitur

Sapien Medicine Limted Edition Energetic Art NFT ‘The Tapasya of Savitur’ Bonus audio included


What is Savitur? How does it relate to the Tapasya of the soul?


Savitur can mean Divine Light, Supreme Light of the Sun

Complete transformation I believe


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The Tapasya of Savitur refers to the spiritual practice of worshipping and meditating on Savitur as a way of purifying the mind and attaining spiritual enlightenment. The practice involves chanting mantras, performing rituals, and practicing self-discipline. It is believed that through Tapasya, one can attain the blessings of Savitur and achieve a higher state of consciousness.




Savitā refers to the Sun. The outer Sun is here a representation of the inner, resplendent Consciousness, that abides in the microcosm as the individual self and at the macrocosm as the Universal Self or Consciousness. Of the twelve forms of the Solar deity (dvādaśāditya), this is one of the forms (Viṣṇu, Śakra, Aryamā, Dhātā, Tvaṣṭā, Pūṣā, Vivasvān, Savitā, Mitra, Varuṇa, Aṃśu, and Bhaga).

Of the various qualities of the Central Sun, Savitā represents creation, inspiration, and the ultimate knowledge that liberates one from duality. Savitr means “to inspire” or “to create”. This is also associated with the Goddess as Savitā is a feminine gender word in Sanskrit, which indicates the dynamic/power aspect of the Sun. Anything related to Goddess/Parāśakti (the power that has no comparison) is dynamic and transformative and hence this specific form is chosen as the doorway to Solar Alchemy.

So Savitā is the dynamic, Goddess-aspect of Divine Consciousness (the Goddess aspect is usually creative, with the exception of some forms like Kali, Pratyangira, Varahi, etc.) - that inspires and infuses one with the ultimate knowledge of the non-dual self which leads one to escape from the Divine Enchantress or Maya. It is She who binds, and it is She who also liberates…

The popular (and not the only) way to access this field of Consciousness is through the Vedic Gāyatrī mantra, which is not only a complete Fire/Sun-based Alchemy in itself, but also a gateway initiation into other forms of Alchemy.

What could this help with?

  • Purification of Body, Mind, and Energy
  • Prana, Ojas and Tejas
  • Health & Vitality
  • Higher Vibration
  • Manifestation (The Solar spectrum can manifest anything one desires - Sūrya Vijñāna)
  • Peace & Bliss
  • Spiritual Enlightenment

A possible stack:

  • Pranayama
  • Ojas
  • Tejas
  • The Tapasya of Savitur
  • Universal OM
  • Light & Vibrational Guidance
  • Full Body Negentropic Coherence (Mythic)

Edit: The audio is about 5:54 min, and is ambient sound (either white noise or waves)…


Original image:


Combined with tapasya, it puts it on further spiritual steroids.





Looking for detailed description for this NFT.

How tapasya related to Savitur?
What is the possible benifts for soul,mind and body?

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What’s interesting is I was using my Philosopher’s Stone to integrate the Solar Consciousness/Light yesterday with the intention to use it for purification of my body, mind, and soul (a new random spur of the moment idea) and it was quite an experience. Similar to the concept of this field, I think.


Hello, while i dont have it yet, if you would like to listen to my limited knowledge about the tapasya and how it can be used. The other month i was curious about it, its a nice concept for sure.

So all that you read, it can be applied to wide range of circumstances and lifestyle, as just said above.

One of these would be the practice presented in Light od the Savitur (which is ofc automated)

So basically if you read the following again for what Tapasya does.

“This is done through exposing yourself to discomfort or self denial with which we break free from the bondage of desires, attachments, and develop a inner strength, peace, purity, awareness, detachment, gaining control over mind and senses and developing a strong willpower to go through any obstacles.”

You should see that it should help you on your path of Savitur, with the concepts above.

Note that this is just how I view it at this point, could be anything else as well, perhaps more complex applications of it, who knows!


thank you for your helpful answer.

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Isn’t there any description fro this Nft?

Apparently, no, aleast until right now, let’s wait for it, but I believe that @Maoshan_Wanderer explanation it was already enough for me to go check it out.