New, anti cancer question

Hi all, new on here, hope everyone is well.
Can anyone tell me how long I should listen to the anti cancer audio. Operation and treatment complete but I want to be sure I’ve had the full Sapuen treatment as I trust his work more than the western way to keep me clear.


Hi @Trinity20, welcome to the forum!

It’s difficult to answer this sort of question, as everyone responds uniquely to morphic fields and it really depends upon your individual situation. (Anti cancer treatment would depend upon different things such as your unique physiology, your energy body, how extensive the cancer was, what type of cancer, how quickly remaining cancer cells might grow or spread, etc.)

Without more details about it, if I were in your situation personally, I would most likely do this to ensure the cancer is cleared away:

I would listen to Anti Cancer Treatment at least 3 times daily for at least six months to one year. Then I’d continue to listen to it once daily for a while as it’s a helpful preventative.

I would also listen to Advanced Healing audio from Sapien’s Gumroad at least 3 times daily (more if possible) or wear the Advanced Healing tag from Teespring. That would also be of help with healing any damage from the operation and treatment.

I would listen to the audio stack from the Point of No Return article to clear any blockages or negative energies which could slow the healing process or encourage cancerous growth. After one month, I would continue listening to Energy Body/Aura Deep Clearing daily in the morning before other audios and Love Gratitude and Appreciation daily.

I would use these audios at least twice daily for at least three to six months as well:

Anti Aging (Patreon) (seems to amplify the effects of Advanced Healing)
Atmospheric Vibration Raiser
Probability Alteration and Luck
Senescent Cell Removal
Emotional Release (releases negative energies from your physical body as well)
Trauma Release
Unconditional You or Unconditional Love
The Politics of the Body album from Sapien’s Energetic Alchemy channel (once daily)
Endocrine System Rejuvenation (twice every other day) (has many benefits and stops some cancerous growths from occurring)
Perhaps Forgiveness and Release if relevant

I would also use the Healing card from the Dreamweaver card system (on Patreon or Sapien’s Instagram) and the Book of Long Life and Good Health (Patreon).

This is what I would do personally, so what works for you could be different depending upon what works for you individually, how much time you have and what you feel is best. Best wishes to you for a future filled with health and happiness! :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi uial,
Wow that is certainly a list for me to have a go at. I’m currently using anti cancer, radiation removal, generalised adult stem cell, nerve growth factor, skin regeneration and lymph drainage. I also listen when I feel the need to automated grounding, higher self connection, forgiveness and unconditional love. It was breast cancer stage 1, two lumps both successfully removed and radiotherapy just a precaution, would you still recommend 6 months listening for that. There are so many Sapien frequencies I want to use, but I don’t want to overwhelm the system either. I use a number of energy techniques as well as Sapien and healing is tiring at times. Thank you so much for your reply, given me plenty to think about.


Hi Trinity20,

You’re welcome, glad to be of help. That’s a good point about overwhelming the system. There are many great Sapien audios!

I had put together that list for any cancer, even if it has spread further, but for a stage 1 cancer I might still listen to Anti Cancer Treatment for six months to be sure, along with Advanced Healing, Anti Aging, Emotional Release, Radiation Removal, Endocrine System Rejuvenation, the audios you listed, perhaps the Point of No Return stack, Energy Blockage Removal and other energy body clearing/grounding audios at times.

I like these audios personally, as they have many benefits beyond anti cancer treatment and I like to listen to audios that can have many different benefits at once.

I’ve also got quite a bit of time available during which I can listen and I’m able to listen to many fields at once if they aren’t ‘permanent physical change’ fields (and can listen to 6 or more of those), so it’s only what I might do personally.

I might choose only the audios in this post, along with only a few of the other audios in my first post, if I had less time or had too many other fields already to avoid overwhelming the system. I like the audios you are listening to as well, had not thought of a few of them. :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: I don’t know enough about breast cancer but perhaps Endocrine System Rejuvenation or Meno-Unpause might help you, as they return your endocrine system, hormones and reproductive system to a peak of health and functioning. That could be of help with any dysregulation that could have contributed to it or resulted from operation/radiotherapy (and may rejuvenate the cells in breast tissue as they are a part of the female reproductive system).


My own experience is that you will be remotely operated on when it is necessary wherever you are. You should feel sensations and specific people should be around you.

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Thank you so much, I’ve put a list together and have added to my Sapien listening list. I will eventually use most if not all that you listed but I think I’m going to go a bit slower to avoid overwhelming myself. Guessing if I’m listening every day healing will occur just slower if I don’t hardcore it, I’m ok with that, happy to be a tortoise. Plus there is only so much water I can drink in a day :joy:


Morning S.Perry
Can you explain this to me further please?

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Trinity, do you recall me as Soundwave?

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Sorry I’m confused. Do you mean the communication on here is via soundwave?

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S(oundwave).Perry, I believe we have been in circular communication in the past, just not sure which forum.

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Morning S.Perry,

Ah now I get you, thought I was missing something :joy:. Well I’m quite in to several forms of energy techniques so we may well have crossed paths on a different forum, I’ll watch out for you.

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take care of ur immune system if u do chemo bro… these audios may be rendered obselete if u do chemo. try listening to immune supercharger a few times and then the anti-cancer treatment.


Hi Imran,
I caught it really early, so thankfully no chemo was needed. I daren’t try any immune boosters as an existing condition means my immune is on over drive already. Thank you for caring


keep using it to keep the cancer in remission for 2 hours a day for atleast a month, i cured mine (it was a very low grade colon cancer) metastasized to surrounding lymph nodes through surgical resection of that part of the colon and those lymph nodes. i had always used subs so i decided to make my own sub and use sapiens anti cancer and im well, not in remission since its been over a year now rather i am now cured. that being said, i am fairly young @20 so thats def a factor since my immune system is pretty strong


i used to listen while sleeping aswell


Morning Imran,

That’s so awesome, glad you are cancer free😊. I don’t listen for a few hours a day, but have listened consistently from when I was diagnosed and I’ll listen until I have next operation to match me up! That will be in around 6 months. I know it works at that as the MRI showed two cancers, one at 1.5cm and one at 2.6cm, by the time I had the operation two months later the bigger lump was 1.5cm so it was definitely on it’s way out.


i guess hyperbaric oxygen therapy should help too and never forget to use subliminals in addition to these videos. yes, subs work much slower and take 3 months to complete, but with proper affirmations, you could make a combination of things like, stopping your autoimmune condition, boosting your immune system, training your immune system and lymphatic system to prevent metastasis, and adding subliminal affirmations to block blood supply to the solid tumors indefinitely. its not hard to make your own subliminal either, just type a bunch of affirmations in a .txt file and convert it to .mp3 at or an app and use filmora to create a subliminal. alternatively, i know a guy called ‘seilouke nonprofit’ on youtube. just comment what sub u want on his latest video and he will upload it for you for free. best wishes and remember ; subs and binaurals make a milly molly duo


If you yourself feel at peace with your level of detoxification, the easiest way to enhance your immune system is hands to eyes, unwashed. sorry not sorry all you ocd crazies out there


My sister in law has lump in her breast. And she just started chemotherapy. Please suggest any field for her. :pray:

Hi @Trinity20 Welcome to the forum

i hope it helps use Cancer v2.0 It was also updated.