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Clearing audio (first thing in the morning), all blockage energy removal, SLD, Ego Dissolution, PONR stack, exorcism audio


I always start with energy blockage removal and finish with a grounding audio. Does this sound ok. I also have my tracks at a very low volume playing from my iPod speaker in my pocket. Does that sound ok?

It would have been helpful if you had listed out which fields. Anyway, first start with simple things which show results physically which will create the belief that these fields work. Because you may superficially think and believe these work because it is working for so many but deep down you could have some mental blocks.

So, using one field seeing the results gives you that confidence and stay away from negative reviews else you will set yourself up for failure.

If it still doesn’t work then you can come back giving the specifics, people can offer suggestions from their experience.


The kinds of changes that you would see in the mirror usually do need more than 1 month of use.

I, too, agree that the guidance we can offer is limited by not knowing your individual situation and the stack you’re using.


Our specular image is tricky. Anorexic women see themselves fat although they may be extremely skinny.

Better to ask someone else


I would recommend the following fields:

Point of No return
Soul Core
Navagraha Homam


I feel ya, I too recommend these mentioned fields.


Thanks a lot for this. I will send my stack on this message so you can see it. So maybe I should just concentrate on one or two? The ones I am most keen to change are the grey hairs and general ageing.

As you can see I have an energy block remover to start and grounding to finish. Please let me know what you think.

I haven’t seen too many negative reviews but equally I don’t seem to be able to see many positive testimonials either other than in the YouTube comments. Would be nice to see some more elaborate testimonials but haven’t been able to find any yet.

Many thanks.

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Sorry the first image is wrong. That is the older stack before I modified it (in the latter two images I sent)


I’m going to suggest that this really isn’t a “stack,” but rather a variety of different fields for various different goals. So, rather than a focus towards a singular specific goals, your fields are scattered like shotgun pellets.

When we take the approach that you have taken, our results tend to be slower to come, particularly with the physical changes you’re wanting to see in your mirror.

Maybe you’d enjoy reading the advice of our How to Create Great Stacks thread that @onwards recommended to you. There’s great insights that will help you get the results you’re wanting.


np and yes it is better to start with less. You can follow this just once a day for two or three weeks:

  • Subconscious Limits Remover (2x-3x)
  • Anti-aging (3x)
  • Grey hair (3x)

Once you see results, then you can make another small stack for another of your goals and play at some other time or switch with this stack, doing more is not going to be helpful. Body needs time to adjust and make changes.

Also you can expand your stack after a while there are other fields to promote anti-aging like DNA repair, Youth Recpature, and Senescent Cell Removal.

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Many thanks. Taken onboard xx

Ok yes many thanks. I understand. I’ve removed the scar tissue and metabolism ones. I did read the stack advice and I gathered from that, that it was ok to include as many ‘energy’ fields as ones like, ie abundance mindset etc. So I thought they’d be alright to include. Please correct me if I’m wrong. I also finished with a grounding field as recommended in the stack advice.x

So currently my list is

Energy block remover
Grey hair reversal
Any ageing
Detox (which I assumed would aid the anti ageing)
Abundance mindset
Attract love

Like I said above, I’ve kept the detox in there with the idea that it would be beneficial to the anti ageing fields (but maybe I’m wrong). And the energy ones I thought were ok to add to any stack since they are not demanding any physical change as such.

Please let me know what you think and whether you still think this is excessive. I was trying to follow the advice on the stack recommendations post.

Many thanks.

You don’t need to combine Energy blockage removal along with grey hair and anti-aging. It is better to combine fields as per their type - Energy body and Physical body separately. Also detox can help right at the top before or after Energy fields stack - Energy blockage removal and anything else but together with other Physical fields.

I don’t know if grounding is going to help with the stack, it can be used separately.

Sorry that paragraph didn’t entirely make sense to me. Are you saying energy block removal is no good for the physical stack? I seem to be getting contradictory answers from different members of the forum. Someone else told me grounding field would be good to put at the end. So I’m a little confused. Can you try and clarify?

I am not saying energy blockage removal is not good with physical, I’m saying keep them separate, meaning play all the energy fields together and then all the physical fields.

I don’t know who suggested that but it depends on individual experience, also it would help to read what each field does and experiment.

Grounding removes excess energy, stress, worry etc. into the earth so why would anyone want to put that at the end of a stack unless one is spamming a field like 10-20x or unsure about what it does. If any it makes sense to put it at the beginning of a stack before energy work meaning using energy fields.

I agree you will get different inputs, you need to experiment what is working for you.

Ok. Thanks. I really appreciate your generous response.xx

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Hi thanks. To what end?