NFT Newcomers can't buy we block them, and it's always the same ones who try to sell them

put what you want
I do not speak english very well
I’m sure others on
that you will write beautiful things

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I think we prevent new ones from writing in MP,

for the wrong reasons, so they are forced to make their purchase requests on the forum, and coincidentally, it is the same people who know it

as their message fades quickly, the person concerned has no chance of seeing them
but the same 6 people must always have their eyes open on the forum, because coincidentally they see the message

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You mean on the NFT buying/ selling thread?

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it’s been twice that new people want to buy me NFT, they can’t write, in pm
and we delete their messages,
where can they write to buy?
and these are the same people who try to sell them their NFTs, at super high prices
is this normal

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I don’t think it all makes sense

newbies must be able to buy NFTs

and above all to be able to communicate in pm,
and also that we erase their message quickly
it doesn’t make sense what’s going on

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Don’t take this the wrong way, but your writting style makes it hard to understand what are the issues exactly. Can you please elaborate and list them?

People are more likely to help when they can understand what you are asking them, instead of having to assume what you meant to say.


The gist

He posts ad in buy sell thread. New member is interested in his offer. But new member’s post is flagged.

He says that he sells the NFTs at a reasonable price , (just at base or 50€ more). And also says, the same people who flag the new member’s post are the same people who sells those product at super high prices.

He also says in a dejected tone “does all of this make any sense ?”

It seems that he feels like the world is conspiring against him to sell his NFTs.

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Who exactly is “he”?

I think new members cannot send PMs right from the get-go in order to prevent scammers from spaming existing forum users with their PMs.

I can only see flagged posts that do violate the forum rules. So they are rightfully flagged.


Read the rules

Follow the rules

Seriously is it hard?

If you don’t want the hassle buying second hand items buy them first hand.

Lots of people selling NFTs depends on which ones you want, again this is a voluntary second hand market, you don’t have to participate in it, if you choose to do so then, my first three sentences.

If someone is interested in an offer, said person should PM the person making the offer, not publicly . Again, read the rules…

There are so many people posting request to buy NFT, if you think you have a compelling offer, just PM those that want to buy. Seriously, if you think you got NFT for sell for good price, PM me.

yes it’s a bit like that
sorry i don’t speak english

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I know and you are right, these are the rules
but new subscribers cannot write in MP,
nor on the forum

how do you expect them to buy NFTs?


Making the rules more flexible for new members on the forum is recommended. One way to do this is by allowing new members to indicate in their public post that they cannot initiate private messages. This will enable other members who can initiate messages to send private messages to the new member and carry on a private discussion

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Here is how it works for them to be able to send private messages:

Completely New members are limited automatically on the forum for safety reasons, security built into the forum software - but the limitations will be removed as they become more involved in the community, leveling up as a result

Go to Trust Level 0 section on the article above for the explanation of what is limited and how to unlock the next level

That may not be necessary as this is the nature of the forum trust levels system. Simply be more active in the forum, (use the article i mentioned above as a reference point) to level up / gain trust levels. It’s not a difficult task. The requirements to level up are small.

Entering at least 5 topics
Reading at least 30 posts
Spend a total of 10 minutes reading posts

Let me know if theres anything off here or have any supportive comments: @SammyG


new arrivals,
asked what they wanted to buy as nft.

they have copied the messages identically, from those who sell their NFTs;
I had the dialogue that the administrator replied to him,
this person bought me 2 NFT
The administrator refused 5 of these ads, and banned him from writing for 3 days
Some people have the right to write things and others don’t.
I have the conversations, and I find it unfair,

You have the right the write one post every 3 days, everyone follows the same rules, new or not. Ever heard of spamming? It is in the rules, I don’t see what is unfair about it. Again, read the rules…


No issues, tried to create a gist of what you meant.

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it’s nice sir
and thank you for your understanding
I am learning English, but at my age it is difficult


you can use google translator