Nerve Inflammation Help (Antioxidant targeted)

Superhuman genius that too 30 times a day? Mann just listen to it twice a day. You’ll regret listening to it so much.


well, that was just an example, but there are people out there who reported to have listened so many times to brain fields like Superhuman genius, Permanent Brain enhancement, Braingrowth, etc. and balanced the side effects with fields like brain regen, bdnf, autism, alzheimer and plasma brain fields, and said that they have got great results from that, so idk. I’m not trying that for now, but later, I might start slowly raising it.

Which way is this? It would explain why some brain fields seem to ease my symptoms for a bit.

It’s the CD147/ Basigin pathway. It’s mainly being talked about for damaging pericytes (in the heart) and thus creating myocarditis, but I’ve also read a study that showed that CD 147 is highly expressed in the brain. Over activation could lead to aneurysms.
This is not even some high science stuff, most of what I just said you can find on wikipedia by searching for the respective words . You just have to put those things together.

In terms of treatment, I havent found much . The usual suspects like aspirin, testosterone , vitamins dont seem to target this directly.
Certain anti biotics especially the tetracyclines should be helpful. They are beeing studied for brain related disease because of their anti-inflammatory effects and oppose CD147.


Thank you!


It’s been 3 days since I’ve had any nerve pains thanks to this and a few other fields. Thank you so much again, @Captain_Nemo . For those of you who have nerve inflammation from you know what, or Long Haul covid itself- this is the stack that finally is working for me.
DNA Repair
Long Haul
Nerve Inflammation


I think this would be great for people with dysautonomia, maybe @Captain_Nemo can confirm?

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This is random. But can this help restore the olfactory and gustatory receptor cells and nerves back to their original state? My taste and smell have changed completely and I’ve been dealing with some weird metallic taste and smell around certain foods for a year.


Can this help with vulvitis? Because after listening to this field twice, the burning sensation I have decreased by 60/70%!


Damn the beat is hard


Hi!! Can you keep us updated? How did it work for you? How many times did you listen to it? Thanks :pray:

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I feel you! Be strong :muscle:t3:

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Yes take your time and let your body repair :slight_smile:


Thanks, Dream! Praying that it does heal.


Thank you so much @Captain_Nemo I suffer from occasional migraines and this really feels so soothing and relieving


Would this field remove the need for using the Mitochondrial Targeted Catalase field?

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I mean it really depends, if your problem is nerve pain (neuropathy)/nerve inflammation than you should use this instead of that MTC field

Ok, so this field has the MTC field component imbedded, but maybe not as much as the MTC field itself!?

I didn’t say it has it embedded, it just repairs the mitochondria in the nerve/nervous system cells

Ok, got it, thanks