Positive Power Waves

Positive Power Waves are a dense compression of positivity and positive energy into the core of your being, this energy is slowly released for your own usage and repair, and remains as a sustained dense structure for a while, it will supplement any energy needs and be useful in sports. But each action is now influenced for a highly positive outcome.

Lesser Diamonds Album


Highly underrated.

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Im testing this field right now.

Not sure where to place it in my playlist.

Started to play it with morning luck and enerrgy playlist…


Any sugestiions?

My playlist morning

Is this a public release or a patreon exclusive? I can’t find it by searching through the channel. Only can find it through the link in the OP. I’m not currently subbed to patreon.

For other tracks, click the Releases tab.

Can also be found on Spotify and Apple Music.

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How have I never clicked on that tab in youtube before lol, thanks.

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I love this music! And really I just have a somewhat upbeat moving energy listening to this. I appreciate it because I struggle with depression and anxiety.