Optimum listening experience

Hi all and a joy to be a new member

I am trying to understand the best way to listen to the audio for maximum effect.
Is there an iOS app that is better than downloading YT or mp3 files?
Also, are the video sequences on YT important or just the audio as I would like to listen while sleeping.
Thanks again and looking forward to the benifits of SM


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you can download most of the fields from youtube on patreon I read somewhere that its not a good idea downloading the mp3 directly from YT with a converter.

The videos does not include any fields its only the audio so you can lay back and listening while sleeping ;D

First of all, I suggest you to make your own search with this tool :mag: in the upper right of the screen…

I suggest you also to read Sammy’s thread and have a clear idea about what and how to use your stack


Good luck
And keep reading and searching,

you’ll find even answers to questions that you didn’t even thought to ask yet :ok_hand::four_leaf_clover::+1:

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I second the recommendation of the handy search tool on this forum. It’ll easily and cleverly help you find nuggets of wisdom directly related to your interests.

Some good starting places for you might be:

A lot of people happily use the native music player included in iOS.

IME, people use the word “downloading” in many different ways. If you’re meaning to actually download the music from YouTube, you don’t want to do that. Because YouTube uses unique compression algorithms, true downloading from YouTube changes the file which then changes the field.

If you’re simply using an app (like your browser, YouTube Red or a media player like VLC) to play a field from YouTube through your device, because it’s being played on YouTube (no actual downloading involved) it’s fine.

Side note: I’m sure you’re already doing this but do make sure you’re getting your mp3 fields from an official Sapien distribution channel. As of late, many of the fields have had protection features which render them useless if the field has been pirated.

The field is in the audio. The video is there to satisfy YouTube’s criteria (it is a video hosting service, after all) as well as a creative outlet for Sapien Medicine. You don’t need to pay attention to the video, which is why the files you download from the Sapien sales channels (including Patreon) have no video to them. They are simply mp3’s.


Thanks - I went the Patreon + iOS app route as it seems the best / easiest way to listen on the go
Thanks for all the advice - I typically try to find a solution that does not include the mucic player on iOS which is a terrible user experience
BR Maj

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We’ve had many discussions about that topic on here. I believe VLC Player has an Apple app (tho I’m not Apple savvy). You can also use the search tool to find those specific conversations for more details.

understood about the search
I am using the Patreon + iOS app and have no need of anything further thanks
Have a good evening


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