Odysee (URGENT)

when i try and listen to the estrogen V2 field, it pauses at 30 seconds. is this happening for anyone else? no other videos on there pause for me and idk what to do because if i dont listen today im scared of results fading etc

Odysee working fine for me.

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The Odysee works fine for me as well, perhaps it’s just your connection?..

Also, I remember linking it for you last time, it isn’t back on Sapien Med YT channel yet

@otm your link is of a ripped off one…

Just FYI :slightly_smiling_face:


Im not sure why but its just that one video 🥲 but its fine I subscribed to his patreon tysm for your help :heart:

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You’re welcome @joce!

:partying_face: :white_heart:

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Wasn`t aware, thanks for info! Removed link.

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