Persistent spiritual attacks

the situation is being handled. But ive been getting spiritually attacked and I didn’t even realize it. and I would literally wake up in the middle of the night shaking with anxiety, and it felt like my heart was literally in pain, I was just very confused. And for some reason I didn’t go to any spiritual protection or anything like that because I thought I was safe. I just went to the higher self audio from spirituality zone And I heard the phrase of the spell. I was still confused like “What?? Did he curse me” And then YouTube videos like “Signs your under a spiritual attack” and stuff like that started popping up on my feed, and I was like Oh no…, and I used the tools to defend myself, but it scares me to think I didn’t even assume it was a spell, and probably would’ve just let it happen to me, a lot more was happening to me but this was the moment I realized. I don’t know what I was thinking the more I’m reflecting on the situation the more obvious it seems. It might happen again, cause this person is envious of me. I loved this person ….:frowning:.


I know you removed your post but…

It might happen again, cause this person is envious of me. I loved this person ….:frowning:.

Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.
(Father = Spirit)

You have got to understand your personality and your ego you’re like Russian dolls you don’t just have one body really you’re like a body inside of a body inside of a body well the energy body inside of your body right now that’s where your mind is, That’s where your ego.

The brain’s kind of like a radio receiver that receives the signal so it may process that signal to carry out functions in the body or interpret it and coordinate your mind with your eyes and ears and tongue and nose and in your physical senses that’ll light up on an MRI because of that but your mind is not in the brain even if the brain lights up during certain thoughts it is a conjugate to your mind but that is not where your Mind is.

So when your energy body leaves your body, your mind is there the trick is they dupe you they either come to you as God and tell you how bad you were and don’t tell you that demonic entities did all that through you and then give you this ultimatum “well now you have to reincarnate to learn your lesson because of this this and this”

and now you must suffer all of the things that you did and they never tell you that it was a Demon doing it through you. So now you become a victim which tend to become victimizer later in life. So now they got you again and the idea is to keep you in this cycle to break your will over time.

you are programmed with this utter love and appreciation for all creation regardless of form but have are attacked into thinking otherwise, something is pushing certain buttons and anchoring your thoughts at the perfect time to manifest what they want for you. Not what you want, and the only way to address that is to get back in touch with your essence.

if you are dependent upon the positive opinion of you from mankind then you are incredibly vulnerable to their negative opinion. Do you understand? because if you are hoping to get Positive approval a fan base of people that love you to Define Who You Are then there are hate for you will also Define who you are and where you go.

Rather detach from both, love the spirit the resides within you and all creation, that means you will appreciate all the Creations anyway and love them in the moment, but you should not and never ever should need their approval to define your creation when they did not create you.

The Spirit within did.


and that was a thought on a larger scale, My nephew has recently started waking up crying like some horrible nightmares. might be time to play of this:

to keep you comfortable and protected psychic/ energy wise for the duration of it being played. (A sort of gentle protection bubble)

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It doesn’t matter what teacher taught the teaching, they’ll see you shouldn’t seek them for guidance rather the spirit within you, it happened with Christ but they manipulated the teachings and want you to follow him, if that’s the case what were the lessons for? why not have him say “accept me as your lord and savior” and let that be the end of it. He didn’t die for your sins he died because of them to try to demonstrate that he loves the Spirit of everything more than his own personal Comfort, that’s how beautiful the Creator spirit is more specifically, that’s how beautiful its intentions are.

The ‘satanic’ Consciousness is discrediting God by discrediting you if you hate yourself and everybody else and arrogance is not self-love.

If you hate everybody, then that is the result of discrediting God because you are God’s creation. Your body may or may not be, but your spirit is, and if they convince you somehow to hate yourself because you don’t know how mind-controlled, if you don’t wake up and connect to the creative Spirit you will never be able to forgive yourself.


This world is amazing, synchronicities. Thanks. Wow. Love you. God.

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