The Reiki Smart Field

Reiki (霊気, /ˈreɪki/) is a Japanese form of energy healing, which is a subset of alternative medicine. Reiki practitioners use a technique called palm healing or hands-on healing through which a “universal energy” is said to be transferred through the palms of the practitioner to the patient in order to encourage emotional or physical healing. (wikipedia)

This has evolved over time into 100s of other modalities each with observed and sometimes fanciful claims.

Present here is a direct reiki lineage to the original source of it (if that lineage thing matters to you) also a smart field that learns and gets better at doing what it does.

Enjoy and use as needed.


Lovely, soothing energy… Felt waves of warmth rippling through the body when listening to this field. Having been attuned to three dozen versions of Reiki (including versions by two of Mrs. Takata’s direct students and my old friend Ole’s numerous innovations like Kundalini Reiki), they all feel like watered down versions. This brought memories of something I had experienced but forgotten and finally realized - it felt like Seiki, a Japanese sister of Reiki which I always found to be the more potent elder sister of Reiki.

And for the energy sensitive ones, especially if you have been working with Reiki for a while - invite your Reiki guides - you will feel their presence strongly due to the lineage component in the field.

I was narrating to Dream earlier today that there was a “famous” healer who was treating people with Reiki for $900 an hour… Voila, and this field drops!

  • Buy it once and Reiki for life
  • The field is smart and adapts to your need
  • No need to worry about the personal energies of unknown Reiki healers from YT causing imbalance
  • Most importantly, the energy source is pure and traces it back to the Reiki lineage…

Awesome, I just had one Rieki session in my life and I enjoyed, made me well.


Absolutely amazing. Thank you for everything that you do @Dreamweaver. This is being sold at such an incredible price point…we are truly blessed.



A smart field of such caliber for only $25???! What a blessing.


This is so incredibly strong. I asked my servitor to work with the smart field to remove all blockages impeding the flow of energy in my body. I could literally feel the energy squeezing and massaging “knots” in my body… adding this to my “feel like a melting pad of butter” stack

Guess my energy sensitivity is going up as well :slight_smile:

Thanks Dream :pray:t3:




I mean… is the start price ;)


how to use this for other people??

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Its not a joke

Its how Reiki works :woman_shrugging:t2:


I wonder if this field can be asked to help us with a wide range of topics like all the YouTube distant reiki healings. There is a reiki healing for almost anything. It would be nice to have all that in a field and just set the intention before listening.

Having read more about smart fields, it would seem that this would be able to do that.


One way to find out




Take my money


May i ask? With your experience, what’s your opinion on distant attunements? For instance, Mrs takata, so i heard, insisted in it could only be done in person, while others suggested it won’t matter if in person or distant. Nowadays you see all of these online attunements, so that’s why I’m asking


There are “remote attunements” for like 100+ different Reiki systems on YouTube for free, including traditional systems like Usui and Karuna and even Shamballa. I almost integrated some of them, but I decided against it at the last second before doing so. I felt almost “compelled” by an external force not to so, it may have been a guide or something but I don’t quite know.

I myself am personally attuned to Level 3 of Usui reiki by my own mother, who in turn was attuned by her spiritual mentor. Therefore, I trust her, but I would be less trusting of complete strangers. I would be careful with those things, and not trust any old average Joe to integrate an energy healing system into you. This applies to in-person attunements, but also applies even more especially through YouTube videos. It evokes this image in my mind:
Hey kid, want some reiki attunements?


Will be definitely getting this.
And will see how this helps to stabilize my high blood pressure


Is it possible to use this field to send healing to others either in-person or remotely?

This field is very strong. I felt tingling and coolness everywhere, as well as some dizziness and pressure in the head (not a headache quite yet). Amazing!

I did two listens so far and will give it a small break for now, as to not overdo it right away, as I’ve never had a Reiki session before. It says

I read somewhere that a regular session can be up to an hour long. So I would be ok to play this 7 min track multiple times, especially given that it’s a smart field, correct? As long as I feel fine of course (using good judgement).

To me, this matters a lot.

This is so important. I cannot stress how much I appreciate this part. If you know, you’ll know.

Thank you Captain :sparkling_heart: :pray:


I would think everything depends on the skill of the person. When I first got initiated into Reiki, it was still very new in America, so there was not much innovation going on, people basically followed one of the main two official Reiki organizations in the US - both taught hands-on attunement. Mrs. Takata passed in 1980, so I am not sure if she held any conclusive views on remote attunements - because I don’t think there was such a thing as remote attunement back then. There is really no consensus even on the Reiki symbols - whether these were intended to be used as sigils that we use today, or were merely calligraphic characters that assumed a magical role (probably acting as egregores which build up energy due to faith/belief of the masses - say like the cross, rather than any inherent power).

And then came the barrage of different flavors of Reiki! When the internet became prominent, that is when the whole remote attunement thing truly seems to have become popular. I think some folks like Diane Stein had published books that promised attunements through the book but in the age of quick and easy, no wonder remote attunements caught on.

Do these work? I think that depends on the teacher and the student. For that matter, this is true for even direct attunements - many people feel nothing or experience no benefits depending on the skills of the teacher and the blockages in the student. Being in the same physical time and space as the recipient helps with a stronger connection for most - but energetically accomplished folks can really transcend time and space pretty easily.

I think I wrote about it in the past… More than a decade ago, I was chatting with Dream on Yahoo messenger and had a really bad ache and Dream send a huge ball of Reiki. It was like bathing in warm liquid light and it lasted for several days, way stronger than the different attunements I had received so far.

I’ve had teachers who materialized in my living room (long after they passed) freaking the living hell out of my GF, ascended teachers who have shown up through Dream’s Portal, teachers who have transmitted Shaktipat through handwritten letters, and so on. So, I don’t see any reason why remote attunements cannot work, as long as the teacher and the student have the necessary skills.

The concern I have with YT attunements though - is it really Reiki these folks are attuning one to and not some weird worms, energy parasites, etc.? A few years ago, there was a healer called Danadoost who caused a furor in Xtrememind forum as people who did healing sessions with him (via phone or YT) reported nightmares, health issues, etc., as he was leaving parasitic hooks in those that he treated. Some people who tried to investigate him astrally got physically assaulted. So, it is always good to be extra cautious about unknown YT energy workers.


TBH Maoshan! When you talk about these things that you have because of your great experience, it sounds very simple and straightforward but when I honestly read this my face was: