New Sapien Medicine Dreamseeds Energetic Alchemy Discord Server

I don’t think it’s that, I think a lot of them are used to toxic sub discords and toxic field discords, we shall see

What other field discords? Lol ain’t no other good field creators really. Except PI.

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Anyways I am in the discord and I hope most of us all are on here, maybe captain and Sammy will figure something out, this could be a useful tool to have or annoying

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You know the ones that fake their fields and people believe them at first

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Ah yeah. Smh.

Terrible, people making nasty comments about religion and nationality. The same trolls will not have the guts to open their mouths here but will exhibit bravado there.

@Dyslexic_Professor tell those nasties to GTFO.

Ok, I guess I am done with Discord lol…

Good thing folks, this is a temporary thing. All will be back to normal soon! Already Sammy seems to have fixed the issue (sorry @SammyG we are not letting you enjoy your honeymoon peacefully!)


I left after 20 mins. Couldn’t keep up and i could sense the trolls coming :joy:


u guys want me to make a discord group , not a server, just a group message, with people I know are in the server?


Shame. We were having a good time til they entered.


We need mods ahahhah. And a bot for all that tedious work. To set up a proper running discord will take some work

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Yeah terrible vibe, oh well I’m sure when captain sees he will either shutdown or figure out someway to make it better


It gets worse, the Andro and “I need a big banana” crowd has entered haha

@This_Boy_Here where art thou? You are missing the action!


Discord is the Sapien medicine forums shadow self lol


Dream and Sam shouldn’t be associated with trolls like that. Can restrictions be added? Don’t know how discord totally works.


Only way would be tons of mature moderators lol


I have experience in moderation. There needs to he a verification system as well as channel lockdown and staff applications as well as discord rules before it gets out of hand. Also an anti-raid bot (wickbot) and auto role reaction bot and if necessary a bot that detects duplicate accounts from spammers


@Anon246427 to the rescue!

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Am not annoyed am just really confused. The fact that, Out of all things you want,

You beg for andro so you can get attention from girls?

Their is aready a remake just use that.

Talking about discord not u MAO lol

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I left the server, no fun at all


Bad vibes non stop lol

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