The Malleable Ego

The Malleable Ego
The Malleable Ego

Building on the Ego Dissolution base and adding an absorbent malleability to help produce change and restructuring of the ego to fit your own design.

Through dissolving rigid mental constructs and opening neural pathways to change, any fields, hypnotic meditations, affirmations, healing modalities and anything you can do to nudge your mind towards change will be heavily amplified and work towards creating new pathways to permanent changes. So you can more effectively dissolve harmful patterns like lack of abundance and insecurities and replace with positive patterns that will serve you far better in life.

This cognitive openness also opens the door to more inner peace, enhanced creativity, emotional resilience and more mental capacity. There is more that this audio offers that you will be able to discover on your own.

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@SammyG, listening instructions?

jesuzzzz, I already did finish my wish list for this year but OMG, I must to go for this one! you nailed Sammy and Dream+


Hi Sammy,

What are the differences between this and the Ego Diss+ NFT?

Since Ego Diss+ NFT is double the price of this, does it include what is in this field here?

Which one should people get and which for what reason?

Thank you.



I would also like to know too, since I have ego diss+. I guess this would complement it?

Key differences I guess

Malleable ego

emphasizes cognitive flexibility and change. It aims to:

  1. Dissolve rigid mental constructs, thereby enhancing mental openness and adaptability.

  2. Amplify the effectiveness of various mind-influencing techniques like hypnotic meditations, affirmations, and healing modalities.

  3. Facilitate the replacement of negative patterns (like lack of abundance and insecurities) with positive ones.

  4. Offer additional benefits like inner peace, enhanced creativity, emotional resilience, and increased mental capacity.

The core idea here is to make the mind more malleable and receptive to change, enabling a restructuring of the ego according to one’s own design.

Ego Diss+

  1. Enhance understanding and alignment with the process of ego dissolution, including at a subconscious level.

  2. Promote the integration of egoic aspects with one’s higher spiritual intentions.

  3. Cultivate humility and surrender, facilitating a release of the ego’s need for control and opening oneself to higher guidance.

  4. Integrate the ego into one’s spiritual journey, allowing spiritual insights to permeate daily life for a more holistic spiritual existence.

In essence, this product focuses on harmonizing the ego with spiritual growth, emphasizing the integration and alignment of egoic desires with higher spiritual goals.

While both fields center on ego transformation, “Malleable Ego” is more about enhancing mental flexibility and facilitating change, whereas “Ego Diss+” emphasizes the spiritual integration and harmonization of the ego.


That discount doesn’t apply to ?

Ego Diss+ would be completely annihilating the filter, while this is more likely molding it into something new.

The first is a “see beyond” tool, while this is more like a reforge tool.

This can help the first work better.

More of an “aim for the moon and land among the stars” type of field.

This is basically a “booster” of sorts.


In other words, your “ego” is like a UI of sorts, Ego Diss+ allows you to see the source code, while this will help you reshape the UI to include more features and commands.

They complement each other well and feed into one another.


I am not sure if I would need this one while having integration tool…what do you think? I am open to learn possible different functions

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This isn’t just ego dissolution 2.0. It actively opens the neural pathways up to change and take on new patterns. So it’s also a booster that works in tandem with any fields or affirmations or any sort of programming to push towards more permanent change.

So for listening instructions, 1-2, times before audios or whatever self work you are doing for change. I don’t quite see an issue with listening too often a day. But everything in excess can be bad so over 8-10 times a day can develop some egoic dissasciation which isnt all that great unless you’re actively working towards enlightenment.

As for the ego diss nft, I’ll have to ask dream. I do know this came about from some new discoveries of his in regards to ego.


Can this be basically a SLR 3.0?

Or at least work as one?

Another way to look at it as the psychedelic brain state which is clear headed, more at peace and open to everything and anything. It is more fluid and open to different possibilities. For example, if you do yoga afterwards, you can expect more profound effects as your mind is open to new experience and feelings and perspectives.

Or if you are very fearful of something, you listen to the audio before to stop those patterns and be open to that which you fear.

Or if you are being overwhelmed with negative thoughts, listening to this can often help cease those thoughts.

Of course, ego diss nft also does this as well. And the dreamseeds ego diss too. This is just the newest iteration with a new way of ceasing egoic patterns and actively making the brain more malleable and open to change (to create new neural pathways).

Far as i know, if you have the nft, that’s fine enough and you don’t need to buy this as well.

This one as dream describes it is: ego dissolution 2.0 + malleability + openness to new neural pathway programming


Thanks Sammy for the explanations dude!

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I would assume this can be a booster to some fields to open your mind into believing “you can achieve results” or do something specific @SammyG


This can be easily a booster for all of that, as well as for changing ourselves, becoming something more, etc.


Well said @Powren

Seems like this would boost wiring fields especially, considering pathways are stimulated directly.


Can this be used to change anything about ourselves, gain skills? Remove bad personality traits, or add desired ones? Can it be as far as changing appearance by saying positive affirmations about the thing you want to attract?


Just got this.

I think I will play this for 5 hours

Ready to feel discombobulated.


AFAIK you might want to pair it with the Basal Ganglia Massage per this suggestion from Jojo - Brain Guild General discussion - #214 by anon62086626