Please share your results from the Energy Course

Hi everyone,

I recently bought the course and went through body primer one time. It was an unique experience and I do want to finish this course. However, I also got a few fields lately and want to try them out some more before going through the course meditation audios.

I would love to hear your results from doing the course meditation audios. Did it enhance your effects using the fields greatly? other changes?




Probably best not to use other fields if you have started using the course fields


I have paused the course fields for now to try out the other fields. I will go back to the course in a few weeks. Thanks for pointing that out.

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What are the energy course fields ?

They are fields in the course to help you become more energetically sensitive


These are condensed descriptions, but the basic fields (audios) to promote progress are as follows:

  1. Body Primer: cleans the energy body and prepares it for energy work
  2. Energy Sensitivity: grows the natural flow of chakra energy
  3. The Healer Primer: improves heart chakra function
  4. Become The Healer: attunes you to the healing source
  5. Crystallization Attunement: tunes you in to a vast reserve of crystal energy.

There are three other “booster” audios. Meditation, Ego Dissolution, and Emotional Release. There is also a Grounding audio if you need to freshen your aura and shake off the dust.

I’m only 25% of the way through the course, and there is much, much more. There are several hours of clear and concise video instruction by Sam. I can already feel my percetion changing, with much added clarity and some very mellow vibes.


Where can I get them ?

Edit: where can I get the free beginner course ?

Course is here. I paid $100 Energy Awakening Course | EnlightenedStates

The free preview course is at the Enlightened States website.
The fields I described are in the paid course, which is very affordable.

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Did you get more sensitized to fields after doing it ?

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If your question is Do the fields work?", the answer is yes.

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No i have no doubt about that, is it not that you do the course so that you get more out of fields in general?

Probably more out of life also

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That’s rather difficult for me to answer because I naturally soak up most fields like a sponge and can feel my entire vibration changing. I have everything I need in life already. I’m over 70 and retired, and write articles on natural healing methods. Mostly I’m taking the course to learn the healing techniques. The audios and lessons in the course should definitely improve your sensitivity to the fields though.