Panchanga Yoga

Buddhists conceive the world as a suffering-laden cycle of life, death, and rebirth, without beginning or end, known as samsara.

Each birth is an attempt to refine all aspects of your being. There are a few approaches to evolving from your past. One is Panchanga Yoga. A five limb bio-energetic yoga and meditative practice. The final fifth limb being the the alchemy that occurs within you.

Exclusive to ESSTA, Sapien Medicine has created a complete energetic approach towards the refinement of the human energetic system. Each card activates unique sound, light, visualizations and color psychology through ESSTA to provide an energetic alchemy of the bio energetic process to create the final fifth form of completion, yourself.

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This sounds not just amazing, but also a lot of fun…

And everyone asking about the fields I was talking of, THIS is IT!

Panchanga Yoga - a FULL spiritual system.

Detailed review coming soon :slight_smile:

@Dreamweaver super cool website too…

A quick note. Tapasya in Sanskrit means “penance”. Literally, it means “baked by heat”. Taapa means heat, tapana means fire (or sun at times), and tapasya means to be “purified by heat”. What is this heat? There are two kinds of heat described by Yogis - Yogagni - The Fire or Heat of Yoga, and Chidagni - the Fire of Consciousness. One of the driver, and the other is the result.

Yoga often gets misrepresented in the West as a series of physical exercises. However, Yoga (Sanskrit root yuj means to join) represents the Union of the Soul with the Universal Divine Consciousness. For dualists, this is the merging of the individual soul into the God-consciousness. For the non-dualists, this is the unblooming of non-duality where the misperception that the individual soul and the Divine Consciousness are different is removed experientially. To achieve this, Yoga offers various techniques - physical, emotional, spiritual, etc., and this current system of Panchanga Yoga is a complete system because it addresses all these aspects holistically.

The heat is not just metaphorical. If I heard some of the audios more than 3-times, I could palpably feel the heat in the entire body like I was in a Sauna.

Last year, I took a meditation week-long retreat where I spent 10 hours a day meditating, doing Pranayama, working on consciously releasing cravings, etc. A single round of listening to these audios simulated how I felt energetically after this week-long intense retreat.

I love using it right after Savitur audio.


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Unleashing all powers


These fields are transforming me already. Only 1 week and I feel like a different person.


Review from @Gnosticmedic27

Day 1: experienced complete bliss and happiness, physically and energetically could feel impurities being burned up throughout my entire body, up and down the spine, all my major and minor chakras, all my organs, blood, etc. I sweated so much out like I was physically detoxing. Way beyond what Internal Alchemical Crucible does.
Day 2: I was at work on a 24 hour shift and while I could feel myself becoming more pure in body, mind, and heart, leading to a profound love for all beings, more gratitude than ever for fields, Dream, family, the spiritual path, existence, etc. etc. Later on in the shift, I got more tired than I’ve ever been. I felt literally fatigued and sick, likely from a hardcore detox.
Day 3 up until now which I think is Day 4 or 5: On day 3, since I was already detoxing, I was reinspired to continue to wean off a medication I’ve been on for a long time, Suboxone. I used to be addicted to pain pills after having reconstructive surgery on my orbital floor and maxillae with bolts and screws. I eventually stopped and got on Suboxone as a maintenance plan to stay off of it. But it is also addicting. Some may remember in 2020 when I tried to get off of it. I was able to cut down half but not completely. Well, now I’ve been inspired to finish it off. I want more than anything to be completely pure in body, mind, and heart. These fields have given my mind so much control over the desires of my body, that I am doing it effortlessly. I’ve cut down another 50% of the dose the last 2 days. It may not seem like a lot, but I’ve made attempts since the last time, only to give up due to insomnia, cold sweats, and restless legs. Now, I feel totally in control over my instincts, body, desires, etc. Iron clad willpower. I am gaining major control over my ego. My anger and resentment is becoming non existent. My dad and I love each other dearly but we bump heads. I find myself naturally feeling love instead of anger when he says things that normally would’ve triggered me. Now, this isn’t only the result of these fields, it started with The Higher Self ,but they’ve brought my development (psychic/energetic/ego death) to a higher octave. I feel like I have a more permanent center of gravity rather than being scattered about, if you get what I mean. I feel utter and complete balance. My gratitude is through the roof for these fields and for Dream giving me the opportunity to benefit from them! I can tell after only a few days that I am on the path to true profound change.


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Does one need the device or can one play as audio on iPhone or speakers also?


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“Immersive Visualisations
Place an ESSCAPE on ESSTA to project immersive visualisations through it’s secret window. So if you’re listening to sounds of rain, you will see it too. If you’ve set ESSTA to wake you up with a morning meditation, you will see a sunrise.”

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