Fast Free Easy Way to Clear Aura and Recharge Your Energy Systems

Si al mismo tiempo, no te preoucupes. Tu aura lo absorbe y tambien la tarjeta, es como si dos personas sentadas juntas escucharan el audio.

Lo de la tarjeta para almacenar energia lo he usado muchas veces y otras personas tambien, lo q pasa es q digamos si trataras de guardar energia de otras cosas para despues descargalas en tu aura no almacenaria tanto de la energia de otro audio, pero como este audio en instagram es para recargar los sistemas energeticos por eso la tarjeta si absorbe esa.

Segun muchos lo importante es la intencion.

Pero para mi decirlo en el idioma q fue creado tiene una energia diferente, original, organica, mas fuerte


Que extraño es leer post en español hahaha
Gracias Luna por las recomendaciones! Siempre es un agrado leerte (en español e inglés :pray::pray::pray:)


Gracias Luna, con estos consejos ya se mas :D


Hey @anon46520955, I know you designed this procedure with those that do not have access to Patreon / other paid fields in mind.

With that said, do you think The Orgone Accumulator could be substituted for the Energy Overload field on Sapien’s IG?

No different things used.

The one on ig focuses only in recharging you with energy

Orgone accumulator has healing properties too


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Just read through the posts and see what you think it may resonates with you


I think i need to reinforce the advice on using this card

I said up there to activate it a couple of times a day…

Nooo… literally keep one print with you all the time and activate it all the time or as much as you can.

This card is a total game changer.

And also even tho i made this post mainly to be using free tools, i think i need to give a shout out to the Body Primer from the Energy Course

The Upcoming Course

I did that course in August 2020 i did the round like 3 times after that, i only used the Healing and Crystallization attunements consistently but never again the other audios in the course. Being Body Primer the one i want to mention here because Jesus…

I guess after so many months using the latest audios this one feels super strong.

A full strong deep vacuum literally emptying me from the root chakra all the way up, everything, chakras, meridians, lower Dantian super strongly too.

And it keeps going for hours doing a cleansing i have not felt with any other audio for that purpose.

After a couple of loops i then listen to x and y audios.

And oh my it was a whole other level revealed and reached.

You gotta try it.

And i am mentioning that here because its intensifying with the constant activation of the energy expansion card.


Hello! When i charge the energy storage card and want to use it and say release energy on me how long before i stop it, should i stop it? when i have charged the storage card, should i repeat the charging or one charge is forever?

And thanks for the idea for the Body primer.



You dont need to stop it, when you release it, it goes all to you not little by little, its more like it starts fading away as the hours pass.

You always have to charge it again, in my experience it last 6 hours more or less but that also depends how much energy you are actually using etc, its energy, so same as when you eat or excercise, it goes lower as you do stuff.


excuse me i should recharge the storage with the audio? after each use? have difficult brain today…

Its something you could do like once a day.

I dont do it all the time, unless i know ill be doing a lot of stuff, but if you are relying on the card to fill you up with extra energy every day more than once, then maybe you need to look into ways to “nurture” your body and energy systems more make them robust, strong, expanding, because needing to store and release this card constantly is an indication of being depleted and weak otherwise.

This is an extra not one to supply your normal daily needs.

I know where you live and the conditions demand higher and extra stuff.

But consider to use more of negentropic jing and Neg Chi, food enhancer, charging your water (i know youve been doing it) but every water charger we have available to use kind of offers different things.

For instance, the one on Patreon the the infrared drink one, fills it with energy to detox and clean the organs tissues etc and yes it gives the energy systems a boost too, the holy waters fills your water with light, pure light and the water charger on dreamseeds to me it feels like it fills the water with oxygen and it gets to every cell, i really love that one, it almost feels (to me) like it so deep it reaches the mitochondria and recharge you from there.

You have been also charging with the Jindan one, maybe use both, that one and the water charger on dreamseed.

And the one to absorb nutrients better i forgot the name ill look it up

To me actually the best water charger or any liquid actually is the Kinetic one (which unfortunately is an NFT on crypto i dont know if any one would be willing to sell it) but it also has a property to imbue an item with that energy that then you can keep with you and squeeze for extra energy.

That one is the bomb as well. Its been amazing for me and for the ones i have created items for. Like i dont need anything else lol

So maybe put in the section to buy nfts, who can create an item for you and ship it. I live far from you, but maybe there are others close by.

@anon32464289 do you have this?


Thank you @anon51280824 !

was thinking of charging the water with jindan and the other from gumroad. i have only two. challice and the last. the last is not for drinking. for i bade in the last of them. but now i ll try to combine them. i have probed charging one bottle with the two from gumroad. was not good.

I wanted only the info whether i am doing it right, whether i have understood. nft is a limit for me.

For my problems here: Auric repair ,Armor of light and Holy light togehter with the negative enteties audios and after the things from Desireee, have made me a new person. atleast given me a beginning.


I don’t anymore, though my friend @Danny_Ho does :ok_hand:


Ah ok but Danny-ho lives too far from Hristo.

Thank you tho x


We do temporary trade, this is simpler & nicer.

Borrowing the NFT for 3 days, so you can make as much item as you’d like :grinning:

With a caution ofc (money or another NFT).


Thank you both!!! I am coping. I have a new combo: parasyte destroyer with mstate gold and cosmovolt.


Hi, sorry to bother, but I saved up some cash to buy at least one audio to make this whole process easier. I know you listed quite a number of audios to help (thank you) but which one specifically would you suggest (fastest/strongest)? That would really cut the process listed above? And if I buy one, does that mean I’m absolved from any certain steps above? Like if I purchase the aura and energy cleaner from gumroad, then I’m assuming that I wouldn’t need to listen to the first steps’s dream seed YouTube audio, but would I still need to do step 2 and onward? Or do I not have to do it? But if so, is there anything else that I can listen to cut down on steps 2 and on words? I’m also a 21 year old female that has been listening to Sapien on and off (with abuse on multiple audios D;) for a year with not much results but would like to start over and start properly.


Hi, that is Me btw , different profile lol

So uhm all that its liste here its free.

So you dont have to buy anything.

But to specifically answer to your question regarding the Aura ones yes. If you buy the gumroad one then you dont need the dreamseeds one.

Also you might want to check this post

How to Create Great Stacks

And welcome to the forum :slight_smile:


i still use it some times but just because its long so it feels sooo good lol

but yeah you wouldnt need it


I agree!!

Auric Cleanser is enough to play some loops every some weeks actually.

But i guess it all depends the status someone is when is starting to use it. A few times for a couple of days or 3. Or once a day for a week then every some weeks would be enough specially if you play once a week x 1 or 2 the Aura & Body deep clearing. Which is how i do it.